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The Will of God regarding Social Classes

St Hildegard wrote...

...God takes care of each man, so that the lower classes should not raise themselves above the higher classes, like Satan and the first man who tried to rise above their proper status.

And who keeps all his flock - ox and mules, sheep and goats – in only one stable? Likewise, we should take care that people are not all mixed together into one single flock. … Should this occur, there would be a terrible corruption of customs. The classes would tear each other to pieces moved by reciprocal hatred, with the higher classes going down to the level of the lower ones, and the latter elevating themselves to the heights of the former.

God divides His people on earth into different classes, just as He places the Angels in Heaven in different groups. … However, He loves them all equally...


St Hildegard von Bingen

The other night my wife and I watched the film called Vision, from the life of Hildegard von Bingen. All I can say is, what a powerful film. I will not relate any of the movie so that the reader will not be biased. It is thought provoking, and i am wondering why she is so little known in the United States. Pity. She was a remarkable nun, so very much like the sisters who taught me the faith. This film is entirely in German with captions.

I watched it on Netflix Instant Movies for free.



A prophecy of St Birgitta of Sweden.

Revelations of St Birgitta Chapter 24, A Plea for Mercy for the "Daughter" and "Bride"

God the Father's words before the heavenly host, and the answer of the Son and Mother to the Father requesting a grace for his daughter the church.

The Father spoke, while the whole host of heaven was listening, and he said: "Before you I state my complaint that I gave my daughter to a man who torments her terribly and binds her feet to a wooden stake so that the marrow has all gone out of her feet."

The Son answered him: "Father, I redeemed her with my blood and betrothed her to myself, but now she has been seized by force."

2 Then the Mother spoke, saying: "You are my God and my Lord. My body bore the limbs of your blessed Son, who is your true Son and my true Son. I refused him nothing on earth. For the sake of my prayers, have mercy on your daughter!"

3 After this the angels spoke, saying: "You are our Lord. In you we possess every good thing, and we need nothing but you. When your bride went forth from you, we all rejoiced. But now we have reason to be sad, because she has been given over into the hands of the worst of men who offends her with all kinds of insults and abuse. So have mercy on her according to your great mercy, for she is in extremely great misery, and there is no one to console and free her but you, Lord, God almighty."

4 Then the Father answered the Son, saying: "Son, your grievance is my grievance, your word my word, your works my works. You are in me and I am in you inseparably. May your will be done!" 5 Then he said to the Mother of the Son: "Since you refused me nothing on earth, I will refuse you nothing in heaven. Your will shall be fulfilled."

6 He said to the angels: "You are my friends, and the flame of your love burns in my heart. I shall have mercy on my daughter because of your prayers."


That Man is gone but the men exist who would bring our Church down.

An exerpt on Joan of Arc, Cecille B. De Mille 1917

A film of Joan of Arc by Cecille B. De Mille 1917


Joan's Longest Day 1429

“Rise tomorrow very early, earlier even than today, and do the best that you are able. It will be necessary to keep always near me, for tomorrow I shall have much to do, and greater need of you than I have ever had. Tomorrow the blood will flow from my body, above the breast.” Jheanne la Pucelle

Ben Kennedy reminds us of La Pucelle's longest day at Orleans... More here, and here...

Thanks with a tip of the beret to Ben at Joan of Arc