Virgin Vandalized

At the recent economic “occupy” demonstration in Rome, the protesters decided to take their anger out on…our Blessed Mother! What?…

Did the Virgin Mary take away their jobs? Did the Immaculate Mother ruin the Euro? Did the sweet Mother of Christ endorse the rotten assets of Euro-nation banks? No.

We have read about the French Revolution. We should know who is responsible for this. The attacks on the Church will intensify as the Church, the true Church is seen as a "selfish possessor of wealth unwilling to share." The time is coming when we will have to decide whether we are Catholic, and ready to face martyrdom, or will we be jurors.



Teaching Again.

Please pray for me I start teaching again tonight. Lets see if they are interested.


Bavarian Brathaus

My wife and I took our eldest granddaughter to eat for her birthday. We try and expose them to different customs and food from around the world. thus far we have taken them to a Mongolian Restaurant, a French restaurant, and this weekend to a Bavarian Restaurant.

I ordered for all because I was familiar with the food. I have been hungry for Wiener Schnitzel, and so I ordered 3 Schnitzels, Suzanne had a knödel, Savannah had pommes frites, and I had kartoffel salat. The veal was so tender that you could cut it with a knife.

Of course I had to drink a beer or two, I chose a Dunkel Spaten.

Dessert? we had the best Strudel I have ever tasted.

And did Savannah enjoy her meal? I think so... She wants to go back.

A wonderful meal.

Their site is http://www.bavarianbrathaus.info/.