Ella Cate Inman

An update on Ella Cate. Little Ella is the daughter of a former MH provider at the prison here. Ella suffered from Medulloblastoma, she is so young... I know I would be devastated were this to happen to one of my children or grandchildren.

Dear Family and Friends,
I hope these emails haven’t become like hearing about the daily shoe and coat sale at Land’s End or Macy’s!:) Ella Cate continues to do well for which we are very grateful. She turned 4 on the 22nd and had a very happy birthday with plenty of cake and face painting. She will start soccer in April (pending approval of Dr. G as she still has her port in her chest). Can't wait to watch a herd of 4- 6 year olds chase the ball back and forth down the field! This week she will have her hearing tested to determine what damage was done from two of the chemotherapy drugs (cisplatin and carboplatin) with which she was treated. In all likelihood, she may have to wear hearing aids for high pitch frequency hearing loss. I secretly wish of course this weren’t the case but really, in the grand scheme of her life (because she has a chance at one!) this is an reasonable price to pay. Her next MRI is April 26th.

The Angels Among Us 5k Run/Family Fun Walk, benefiting the Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke is about 5 weeks away, on April 28th. Our new friends through cancer, the Lazenby's, whose daughter Hannah, has the exact same diagnoses, will not be in attendance at the walk this year but will be with us in spirit. Hannah, who is now 10, is the longest known survivor of medulloblastoma without radiation treatment (7 years + in remission). Due to a genetic condition (Gorlin’s Syndrome,) Hannah and Ella Cate are not recommended for radiation treatment due to likelihood of development of basal cell carcinomas. This is true for all young children as their brains are still developing but particularly so for our girls. From the limited data available on Gorlin's syndrome folks, they appear to respond relatively better to treatment than those without genetic conditions. Both girls had a favorable subtype of medulloblastoma as well, which contributes to a better prognosis. With advancement of research, the 5 and 10 year survival rates have greatly improved over the 20-40% in the 1980s and before. We would be honored and forever grateful to have you join our team, "Ella Cate's Enduring Angels", to help fight brain tumors and continue to advance treatments and have these special girls and others lead happy, productive and long lives. Ella Cate will get her survivor bandanna and get to help lead the parade behind the bagpipes. I can cry now just thinking about it! She was unable to be there last year as she was on the Duke Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit recovering from high dose chemo and stem cell transplant. See link below for info on the event and/or donations.

Thank you so much for your continued thoughts and prayers. Thanks to those who have joined the team already and we hope to grow in the next few weeks.

We hope this message finds you happy and healthy!
Lori, Greg, Easton and Ella Cate

our team link. Or go to Angels Among Us.

Please pray for this littlest among us. In the Name of God...

St. Gerard, who, like the Savior, loved children so tenderly and by your prayers freed many from disease and even death, listen to us who are pleading for this sick child. We thank God for the great gift of this child and ask him to restore her to health if such be His Holy Will. This favor, we beg of you through your love for all children and mothers. Amen.

past articles about little Ella, here...and here...

If you can help financialy please do, and if not please pray...


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I recieve comments from a fellow on my article concerning the Great Monarch . It has become rediculous but I still post them because i think maybe this is the fellows only outlet.



National Geographic magazine ran the story about the warship Vasa when I was about 6 or 7. This vessel has intrigued me for all these years. With the coming of the Internet an entire new vista was open to me.

The story of the Vasa is unfortunately a short one, she was built , she set sail and on her maiden voyage she capsized due to water coming in the open gunports on the lower deck. Of the approximately 150 souls on board 25-30 were lost.

The reader may find it interesting and perplexing that there were women and children aboard. In those days it was not all that unusual for a large warship to carry the wives (and sometimes not) and children of the crew. Voyages could be up to 3 years in duration and the powers that were deemed it better to have (feed, clothe, and provide berthing) for women and children than to have the crew disappear at the first chance. Ship in the 17th and 18th centuries did not make port calls as they do now. It was also not unknown to have children born aboard ship.

