Joan crosses the Loire.

The English knew Jehanne was coming. The siege around Orléans was tightening. Joan had warned the English, told them who she was, and what she was going to do in no uncertain terms, if they did not pack up and leave France. Jehanne wrote to the English this letter dated 22 March 1429

+ Jesus, Mary

King of England, and you, Duke of Bedford, who call yourself Regent of the Kingdom of France; you, William de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk; John, Lord of Talbot; and you, Thomas, Lord Scales, who call yourselves Bedford's lieutenants, do right by the King of Heaven. Hand over to the Maiden, who is sent here by God the King of Heaven, the keys to all the towns which you have taken and violated in France. She has come here in the name of God to support the Royal family. She is quite prepared to make peace, if you are willing to do right, so long as you give up France and make amends for occupying it. And you, archers, soldiers both noble and otherwise,who are around the town of Orléans, in God's name go back to your own lands. And if you will not do so, await word of the Maiden, who will go to see you soon to your very great misfortune. King of England, if you do not do so, I am a commander, and wherever I come across your troops in France, I shall make them go, whether willingly or unwillingly; and if they will not obey, I will have them wiped out. I am sent here by God the King of Heaven - an eye for an eye - to drive you entirely out of France. And if they are willing to obey, I shall have mercy on them. And do not think otherwise, for you will never hold the kingdom of France from God the King of Heaven, the Son of Saint Mary; King Charles, the true heir, will hold it, for God the King of Heaven wills it; and this has been revealed by the Maiden to him, who shall enter Paris with a fine contingent of troops. If you do not believe the tidings sent by God and the Maiden, wherever we find you we will strike against you, and will cause such a great clash of arms there that not for a thousand years has France seen one as great, if you do not do right. And firmly believe that the King of Heaven will send greater force to the Maiden than you would be able to bring against her and her good men-at-arms in all of your assaults. And in the fighting we shall see who has the better right [whether God of Heaven or you]. Duke of Bedford, the Maiden asks and requests that you will not cause your own downfall. If you will do right, you could yet come in her company to where the French will do the noblest deed which has ever been done for Christianity. And reply if you wish to make peace in the city of Orléans; and if you do not do so, you will shortly contemplate your great misfortunes."
Written this Tuesday [in] Holy Week."
en francais ici...

Though it was signed Jehanne it is doubtful that she could at this time write.

Jeanne met her army at Blois. It was there that she met with Dunois, (the brother of the Duc de Orléans) and Captain La Hire, (the hedgehog). They had travelled form Orleans where they had planned to capture provisions from the English to provide food for the army. That action had resulted in the disastrous Battle of the Herrings, the immediate effect of which was to lower French morale. Dunois and La Hire proposed that 4, or 500 men should accompany a convoy of provisions to the city. French morale started to pick up presumably due to the presence of Jeanne.

On 10 March the English had erected yet another fortification for the siege, the Bastille de Saint-Loup. It was designed to prevent the passage of supplies from reaching the besieged city of Orléans and as such it was farther away for the walls of the city. In it's prescribed duty it was a failure for it not only did not add to the siege but it also did not prevent communications between the relief and the city's defenders.

The English continued to build siege works and by 20 March a work was established Boulevard de la Grange-de-Cuiveret. In all a total of 10 fortifications were erected.(1)

"...A flurry of English building activity now suggested that the besiegers knew an attempt would soon be made to relieve the city, though they were uncertain which direction it would take. On 9 April they erected the Boulevard de la Pressoir-Ars, followed by the Bastille Saint Pouair on the 15th and the Bastille de Saint-Jean-le-Blanc on the 20th. On 24 April the French garrison received 40 reinforcements led by Bourc the Bastard de Mascaran, followed three days later by 60 troops from the nearby town of Beaune la-Rolande en Beauce. On 28 April a famous captain, Florent d'Illiers the brother of La Hire, supposedly arrived with no less than 400 men from Châteaudun though this number is probably exaggerated. Then, early on the 29th, the same day that Jehanne would arrive, 50 infantrymen appeared from the Gâtinais area north-east of Orléans..." .

The legend of the crossing of the Loire...

Jeanne's own march from Blois to Orléans has been clouded in pious legend. She and the supply column left Blois on 26th April, preceded by a large number of priests who sang the Veni Creator Spiritus but who returned to Blois two nights later. The precise route is unknown but must have been the same as that used by the others who had travelled between Blois and Orléans since the siege began. Jeanne and her companions reached the Loire at a ford or ferry near Checy. Why this was unguarded by the English is unknown. Perhaps it lacked sufficient boats to be considered important, or perhaps it was held by French troops from Orléans.

