The Great Chicago Fire.

"One dark night, when people were in bed,
Mrs. O' Leary lit a lantern in her shed,
The cow kicked it over, winked its eye, and said,
There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight."

There have been other fires that burned down cities, Rome AD 64, the Great London Fire of 1666, but it is the Great Chicago Fire which reflects spirit of America to rebuild, as much as the 911 attacks.

On an early fall Sunday evening, October 8, 1871, after a very hot and dry Midwestern summer a fire started in the barn of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Leary. While the path it cut through Chicago consisted of only 3 1/3 square miles, in old Chicago this represented a sizable portiaon of an overcrowded city made of wooden framed structures. The loss to property would be valued at $192,000,000, in 1876 dollars. At least 100,000 people had nothing to return to, 300 people died in the fire. The fire, through lack of fuel finally died out on October 10.

O'Leary home, located on the city's West Side at 137 De Koven Street escaped the blaze as it was on the up wind side of the fire. That location can still be seen on one of the many tour boats which cruise the river showing tourists the site of old Chicago now gone except in memory. The O'leary's house is gone and the site has been re-numbered to 558 West DeKoven. It is now the location of the Chicago Fire Department training school.

A Panoramic view of the city in 1858 is here...

A. O'Leary barn
B. Bateham's Mills
C. Parmelee's Stables
D. Gas Works Conley's Patch
E. Court House
F. Wright's Stables
G. Polk Street
H. Northwestern Elevator
I. Galena Elevator

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God protect all firemen.



Lepanto and a lesson for today

Many people have been taught a history which has become secular and atheistic. This is a pity. The history of the west after the birth of Christ is Catholic History. For example it is widely and wrongly believed, that the the first crusade called for by the pope was a spur of the moment idea.

In 1995 former Monty Python comedian Terry Jones first episode of the Crusades by beginning with the incident at Ma'arrat al-Numan, where Crusaders massacred the population and engaged in cannibalism. Terry Jones sets off the explain the chain of events that lead to this event. The chain of events that lead to this event began so he says, with the Seljuk invasion of the Byzantine Empire. The Emperor, Alexis called on his fellow Christians of the west to aid him. So the pope called for a crusade to free Jerusalem. The church had so much influence that they ended up causing a mass migration. On the way to Jerusalem, the crusaders massacred the Jews. Finally they arrived in Constantinople, where the emperor was shocked at their arrival. This "history" is the one perpetrated upon the youth of today. It is wrong.

In reality the Crusades began when the final straw broke the proverbial camel's back. Until the beginning of the Muslim invasions all of Europe and north Africa was Christian. Areas were forcibly converted to Islam in North Africa, Asia Minor. The fear of Europe being invaded from the east and west it became obvious to the Holy See that soon all of Europe could be overrun by the Muslim. Thus the Crusades became a defence of Europe and not a land grab. Those Crusades, began in 1098, have continued with some defeats, and some notable victories.

In 1571 Turkish Muslims amassed a huge naval fleet of galley ships in the Bay of Lepanto off the coast of western Greece in an attempt to control the Mediterranean Sea, destroy the Christian fleet and once again invade the whole of Europe. It had been just less than 100 years since the Moor was ejected from the Iberian peninsula. Don Juan of Austria, the exiled illegitimate son of the king of Spain found himself selected as commander-in-chief of the outnumbered Christian fleet in what history would record as the bloodiest deck-to-deck sea battle in naval history.

Pope St. Pius V, a former Dominican monk, strove to unite the naval forces of Venice, Spain and the Holy See to meet the Muslim threat and entrusted the Christian fleet to the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The pope sent his blessing to the fleet commander, Don John of Austria, recommending him to leave behind all soldiers of evil life, and promising him the victory if he did so. Realizing the importance of the impending battle, the pope ordered public prayers, and increased his own supplications to heaven and led the people of Rome in vigils and processions from dawn to dusk as they prayed the rosary to Our Lady of Victory.

The rosary became the spiritual weapon of the Christians as thousands joined together in prayer on the day of the Battle of Lepanto, October 7, 1571. That night while meeting with the cardinals, he suddenly stopped and opened the window and looking at the sky, he cried out, "A truce to business; our great task at present is to thank God for the victory which he has just given the Christian army". He burst into tears over the victory which dealt the Muslim power a blow from which it has never fully recovered. The decisive victory in the Bay of Lepanto destroyed all but a third of the enemy fleet and drove-off those that survived the conflict.

Pope Pius V established October 7 as a feast day of Our Lady of Victory in honor of the Blessed Virgin’s assistance in securing the victory, freeing some twelve thousand Christian galley slaves and securing the safety of Europe. In memory of this triumph he instituted the first Sunday of October the feast of the Rosary and added to the Litany of Loreto the supplication "Help of Christians". He was hoping to put an end to the power of Islam by forming a general alliance between the Italian cities and those of Poland, France, and all of Christian Europe.