Another interesting fact about Vasa is that the coldness of the water preserved the ship on almost pristine shape, is that the preservation team took years to preserve the ship. The timbers and wooden parts were sprayed with water and polyethylene glycol. This process took years, as the polyethylene glycol soaked into the wood and replaced the fibers of the wood lost to the ocean. unlike many ship wreck the Vasa was not attacked by teredo worms the bane to wooden ships before the advent of affixing a copper bottom.

Recently the stern galleries have been restored to the stern of the ship. Ships of this period were ornately adorned and represented not only might but also wealth. Sovereigns would spare little cost in the decoration of these ships. Carved faces, and gold leaf were the norm. Vasa was painted in a combination of the Swedish national colour, blue (a bit darker than cornflower blue and gold). Antiquarians researched and mixed the colours especially to match those used on the ship originally.

The museum has recovered many skeletons, although none is known. Using forensic tecniques they have given us an unusual look at the people who were aboard that fateful day...

The VASAMUSEET (Vasa Museum) in Stokholm has placed this on their website...

In the early 17th century, Sweden was busy building an empire around the Baltic Sea in northern Europe. A strong navy was essential. During the 1620s Sweden was at war with Poland. In 1625 the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus ordered new warships. Among them the Vasa.

The Vasa was built at the Stockholm shipyard by Henrik Hybertsson - an experienced Dutch shipbuilder. His experience was much needed as the Vasa was to be the mightiest warship in the world, armed with 64 guns on two gundecks.

In 1628 the ship was ready. Sunday August 10 was the day of the Vasa's maiden voyage. The beaches around Stockholm were filled with spectators, among them foreign diplomats. The maiden voyage was to be an act of propaganda for the ambitious Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus.

The Vasa set sail and fired a salute. But only after a few minutes of sailing the ship began to heel over. She righted herself slightly - and heeled over again. Water started to gush in through the open gunports. And, to everyones horror and disbelief, the glorious and mighty warship suddenly sank! Of the 150 people on board, 30-50 died in the disaster. When Vasa had been salvaged in 1961, archaeologists found the remains of 25 skeletons.

After the disaster the captain of the Vasa - Söfring Hansson - was arrested. The Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus was not in Sweden at the time. He was waging war in Poland. It took two weeks for him to learn about what had happened. When he did, he wrote angrily that the disaster had happened because of "imprudence and negligence" and that the guilty parties had to be punished. Söfring Hansson and many others were called to inquiries at the Royal Castle of Stockholm.

At the inquest people were troubled by the fact that the shipbuilder Henrik Hybertsson had died the year before the Vasa was completed. Instead his brother and partner, Arendt de Groot, was held responsible for the completion of the ship. But in the end no one was condemned for causing the disaster. The people in charge of the inquiries concluded that the ship was well built - but badly proportioned.



Luz Milagros

Newborn baby found alive in morgue 12 hours after being declared dead

A newborn in Argentina was found very much alive in a morgue by her mother 12 hours after hospital staff had declared the baby dead.

The mother, Analia Bouguet, tells TeleNoticias TV that the hospital still has issued her only a death certificate for the infant rather than a birth certificate. Bouguet said she is planning to pursue a medical malpractice suit.

The Daily Mail reports that the baby was Bouguet's fifth and was born prematurely.

Two hours after being issued a death certificate, Bouguet and her husband visited the morgue because they wanted to see their child one more time.

"The baby was there and they put the little casket on a stretcher. We looked for a bar to pry it open," the baby's father, Fabian Veron, said in a press conference. "My wife looked and uncovered it slowly. She saw the little hand and then uncovered the face. That's when it let the first little cry out."

"That night, we went to the morgue. We wanted to take a photo of our daughter," Bouguet told Argentina's Clarin newspaper. "But when a worker opened the drawer, we heard a cry and she was alive."

The newborn has been named Luz Milagros, or "Miracle Light." She is still listed as being in critical condition but is said to be improving. The deputy provincial health minister announced that five medical professionals involved in the case have been suspended, pending further investigation.

"At the moment we have no explanation," hospital director Jose Luis Meirino told the paper. "The baby was attended to by obstetricians, gynecologists and a neonatologist. They all reached the same conclusion, that this girl was stillborn."