Written sources then mention a 'miraculous' change in wind direction and a sudden rise in the river's water level which enabled the supply convoy to cross the Loire with ease. Reading between the lines this suggests that boats or barges from Orléans were able to sail upriver, perhaps avoiding interference from the Boulevard Saint-Loup by going south of the Ile Saint-Loup through a shallow channel, then arriving at Checy, where they helped take the troops and the supplies to the north bank. Whether some or all of the escort then returned to Blois , or took up position south of Orléans to keep an eye on the English is again unclear. What is known is that Jeanne entered Orléans around 8 o'clock in the evening of 29 April 1429 with some 200 men-at-arms accompanied by Dunois and other captains.(2)


(1) There is only one tower left from the siege, the New Tower, Currently it is part of a private residence.(2) From the Osprey campaign series, "Orléans 1429: France turns the tide" (Campaign)David Nicolle, illustrated by Graham Turner

Canadian women's hockey team abused for celebrating

It is a slow news day. There must be more going on in Vancouver that can be reported on. The smoking and drinking nazis are out in force because some women who JUST won a gold medal are celebrating in a manner more befitting men!(?) The world is going to ruin! Give me a break IOC.

After looking at the pictures I realized why the hub-bub. Tessa Bonhomme is drinking a Bud Light! In Canada, she must be mad. What Canadian Beer not good enough, eh? Call out the Mounties!

Case sol-Ved, as Inspector Clouseau would say. We can all get some sleep.

Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:23 am EST
By Chris Chase

The International Olympic Committee will investigate the actions of Canadian women's hockey players who celebrated their gold medal victory Thursday night by swigging beer and smoking cigars on the ice in Vancouver.

A number of players, including 18-year-old superstar Marie-Philip Poulin, were drinking alcohol on the ice following the team's 2-0 defeat of the United States. (The legal drinking age in British Columbia is 19.) Players lingered for more than 70 minutes after the awards ceremony reveling in the arena, which was empty except for media and arena staff. (Click here to view a slideshow of the celebration.)

Gilbert Felli, the IOC's executive director of the Olympic Games, said that drinking in public was "not what we want to see" from athletes at an Olympic venue. The organization will investigate the actions and will speak with the international hockey federation and Canadian Olympic Committee and ask them to "act accordingly."

Steve Keough, a spokesman for the Canadian Olympic Committee, told the Associated Press, “We condone celebrations. … We don’t condone actions of irresponsibility. I think Canadians understand it’s quite an emotional moment for our team. It was not our intention to go against any IOC protocols.”

To be sure, the Canadian women's hockey team should have acted with more class and been a little more discreet with its celebration. But to do something drastic like ban the team from the Closing Ceremony or force them out of the Olympic Village would be an overreaction. In past Olympics we've seen steroids, political boycotts, cheating and judging scandals. A few puffs of a cigar hardly seems to be in the same league.

Another story is here...

Take off, eh...

I learned a long time ago not to mess with women who are good at swinging a hockey stick...


No posting today.

As the recreation coordinator at this prison I have prepared a program for our African -American inmates celebration of Black History Month. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow.

I direct you to Versailles and More and Catherine Delors article on Citizen Belley which I liked so well that I have placed it into the program. Thank You very much Catherine!




Sur le 14 fevrier, 2010 ma petite-fille Audrey Suzanne a été baptisé dans la Vraie Eglise. Voici quelques photographies...

On 14 February, 2010 my granddaughter Audrey Suzanne was baptised into the True Church. Here are some photographs...

"Je suis heureux d'être parfait aux yeux de le bon Dieu!" Audrey!
"I am happy to be perfect in the eyes of God! " Audrey


Audrey was born on earth 18 November, 2009. Born again 14 February 2010.

Another Eucharistic Abuse

As the instructor to the servers at my parish, and as a Cathecist I am always warning of abuses of the Eucharist and how to spot them and what to do. Here is an example.

Unfortuately for Otto Guevara, controversy surrounded election day, as Guevara's girlfriend was seen on national television desecrating the Eucharist at Catholic Mass cost him the election.

It is evident that pointing these people out has an effect.

Ave Christus Rex! Viva Christo Rey!


Brides of Christ

On Wednesday, January 6, 2010, the Feast of the Epiphany, the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, a traditional community in the Diocese of Kansas City-Saint Joseph (MO), had four postulants undertake the investiture in the Benedictine Habit. This happened at the Oratory of Old Saint Patrick in Kansas City, MO, during a Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form celebrated by His Excellency Robert W. Finn, D.D., bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City--Saint Joseph. More may be found here with a great deal of photos...

