King George, and Old England Forever

From Barry Lyndon.


Please don't write and tell me this is a Protestant Tune from the Glorious Revolution. I know. :-{ I like the tune. Vive le Roy!

Priest says he tries to be true liberal

From the Catholic Virginian. February 21, 2011.

Thank you so much for your article concerning the Latin Mass in Appomattox (Feb. 7 issue). I would just like to pass on my perspective as priest and pastoral person.

As one of my teachers at Catholic University, Father Charles Curran, used to say, “We are a big church and there is room enough for everybody.”

In my early years as a priest in Virginia Beach, Father Bill Dale, my wonderful mentor, created a space at Church of the Ascension for a reformed Jewish community called Beth Chaverim in the 1980s and 1990s. A Hindu community also needed a place to meet so they met in the upstairs from the commons.

My own theology embraces liturgical dance (prayerful movement), lay men and women leading prayer and giving reflections in appropriate circumstances. While the Latin Mass is not my personal piety, I believe that those with such piety have a right to practice their way of being close to the Lord.

I try to be a true liberal, that is, not just allowing for my post Vatican II practices, but those practices which may be different from my own.

It is most important that we pray that Christ will always find room in our hearts.

Fr. James Gallagher
Our Lady of Peace, Appomattox



Fin! L'action Immédiate!! pour la défense de Christ et son église!

Mettre à jour sur une poste précédente.

Le 17 avril 2011, un tirage de Piss Christ ainsi qu'une autre œuvre de Serrano sont vandalisés, au cours de l'exposition, par des individus armés de marteaux et d'objets contondants, et plusieurs gardiens qui tentaient de s'interposer sont agressés et menacés.

La fin déshonorante pour gaspiller.


Update on an earlier post.

On April 17th, 2011, Piss Christ was vandalized "beyond repair" by Christian protesters while on display during the Je crois aux miracles exhibition at the Collection Lambert, a contemporary art museum in Avignon, France. Serrano's photo The Church, was similarly vandalized in the attack.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia which never saw an article too vile reportes that the award winning blasphemy was destroyed using an ice pick or a screw driver.

An inglorious end to rubbish.

Civil War Fantasies a review...

Maria-Elena has posted a redirect today of which little is said. Thomas DiLorenzo reviews a frivolous piece on the War Between the States by Paul Krugman.

"In 1862 Lee freed the slaves that his wife had inherited, in compliance with his father in-law’s will. Grant’s White Haven slaves were not freed until an 1865 Missouri emancipation law forced Grant and his father-in-law to do so. The fact that Lee changed clothes before formally surrendering did not instantly turn the 36-year army veteran into a "patrician," contrary to the "all-knowing" Krugman’s assertion..."

"The North waged war on Southern civilians for four long years, murdering at least 50,000 of them according to historian Jeffrey Rogers Hummel. It bombed cities like Atlanta for days at a time when they were occupied by no one but civilians, and U.S. Army soldiers looted, ransacked, and raped their way all throughout the South. The "arts of peace" indeed."

Original article...


Hereditary Evils of the French Revolution: Nationalism

Nationalism is the ideology or attitude derived from what has been called the right of self-determination. This can be defined as the capacity and right that every nation or people has to constitute itself into a sovereign State. It can be inferred from the literal reading of this definition that it is inalienable; that is, just as someone should not have the freedom to give oneself into slavery, so a people should not be able to renounce this right forever. In practice, nevertheless, clearly it isn't interpreted with the rigidity of this sort of right/duty. It would be more correct, therefore, to define it as the right that a people has to decide if it wants to constitute itself into a sovereign State.

At first glance the historical nature of this concept stands out: its definition is dependent on the terms “people” and “State”, which take on their present meaning with the French Revolution, as we shall soon see. Therefore, if the parts that make up its definition are a legacy of the French Revolution, so must be nationalism itself. Once this is established, it remains to see whether it is an evil or not.

From the new Blog Firmus and Rusticus; Saints Firmus and Rusticus suffered martyrdom for refusing to sacrifice to the Roman Empire's idols. The idols of the modern world are no longer bronze statuettes, nor do they require animal sacrifice. The doctrines that have set the theoretical foundation for modern States since the French Revolution have acquired a level of acceptance and adoration worthy of a foundational mythology. For their part, they require even greater sacrifice: only if they are held as unquestionable will the political and social system they attempt to justify also be unquestioned. Every day, our silence becomes a sacrifice agreeable to them. But they are only idols. And they are false.

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