God works miracles everyday, if we only look at them as miracles. Life is a miracle!

Praise God for Luz!



Judicial Smackdown!

Holder Suffers Embarrassing Smack Down As Case Against Pro-Life Counselor Is Thrown
April 9, 2012

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is a busy man. When President Obama’s chief law enforcement officer isn’t tied up selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, refusing to prosecute self-serving cases of voter intimidation or ignoring “wanted dead or alive” bounties placed by black militants on the heads of private citizens, he’s busy conspiring with pro-abortion extremists to bring the full weight of the federal government down upon innocent pro-life advocates.

So much tyranny, so little time.

Eric Holder is much more than just incompetent. He’s an extremist pro-abortion activist who shares his boss’s goal of “fundamentally transforming America” to reflect both men’s secular-socialist self-image.

The most recent and obvious example of this administration’s serial abuse of power in furtherance of a radical pro-abortion agenda came when the Department of Health and Human Services mandated, in contravention of the First Amendment, that all religious organizations provide contraception, sterilization and various forms of abortion to employees. This may be the single greatest violation of our constitutionally safeguarded religious liberties in our lifetimes. The mandate remains in place to this day.

But individual citizens haven’t escaped a forced fiduciary tie to abortion homicide. A few weeks later HHS arbitrarily attached a “final rule” to Obamacare requiring that every American, pro-life or otherwise, pay one dollar per month earmarked expressly for an abortion services pool. This validates pro-life forewarnings that the president was simply lying when he issued a toothless executive order supposedly banning federal dollars for abortion. (What do we call someone who chronically lies?)

Still, every once in a while, the good guys win one.

For several months now the Obama administration has been abusing our judicial system through a concerted political intimidation campaign via the federal courts. Obama has instructed the Justice Department to sue a number of pro-life counselors and volunteers for allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance (FACE) Act.

You won’t hear it from the mainstream media, but the Justice Department has just faced an embarrassing smack down on the highest profile of these cases. It has dropped an appeal in Holder v. Pine against pro-life sidewalk counselor Mary “Susan” Pine, who is represented by the civil rights firm Liberty Counsel. The DOJ has agreed to pay $120,000 for this frivolous lawsuit which, as the evidence indicated, was intended to intimidate Ms. Pine and send a shot over the bow of pro-lifers around the country.

Mr. Holder unsuccessfully sought thousands of dollars in fines against Ms. Pine, as well as a permanent injunction banning her from counseling women on the public sidewalk outside the Presidential Women’s Center (PWC) abortion mill (or any other “reproductive services” clinic).

After 18 months of litigation, the DOJ’s case was thrown out of federal court, and the department was chastised in a scathing ruling by U.S. District Judge Kenneth Ryskamp for filing a case with no evidence.

Judge Ryskamp wrote that Holder’s complete failure to present any evidence of wrongdoing, coupled with the DOJ’s cozy relationship with PWC and their apparent joint decision to destroy video surveillance footage of the alleged “obstruction,” caused the court to suspect a conspiracy at the highest levels of the Obama administration. “The Court is at a loss as to why the Government chose to prosecute this particular case in the first place,” wrote Judge Ryskamp. “The Court can only wonder whether this action was the product of a concerted effort between the Government and PWC, which began well before the date of the incident at issue, to quell Ms. Pine’s activities rather than to vindicate the rights of those allegedly aggrieved by Ms. Pine’s conduct.”

After the ruling the DOJ appealed on the last day possible and gave indication that President Obama had personally ordered the appeal. A little over a week later, the president apparently decided to cut his losses and reversed course.

Harry Mihet, senior counsel for Liberty Counsel, said of the judge’s ruling: “It’s not every day that a federal judge accuses the Justice Department of a full-blown conspiracy.”

Ironically, this past December, in the midst of the case, Ms. Pine actually counseled a woman outside of PWC and convinced her not to have an abortion, thus saving the life of the child and possibly the mother as well. Her email to Liberty Counsel read simply: “We saved a life today.”

Mathew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, pulled no punches:

It is irresponsible for the U.S. Department of Justice to place politics above principle when deciding to prosecute, and thus attempt to silence, a pro-life sidewalk counselor without any evidence of wrongdoing.