Go here, here, and here for other sequentially ordered photographs of the day.

Thank God.

Kiss-in at Notre Dame de Paris

By James Tillman

PARIS, FRANCE, February 15, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) --

French homosexualist demonstrators had planned to have a "kiss in" in front of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris this Valentine's day. But in response to the protests of a group of young French Catholics and patriots, it was moved away from the church of Our Lady.

The kiss-in was ostensibly meant to combat “homophobia.” The organizer of the kiss-in, Arthur Vauthier, had nevertheless said that it was a "way to challenge the Church, to question the Church on the question of love and marriage between gays and between lesbians." He had furthermore boasted that he was "not afraid of a backlash."

A number of Catholic and nationalist websites and blogs called on Catholics to "respond with courtesy and firmness to the provocation." French Action called on people to help resist the demonstration, stating that "France is not a nightclub."

The police then advised the demonstration's organizers to change its location because of a possible clash between the homosexualists and the Catholics. The event was moved to Saint-Michel, nearby.

Some homosexualist demonstrators, however, decided to go ahead with their plan anyway.

But a group of roughly 200 young Catholics had gathered by the time the homosexualists decided to start kissing each other in front of Notre Dame. The group of Catholics started shouting at the demonstrators at which point the police stepped in between the two groups and moved the gay activists away from the church. A video (below)shows the Catholics, after moving the demonstrators away from Notre Dame, chanting "Habemus Papam!" – or “We have a pope.”

Similar kiss-ins by Catholic or Mormon places of worship have been performed successfully by homosexualists throughout the world.

The French poster of this video did not post it as a complement to the Catholic youth as his narritive shows:

Suite au kiss-in organisé à la Fontaine Saint Michel à 14h le dimanche 14 février 2010 pour la Saint Valentin où, hétérosexuels, homosexuels et bisexuels étaient conviés à venir s'embrasser pour faire passer en un si beau jour un message d'amour et de Tolérance ; et trente minutes plus tard, les quelques homosexuels qui sont passés devant le Parvis de Notre Dame de Paris, lieu prévu initialement pour ce kiss-in, se sont vus insultés et parfois frappés par quelques intégristes religieux sur une place publique et laïque ! C'est une honte, je rappelle que l'Homophobie est punie par la loi et que s'embrasser dans un lieu public n'est pas une provocation mais un simple droit inaliénable !

Vidéo dénonçant ces actes homophobes où les forces de l'ordre ont tenté de contenir cette haine comme ils ont pu en procédant à quelques arrestations.

Dans vos divers commentaires, n'oubliez pas que quelques intégristes haineux ne représentent pas l'entière partie d'une population. Je vous demanderai d'être le plus respectueux possible, quelque soit votre avis sur ces affrontements.

However try as he or she might the response was totally nonviolent, and not nearly as positively tolerant* as he (or she) portrays France to be in regards to homosexuality. The usual cliche' reference to homophobia is obligitorily thrown in.

The Church is always portrayed as the villian because it teaches the truth. And as on can see in the next post the truth hurts.

I am resolved to continue to hope for the Church in France, America and the world.


*Positive tolerance is that form of tolerance which accepts unnatural life styles as natural and equal to natural life styles. It is a symptom of liberalism.

Negative tolerance is charity towards those who practice unnatural life styles while praying for those who practice them. It is a symptom of a Christian soul.

Practical Schism

I do not revel in this video, but it must be presented. This it truth. ...and as my late father used to say, ..."the truth hurts sometimes."



February 23 1429

Ben D Kennedy, author and poet, reminded me that it was on this date that Jehanne began her mission...

The Journey Begins,

On February 23, 1429, Joan of Arc finally received the blessing of Sir Robert de Baudricourt and departed Vaucouleurs to begin her mission to save France. Joan had requested help from de Baudricourt three times before he finally relented and agreed to send her to Charles VII in Chinon. It was during the evening of the 23rd that Joan assembled her small party of six that included her two knights, Jean de Metz and Bertrand de Poulengy, their two servants and two of the King’s messengers. more...

JEAN DE NOVELEMPORT, Knight, called Jean de Metz related in the Trial of Nullification...

Jeanne processes to Orleans by Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel (French, 1850 -1913)the Joan of Arc series for his book Joan of Arc.