Two years later Pope Gregory XIII changed the name of the feast day to Our Lady of the Rosary because it was through the praying of the Rosary that the battle had been won. October became the month of the Most Holy Rosary in the Church’s calendar. Pope Leo XIII added the invocation “Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us” to the Litany of Loreto.

Today we face the a similar attack by Islam whose vision is to take over the world. They have incroached in every facet of Europe, so much so that it is estimated that by 2030 Sweden will no longer be a Christian country. Orianna Falliciin her 1972 book The Force Of Reason ; she interviewed the Palestinian terrorist George Habash, who told her that the Palestinian problem was about far more than Israel. The Arab goal, Habash declared, was to wage war “against Europe and America” and to ensure that henceforth “there would be no peace for the West.” The Arabs, he informed her, would “advance step by step. Millimeter by millimeter. Year after year. Decade after decade. Determined, stubborn, patient. This is our strategy. A strategy that we shall expand throughout the whole planet.”

Fallaci thought he was referring simply to terrorism. Only later did she realize that he “also meant the cultural war, the demographic war, the religious war waged by stealing a country from its citizens … In short, the war waged through immigration, fertility, presumed pluriculturalism.”

We need the Rosary more than ever. It is our best defence against this enemy. The victory is Hers...

Our Lady of the Rosary, help of Christians, pray for us...



BBC Sunday morning live

So this is the future of the progressive left. The spirit of Margaret Sanger is carrying on her work. Since we already have abortion, since we have euthanasia, assisted suicide, a president who is hell bent on allowing so called "choice", priests, bishops, and cardinals who turn a blind eye to abortions and equate all social problems the same, can anyone be surprised by the next video?

Virginia Ironside the columnist and celebrated agony aunt of The Independent newspaper has caused outrage this morning by saying that she, like all "good mothers", would put a pillow over the head of her baby if it was suffering from a disability and would have a poor quality of life.


VOICE: And I think that if I were a mother of a suffering child, I would be the first to want I mean a deeply suffering child I would be the first one to put a pillow over its head. I would with any suffering thing and I think the difference is that my feeling of horror suffering is many greater than my feeling of getting rid of a couple of cells because suffering can go on for years.

VOICE: I'm sorry. I was just about to introduce the next guest, but that is a pretty horrifying thing to say.

VOICE: What? (Note: Since she finds nothing wrong in what she said, Ironside is a bit put out that some one should find murder horrifying.)

VOICE: That you would put a pillow over a...

VOICE: Of course I would, if it was a child I really loved who was any agony. I think any mother would.

PAT: It's about love.

VOICE: I think any mother would.

PAT: She doesn't even know what was outrageous.

VOICE: This would shock most people.

VOICE: I don't know any mother who wouldn't say if this was there was nothing else that could be done and it was

VOICE: That's just not true. That's just

VOICE: Do you think mothers would agree with you?

VOICE: I think a lot would. Maybe not any, but a lot.

Thus speaks the pagan.

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God please help us. We are lost...


Pointed out from Glenn Beck.

Guardian Angel Prayer

We were never privy to my parents bedroom. It was a room we never were allowed in and never went. I was a sort of mystery. Still today I do not enter into that sactuary with out my mother.

My reason for mentioning this is I do not know what prayers my parents recited before bed. I know the ones that they said with me and my brother and sister before bed, and they are the same that I have taught my children and they have taught their children.

During my late fathers sickness, just prior to his death, my mother literally never left his side for the last six months that he remained with us. "For better or for worse in sickness and in health..." is a vow my parents made in the presentce of each other to God.

Being there sometimes when the end of the day came my mother would lead my father in the following prayer...

Guardian Angel Prayer

Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here, ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

...Happy is the husband of a good wife; the number of his days will be doubled. A loyal wife rejoices her husband, and he will complete his years in peace. A good wife is a great blessing; she will be granted among the blessings of the man who fears the Lord. Whether rich or poor, his heart is glad, and at all times his face is cheerful... Sirach 26:1-4

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Louis XIV and his heirs: sic transit gloria mundi

...All glory is fleeting...

France has had some remarkable kings. None however have risen to the level of the king who was given the sobriquet, Sun King. Catherine Delors (this is why I read her blog) presents Le Roy Soleil and his heirs...

"...It is in fact a celebration of the Bourbon branch of the Capetian dynasty. To the far left of the painting, in the background, you can see the bronze bust of Henri IV, the first King of France of the Bourbon line, and to the left that of his son, Louis XIII..." More

Merci Catherine.