When the nation’s highest law enforcement officer files suit against any citizen, the suit must be based on the law coupled with compelling evidence. Anything less is an abuse of the high office. Susan Pine will not be silenced or detoured from her mission to save the lives of innocent children.

Indeed, “politics above principle,” intimidation of private citizens and jaw-dropping abuses of power are but a few hallmarks of this Obama administration.

History will be no more kind to this president than he has been to the citizens he was sworn, and failed, to honorably serve.

Eric, You are messing with God.


What does an iceburg look like?

A scenic view of a New Foundland house from across the bay. Springtime in New Foundland always brings it's icebergs. My brother-in-law Raymond sent me these and it give one a perspective on the size of an iceberg. Note: Remember the berg is on the other side of the spit of land in the ocean.

A short video of waves freezing as they wash ashore in New Foundland may be found here...


A child shoes

A pair of Shoes which belonged to an unidentified baby boy aged approx 2 years who was recovered with bodies of the victims.

NO. 4. - MALE. - ESTIMATED AGE, 2. - HAIR, FAIR. CLOTHING - Grey coat with fur on collar and cuffs; brown serge frock; Brown Petticoat; flannel garment; pink woollen singlet; brown shoes and stockings.

No one ever claimed the baby's body. This very young boy, recovered by the crew of Mackay-Bennett, was buried at Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax

All that remains of this child are these shoes. A memorial full of pathos.

Oral History of the shoes

Clarence Northover, a Halifax Police Department Sergeant in 1912, helped guard the bodies and belongings of the Titanic victims.

“Clothing was burned to stop souvenir hunters but he was too emotional when he saw the little pair of brown, leather shoes about fourteen centimeters long, and didn’t have the heart to burn them. When no relatives came to claim the shoes, he placed them in his desk drawer at the police station and there they remained for the next six years, until he retired in 1918.”

Excerpt from July 26, 2002 letter by Earle Northover, grandson of Clarence Northover.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax Nova Scotia.

On the Titanic Shoes: Curatorial Remarks


CQD RMS Titanic

On 14 April 1912 the RMS Titanic sank on her maiden voyage from Southhampton to New York, killing some 1,517 out of 2223 passngers and crew. Wireless radio was in it's infancy, and indeed all the radio operators aboard the Titanic were not employed by White Star but by the Marconi company who owned the wireless kit. The code SOS was then not in general use the old code being CQD. Below is a recording (simulated)which purports to be a made from the origial copied message of the Titanic's CQD. The new code, S.O.S., was just changing about this time and is included in the message.

A size comparison of the Titanic.

The second Officer aboard Titanic and the most senior officer to survive the tragedy was the Second Officer, Charles Herbert Lightoller(1), (Sub-Lieutenent RNR). The story from Second Officer Lightoller, recorded by the BBC in 1936.

A story from Eva Hart, survivor in 1987

Edwina MacKenzie recounts her memories
of preparing to abandon ship.

Edith Russell recounts lining up for placement on the life boats.

Joseph Boxhall, at the time junior officer on duty when the iceberg struck, recalls the beautiful, still and very dark night and the mildness of the collision. He initially thought there was no damage and advised a passenger, who was holding a large piece of ice, to return to bed.


For photos go here.

(1)During the First World War Lightoller was activated and after serving on several liners converted to wartime use, including the RMS Oceanic (a sister to Titanic) he commanded a torpedo boat and was decorated for engaging a German Zepplin. He eventually retired after the war and ran a boat yard with his wife. In May 1940 he probably listened and read with interest about the war with Germany. Lightoller had purchased his own private motor yacht, which his wife, Sylvia, named Sundowner, an Australian term meaning "wanderer". When the call came out for "little ships" to ferry troops from the beaches at Dunkirk., Lithtoller used "Sundowner" to help rescue soldiers during the Dunkirk evacuation making several trips to France and back. He has always been a personal hero of mine. These British are made of strong stuff.

Much thanks to the BBC archive for their collection of recordings which are such a resource to History.


April 10, 1912

It was on this day 100years ago that the RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Titanic, set sail from Southampton England.