"...When Jeannette was at Vaucouleurs, I saw her dressed in a red dress, poor and worn; she lived at the house of one named Henri Leroyer. 'What are you doing here, my friend?" I said to her. " Must the King be driven from the kingdom; and are we to be English?" " I am come here," she answered me, "to this royal town, ("Ad cameram regis.") to speak to Robert de Baudricourt, to the end that he may conduct me or have me conducted to the King: but Robert cares neither for me nor for my words. Nevertheless, before the middle of Lent, I must be with the King - even if I have to wear down my feet to the knees! No one in the world - neither kings, nor dukes, nor the daughter of the King of Scotland, (Margaret, daughter of James I of Scotland, who was betrothed to Louis, afterwards Louis XI.) nor any others - can recover the kingdom of France; there is no succor to be expected save from me; but, nevertheless, I would rather spin with my poor mother - for this is not my proper estate: it is, however, necessary that I should go, and do this, because my Lord wills that I should do it." And when I asked her who this Lord was, she told me it was God. Then I pledged my faith to her, touching her hand, and promised that, with God's guidance, I would conduct her to the King. I asked her when she wished to start. "Sooner at once than tomorrow, and sooner tomorrow than later," she said. I asked her if she could make this journey, dressed as she was. She replied that she would willingly take a man's dress. Then I gave her the dress and equipment of one of my men. Afterwards, the inhabitants of Vaucouleurs had a man's dress made for her, with all the necessary requisites; I also procured for her a horse at the price of about sixteen francs. Thus dressed and mounted, and furnished with a safe-conduct from the Sieur Charles, Duke de Lorraine, she went to visit the said Lord Duke. I accompanied her as far as Toul. On the return to Vaucouleurs, the first Sunday in Lent, (February 13th, 1428.) which is called 'Dimanche des Bures '-and it will be, if I mistake not, twenty-seven years from that day to the coming Lent (1455.) I and Bertrand de Poulengey, with two of my men, Colet de Vienne, the King's Messenger, and the Archer Richard, conducted the Maid to the King, who was then at Chinon. The journey was made at the expense of Bertrand de Poulengey and myself. We traveled for the most part at night, for fear of the Burgundians and the English, who were masters of the roads. We journeyed eleven days, always riding towards the said town of Chinon. On the way, I asked her many times if she would really do all she said. "Have no fear," she answered us, "what I am commanded to do, I will do; my brothers in Paradise have told me how to act: it is four or five years since my brothers in Paradise and my Lord - that is, God - told me that I must go and fight in order to regain the kingdom of France. On the way, Bertrand and I slept every night by her - Jeanne being at my side, fully dressed. She inspired me with such respect that for nothing in the world would I have dared to molest her; also, never did I feel towards her - I say it on oath - any carnal desire. On the way she always wished to hear Mass. She said to us: "If we can, we shall do well to hear Mass." But, for fear of being recognized, we were only able to hear it twice. I had absolute faith in her. Her words and her ardent faith in God inflamed me. I believe she was sent from God ; she never swore, she loved to attend Mass, she confessed often, and was zealous in giving alms. Many times was I obliged to hand out to her the money she gave for the love of God. While we were with her, we found her always good, simple, pious, an excellent Christian, well behaved, and God fearing When we arrived at Chinon, (March 6th, 1428.) we presented ourselves to the King's Court and Council. I know she had there to submit to long inquiries..."


Autres sites sur Jeanne d'Arc/Other sites on Jeanne d'Arc

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Jewish mother, Catholic father, battle over faith of Child.

Catholic man charged with violating court order by taking daughter to church

A Catholic man could face prison after violating a temporary court order that forbade him from taking his toddler to Mass. Joesph Reyes of Chicago is in the midst of a bitter divorce suit with his estranged wife, Rebecca Shapiro, who is Jewish.

Shapiro was awarded custody of their three year old girl when the couple split and has raised the child in the Jewish faith. Reyes pleaded “not guilty” in a hearing on Tuesday.

The arraignment comes after Reyes had previously received a 30-day restraining order forbidding him from “exposing his daughter to any other religion that the Jewish religion” after he had his daughter baptized a Catholic and sent pictures of the occasion to his soon to be ex-wife.

In truth the only one being harmed is the child. The facts reveal that he called in the media to make a statement and video his taking her to church. This reflects a spiteful trangression on his part which he should have not done. Just as her having the wife ask the court to order him not to expose the child to the faith. Divorce is spiteful.

In an additional story it is revealed who the mother's father is. The Christian fathers defense fund reports that: his "wife is Rebecca Reyes (Shapiro), and her father is Howard Shapiro, who is an Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Playboy." Christian defense fund

You have to wonder what he was thinking at the time...

God help them all.


Incidently how did the baby get Baptised with out the mother's permission. What will the Catholic Diocese in Chicago say?

Once Baptized always Baptized, it cannot be undone. The child is now in union with Christ.