Can a Catholic support a Democracy?

The 2008 election in has been over for almost 3 years , but in all seriousness what has changed? The man-made God still sits in the White House. Not so, says I. Nothing has changed except the players. This is a mere speed bump in the satabic agenda. The only effect of the upcoming election may be that it will spur on hell to work faster in the pursuit of it's agenda.

The I'm OK if you're OK kind of "Catholicism" that spawned Kennedy, Kerry, is still alive and well in these parts. The democrats, republicans and new conservatives are on the same side of the same coin, insofar as they claim descent for the founding fathers.

This is not the form of government God has ordained for us.

So let us consider for a moment this by way of an explaination...

God’s plan of the created world may be described by a series of triangles, each one subordinate to the one above but sharing in similarities, that of having a base, and an apex..

The first and largest triangle is that of all Creation. At the apex is God, creator of the universe, and the base is his creation which (we believe) God created and all in it. While many would not have a problem with this description there are those who are atheistic, who do not (and obstinately will not) believe this. This teaching has been central to Christians, Jews and Muslims. This teaching also been challenged from time to time by Satan, from the very beginning. I will expound on this and its effects later.

The next triangle is that of the Church, with the Pope at its apex and the Church as its base. We see the apexes of these two triangles are directly below one another, and a vertical line may be drawn from God to the Pope which indicates Papal authority. Again while the truly faithful have no problem with this, the dissenters within and from without the Church including other Christian ecclesiastical communities argue that the Pope is merely a figurehead and that he is just the Bishop of Rome. They may even argue that he is the successor of Peter but is no more of an authority than any other Bishop. The attack on Papal authority began in earnest in 1154 with the Great Schism, through the Protestant Reformation (by Luther, Calvin, Henry VIII, etc.) the American and most notably the French Revolution (i.e. Civil Constitution of the Clergy, destruction of religious orders, killing of Priests and religious, and attacks on the faithful of the Vendee ), Communist revolutions, (where the secular government is officially atheistic) to the “Me generation”, (free love and modernism), and the pressing for Priestesses by faithless women, media and liberals.

The third triangle is that of the Crown. The apex is the King (or Queen, depending on the nation) with its base the national family. Again, a vertical line may be drawn from God through the Pope (and Church) to the triangle of the Crown. This line is indicative of the relationship between God and the Crowned head of a nation. It insinuates that this relationship is ordained by God for the governance of the subjects and that the Crown is responsible for those subjects to God.

The fourth and last triangle while smaller is no less important is the family triangle. At the apex is the father. The base is the family and the children in that family. Again the line is drawn from God to the father of the family as the head of the household. I realize that in today’s society where the father is absent either by divorce, abandonment, dereliction, or unnatural circumstances he may not be viewed as the head of the family, this does not make him less so; on the contrary it increases his culpability to God. as James I said, "...no misconduct on the part of a father can free his children from obedience to the fifth commandment..."

Each of these relationships is a microcosm of the one above it. Therefore, logically it must be assumed that this is the model for mankind as ordained by God. Each has been in its turn been attacked by satan and each has suffered from these attacks to a greater or lesser degree. These attacks continue.

Let us begin with the first, the attack on God’s Creation. It began as Holy Scripture relates, in the Garden of Eden. When satan persuaded Eve to eat the “…fruit of the tree which is in the midst of paradise...” “...your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil.” (1) In other words, Satan persuaded Adam and Eve that they really had no need of the God who had created them. The triangle was turned upside down for them (and us until Baptism) where their god is whatever and whomever they choose. This first attempt to change the direction of the triangle from pointing up to pointing down is a recurring feature of the attacks by satan on creation and on social order. It was this attack which set the tone for all future attacks, that of supplanting God with the creature and of assuming the authority of God for oneself.