Why does this particular disaster inspire such curiosity today? It was perhaps the end of an age. Nothing after the Titanic would remain the same. Was the Titanic tragedy a message saying you have gone too fast, slow down, rethink what it is you are doing?


Who can we trust?

Nun: I was fired for reporting priest

Another instance of the Ordinary not knowing what was going on in his diocese. Is it any wonder why Arch-Bishop Chaput was sent to Philadelphia.

Pray that God can shooth this wound in the Body of the Chruch.



Not so Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk

I have always been a fan of the original Three Stooges.

It seems however that a new attack is foisted upon the Church by a Hollywood which has become perveyor of fecal matter. Under the guise of a comedy the Farrelly Bros have directed a film which insults the church an a disgusting manner. In this so called film Jane Lynch (glee) an acknowledged lesbian, plays the Mother Superior, Larry David portrays a Sister Mary-Mengele (what!), and Kate Upton as a bikini wearing nun in a swimming pool.

Avoid this film.

May God have mercy on their souls.



Baby Andrei

Alas, we see the long term effect Communism has given Romania. Pictured below is baby Andrei, who having been born with a severe birth defect, almost no intestinal tract, has beat the odds and has remained 8 months.

His eyes tell us that he has no idea what is happening to him yet they are full of life. This baby is no less a child of God, created and made in His image and likeness.

Corruption is rife in Romania where doctors recieve bribes to perform surgeries, nurses to care for patients, administer medication, start IVs. "Surgeons can get hundreds of euros (dollars) and upward for an operation, while anesthetists get roughly a third of that, depending also on what a patient can afford. Nurses receive a few euros (dollars) from patients each time they administer medications or put in drips. Getting a certificate stamped to have an operation abroad can easily cost hundreds, if not thousands of euros (dollars) if you ask the wrong doctor."

Romania has universal health care, but universal means that if you have the money you get the best care.

Read about a doctor who is doing something here...

Let us pray for baby Andrei and all the babies in the world in need of care and ask for the intersession of Saint Philomena.

We beseech Thee, O Lord, to grant us the pardon of our sins by the intercession of Saint Philomena, virgin and martyr, who was always pleasing in Thy sight by her eminent chastity and by the profession of every virtue.

Illustrious virgin and martyr, Saint Philomena, behold me prostrate before the throne whereupon it has pleased the Most Holy Trinity to place thee. Full of confidence in thy protection, I entreat thee to intercede for me with God, from the heights of Heaven deign to cast a glance upon thy humble client! Spouse of Christ, sustain me in suffering, fortify me in temptation, protect me in the dangers surrounding me, obtain for me the graces necessary to me, and in particular

Baby Andrei.

Above all, assist me at the hour of my death. Saint Philomena, powerful with God, pray for us. Amen.

O God, Most Holy Trinity, we thank Thee for the graces Thou didst bestow upon the Blessed Virgin Mary, and upon Thy handmaid Philomena, through whose intercession we implore Thy Mercy. Amen.


Quotes of St Pius X

Quotes of St Pius X

"The Church alone, being the Bride of Christ and having all things in common with her Divine Spouse, is the depository of the truth."

"Holy Communion is the shortest and safest way to Heaven."

“Indeed the true friends of the people are neither the revolutionaries nor innovators, they are the traditionalist.”

"That We should act without delay in this matter is made imperative especially by the fa...ct that the partisans of error are to be sought not only among the Church's open enemies; but, what is to be most dreaded and deplored, in her very bosom, and are the more mischievous the less they keep in the open. We allude, Venerable Brethren, to many who belong to the Catholic laity, and, what is much more sad, to the ranks of the priesthood itself, who, animated by a false zeal for the Church, lacking the solid safeguards of philosophy and theology, nay more, thoroughly imbued with the poisonous doctrines taught by the enemies of the Church, and lost to all sense of modesty, put themselves forward as reformers of the Church; and, forming more boldly into line of attack, assail all that is most sacred in the work of Christ, not sparing even the Person of the Divine Redeemer, whom, with sacrilegious audacity, they degrade to the condition of a simple and ordinary mall."