Priest to Planned Parenthood here comes the Catholic Church

Once again I present a guest article by Tara...

This video clip was forwarded from a friend and a message in the email string sparked an idea for me. I am sick of reading pieces from the leftclaiming that they speak for all women and it is passed time for pro-life/pro-NFP women to tell their stories and speak for themselves.

My thought is a documentary of women, lots of them, who share their stories of marital love and life. I think I can handle the organizingand and overseeing, but I want to know how many women I can get involved. Additionally, is there anyone out there who has advice on filming and editing?

The piece should include explanations of different NFP methods as well asthe stories of those who are providential. It should SPEAK for all of us, who do not contracept, and express the hope that comes from living God's Plan. Certainly, it should include Catholic women, but not just Catholic women. The video below is great, but it allows people towrongly focus on the celibacy of the priesthood as a means of distractingfrom the truth. It also portrays pro-lifers/pro-NFPers as only beingCatholic which is false.

With help, I want to put together a dynamic video documentary of real women, who speak for themselves. I will need real help to turn this idea into a reality. If you'd be willing to participate in this venture fromthe inception or if you have good advie to offer, contact me please.

Tara Brelinsky

Greg & Tara
1 Dad + 1 Mama= our beloved children

Children are a gift from God to the whole world. To deny the blessing of a child in your life is to deny the whole world the gift of an eternal soul, who was created with a purpose that cannot be fulfilled by any other.

Priest to Planned Parenthood here comes the Catholic Church


Moores Creek Battle

In the early-morning hours of February 27, 1776, Commander Richard Caswell leads 1,000 Patriot troops in the successful Battle of Moores Creek over 1,600 British Loyalists. It would go down in history as the first American victory in the first organized campaign of the Revolutionary War.

Responding to the call by North Carolina Royal Governor Josiah Martin, British Colonel Donald McLeod began marching 1,600 Loyalists from Cross Creek, North Carolina, towards the coast, where they were supposed to rendezvous with other Loyalists and Redcoats at Brunswick, North Carolina. When Commander Caswell and the Patriots arrived at Moores Creek Bridge ahead of the British Loyalists, Caswell positioned his troops in the woods on either side of the bridge, awaiting the British with cannons and muskets at the ready. The British learned of the Patriot troops at Moores Creek in advance, but, expecting only a small force, decided to advance across the bridge to attack. The British Loyalists shouted, "King George and Broadswords!" as they advanced across the bridge; they were swiftly cut down by a barrage of Patriot musket and cannon fire.

The British Loyalists quickly surrendered, giving the Patriots their first victory of the Revolutionary War. The victory aborted British plans to land a force at Brunswick, North Carolina, and ended British authority in the state. Within two months, on April 12, 1776, North Carolina became the first state to vote in favor of independence from Britain.

At this battle and captured was on Donald MacDonald, husband of the famed Flora MacDonald, rescuer and friend of Bonnie Prince Charlie.



On Saturday 18 February 2012, my grandson Jordan's name was placed in the Book of Catechumens by Bishop Francis X. de Lorenzo, Bishop of Richmond, Virginia. Jordan is 10 years old.


Blogging Hiatus

My blogs may be a bit sporatic as I am going to my annual recertification: unarmed and armed self defense, CPR and other most boring subjects. Ah well...