Today we are beset with those who would challenge Gods authority by rationalism, by claiming all things are equal nothing is better than another or by replacing God with a society which lionizes the person, popularity, and possessions over God. This is a society where God is minimilized in order to elevate the status of mankind to exalted positions. Once again we see the triangle inverted. Too often these persons are exalted because they espouse popular (but false) teachings and ideas, lead a perverse lifestyle, challenge authority, or are in the media spotlight. They are elevated because they speak with an authority which they do not possess. To pervert mankind and to create his parody satan must destroy the Church. To do this he must convince the faithful that the Pope is not God’s anointed on earth, chosen to tend the sheep of the Church militant. As mentioned before, his attacks have come in the form of the Great heresies (2) , are repackaged resold as Eastern mysticism, Mormonism, Freemasonry, Scientology, Wicca, Satanism, and Protestantism, etc. Today the attacks arrive in the form of unnecessary liturgical changes, the desire by the laity to be in control of the church and from sex offending priests and religious. It comes in the form of the protestantization of churches, the design of new churches which deemphasize the Blessed Sacrament by hiding the tabernacle away from the faithful. In each case they move to remove the Divine and replace it with the banal and mundane.

In a like manner as the church the various Crowns have been attacked. Democracy has been taught to us as being the end all in as a form of government. It is rarely if ever mentioned that there can be no true democracies above a very local level. For example the former president (G.W.Bush) tells us in every speech that America must move ahead as the beacon of democracy(3). In this he carries the message started by Woodrow Wilson to make the “World safe for Democracy” (4). Wilson overlooked the fact that Belgium, England and Japan were (and are) monarchies, and that the United States is formally styled a Republic.

The most graphic example and overt attack by satan against monarchy was the attack against the monarchy and first daughter of the church, France. Before I begin I will relate some scripture passages which I believe demonstrate that authority comes from God to the ruler to rule over his (or her) subjects. “ Pilate therefore said to him, "You will not speak to me? Do you not know that I have power to release you, and power to crucify you?" Jesus answered him "You would have no power over me unless it had been given you from above; therefore he who delivered me to you has the greater sin." (John 19 10-11) (4) Jesus is "the prince of the kings of the earth." (Apoc.1:5).(5) "For the nation and the kingdom that will not serve thee, shall perish" (Is.60:12) (6) "Let every soul be subject to higher powers: for there is no power but from God: and those that are, are ordained of God. Therefore he that resists the power,resists the ordinance of God. And they that resist, purchase to themselves damnation. For princes are not a terror to the good work, but to the evil." (Romans 13:1-3) (7) "Give ear, you that rule the people…For power is given you by the Lord, and strength by the most High, who will examine your works, and search out your thoughts" (Wisdom 6: 3-4) (8) "By me kings reign, and lawgivers decree just things, By me princes rule, and the mighty decree justice." (Proverbs 8:15-16) (9) As we see not only does the authority to rule come from God but those rulers are required to be examined by that same God. This is in direct conflict with the writings of Rousseau who stated “The people are sovereign and authority lies in them.” So we have a problem, a trauma really, who is sovereign, man or God? Again Rousseau writes¸ “Law is the expression of the General Will of the people and this is indicated by numbers.”(votes?) Rousseauist democracy makes a god of the People, makes might prevail over right, makes the votes of a hundred fools or villains prevail over those of fifty saints or men of genius. (10) Yet this is the same ideology which propels forward the engines of democracy. To Rousseau and others of the French revolution, all things being equal, which ever plan receives the most votes, no matter how despicable it may be it must be adopted because it is a consensus. This democratic philosophy presupposes that the people can never make a mistake or that if it does it can be rectified either by more votes or by force. Rousseauist dogma, it must be called that for it is a religion, is defended by those who are indoctrinated from their youth to believe these ideas. In France this lead to the decapitation of the King and Queen, their closest relatives, and death by abuse and starvation of the Dauphin and a genocide in the Vendee. Why? Because this satanically imposed democracy could not afford to lose control of Power. A most striking personage is Robespierre who literally had the power of life and death over the people of France. “…your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods”. It was by votes that the King, and Queen were executed on trumped up charges. It was by votes that the Dauphin was allowed to enter into such degradation. It was by vote that Priests, Nuns, and religious were executed. It was by vote that the Vendee was invaded and ravaged. No one person could be charged with culpability with these atrocities. The triangle had been inverted. One last thing is important here. The King was and should be regarded as the father of his people. In martyring him the ground work was laid for the destruction of the family. (It should here be remembered that it was by vote that Jesus was crucified.)

Before there was a Pope, before there was a King there was a family. Adam and Eve created the first family. In order to make a family one must produce children. Not to dwell on the mechanics of the thing suffice it to say that children were produced by one man and one woman. The church in it’s infinite wisdom says that any other way of conception is unnatural. Unfortunately now it is possible for a woman to conceive through artificial means, by fertilizing the woman’s egg with male sperm artificially in a test tube. Women no longer are satisfied to be married to a man, and have children. It inflicts too much of a strain on her private life. Contraception has lead to abortion of unwanted pregnancies. Women who cohabitate with other women want children, and have lobbied to be allowed to be “married” through legal means. Men too while not able to carry a baby, lobby to adopt children to start families. Their arguments have become so common that the population has tuned them out and worse, they have been so rationalized as to be seen as a lifestyle that is as equal to a normal and natural lifestyle. Abortion too has reared its ugly head as Prophesied by Pope Paul VI. Unwanted pregnancies are just done away with like a murphy in a golf match.

We have an additional attack which presents us with the theory that “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” (11) This theory presents us with government controlling the family, but it does not stop there, All over the nation schools have declared that the parent does not have the right to be in charge of their child’s education, that they know best what a child needs to learn. (12) A certain president has presented us with “sex ed. for kindergarten.” (13) The family triangle has been inverted .

As each triangle has been inverted, the role of God in the life of man has diminished. No longer is the universe an orderly succession of the passing of authority from God to Pope and Church, God to King and Nation, or God to father and family. The path of this parody we are led to believe is the God to the members of the church who in turn grant the Pope authority to be in charge. We are instructed next, that it is the nation who forms governments and provides the authority to the Government to govern. (14) In other words authority comes from God to the people to provide authority to the ruler. (we see how fallacious is this.) …And lastly we are now informed that a family is whatever and whomever decides to get together for what ever short or long of a time, regardless of sex, (not gender, which is a grammatical term). We are told that all relationships are valid and equal. (“Judge not and be not judged” the only Sacred Scripture a liberal knows). Is is presumed that children have rights which may supplant that of the parent. (15) That children should not even be spanked for disobedience. (16) Thus we have the breakdown of the family and through that breakdown the order of the universe, and that which was ordained by God. (17) These are some of my reasons for considering Democracy whether in government, Church, or family as being unsupportable.


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Note: The United States are more of a oligarchy than of a republic.

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Anonymous said...


An excellent article in which you have outlined the successive erotion of God's order for community of faith (Church, from the time of Christ onwards), nation and family.

However, we are also guaranteed that hell shall not prevail over God's Church
Matt 16:18

And that God is not mocked, nor can He be deceived
Gal 6: 7

We have also been warned that the enemy will prowl about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour whomever he will
1 Pet 5: 8
to the point that even the very elect would be deceived
Matt 24: 24

So, as all scripture is given for our edification and instruction, (thereby conveying God's promises to His people)
2 Tim 3: 16

it stands to reason that the machinations of the enemy are in the end, for naught, as God has amply demonstrated that His ordinances for we, His creation shall not be destroyed. The secularist Atheist culture of death is itself, in reality ultimately dead. However, we who remain are left uttering a huin cry as of the Martyrs themselves - 'How long, Lord, how long!!?'
Rev 6: 10

Surely the time for the implosion of this revolutionary reign of terror is drawing near!

Might you post an article based on Scripture and Church teaching concerning this, what the post-rot world will be like, and the signposts left for us to recognize its near approach?

Keep speaking the truth.