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Today's posts include the Crash of Air-America (Was it a CIA operation?), Hugo Chavez on Obama's earthquake machine, the World Socialist Web Site implies a military take over of Haiti, by bloking humanitarian aid, and the diminishing property value of the White House during the last year.



La mort de Louis XVI ou le crime de la Nation...

La mort de Louis XVI ou le crime de la Nation contre la Souveraineté royale, par Joseph de Maistre...

Du Trône et d'Autel vient cet article très approprié aujourd'hui.

Un des plus grands crimes qu'on puisse commettre, c'est sans doute l'attentat contre la souveraineté, nul n'ayant des suites plus terribles. Si la souveraineté réside sur une tête, et que cette tête tombe victime de l'attentat, le crime augmente d'atrocité. Mais si ce Souverain n'a mérité son sort par aucun crime ; si ses vertus même ont armé contre lui la main des coupables, le crime n'a plus de nom. A ces traits on reconnaît la mort de Louis XVI ; mais ce qu'il est important de remarquer, c'est que jamais un plus grand crime n'eut plus de complices. La mort de Charles Ier en eut bien moins, et cependant il était possible de lui faire des reproches que Louis XVI ne mérita point. Cependant on lui donna des preuves de l'intérêt le plus tendre et le plus courageux ; le bourreau même, qui ne faisait qu'obéir, n'osa pas se faire connaître. En France, Louis XVI marcha à la mort au milieu de 60000 hommes armés, qui n'eurent pas un coup de fusil pour Santerre : pas une voix ne s'éleva pour l'infortuné monarque, et les provinces furent aussi muettes que la capitale. On se serait exposé, disait-on. Français ! si vous trouvez cette raison bonne, ne parlez pas tant de votre courage, ou convenez que vous l'employez bien mal. Encore! cliquez ici...

Merci Mickaelus.

Le martyr Louis XVI vit avec Dieu! Malheur à vous jacobins!

Vive le Roy Louis XX!

What a difference a day makes...

The lights will burn brightly in Washington tonight...

Pelosi: Senate Health Care Bill Can't Pass in the House

AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in no uncertain terms today that the Senate health care bill does not have the support to pass in the House of Representatives.

"I don't think it's possible to pass the Senate bill in the House," Pelosi told reporters today.

After the election of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts, Senate Republicans now have enough votes to filibuster any kind of compromise health care bill Democrats bring back to the Senate. That leaves Democrats with few choices for passing a health care bill -- one possibility would be for the House to pass the version already passed in the Senate.

However, the speaker made clear today that House Democrats cannot accept certain provisions of the Senate bill, such as the excise tax on high-end insurance plans or the deal Sen. Ben Nelson arranged to exempt his home state of Nebraska from having to pay for any Medicaid expansion.

"Unease would be a gentle word in terms of my colleagues' attitude toward certain provisions of the Senate bill," she said. "There are certain things members just cannot support."

Pelosi did not rule out, however, the possibility of passing the Senate bill at some point in the House.

"Everything is on the table," she said. She emphasized again, however, that the chances of passing the Senate bill are slim.

"In every meeting we have had there would be nothing to give me any thought that that bill could pass right now," she said.

Pelosi said Democrats are taking their time to consider their options and will not give up on the bill. While Tuesday's election "diminished by one the number of [Democrats] in the Senate," she said, "it has not diminished the need for affordable, quality health care reform."

"We have to get a bill passed, we know that," she said.

Health care is not broken, the United States has the best medical care in the world. That which is broken is the spurious tort claims, presented to the courts by less than scrupulous lawyers. The left continues to make a crisis out of everything and nothing...


21st of January 1793: execution of Louis XVI

A murder was commited today which was so heinous that it's effects are still being felt. And...as in any murder there is evedence and sometimes eyewitnesses, each of whom will have a different perspective on the crime. I offer this account via Versailles and More by Catherine Delors.

This narritive is so expressive and emotional as to bring tears to ones eyes.

"...He uttered that "adieu" in so expressive a manner that the sobs redoubled. Madame Royale fell fainting at the King's feet, which she clasped; I raised her and helped Madame Elisabeth to hold her. The King, wishing to put an end to this heart-breaking scene, gave them all a most tender embrace, and then had the strength to tear himself from their arms..."

"...Adieu–adieu," he said, and re-entered his chamber."

I enjoin you to read more here...

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Catehrine Delors.

Dieu et le Roi!

Carnival in Wurzburg Church/Karneval in Wurzburg Kirche.

I have finally used a profane word in my blog. Theere is no excuse for this liturgical abomination. ...Such a beautiful parish to be abused like this.

Was ist diese scheiße?



Death of Louis XVI

"...when the axe of the guillotine was about to fall, consoled his beloved master with the noble words: "Son of St. Louis, ascend to heaven!"

It was on the 21st of January 1789 that the King of France, after being found guilty of treason in a mock trial, was executed. This infamous act was witnessed by Abbé Edgeworth de Firmont the Kings confessor, who relates...

"...The King, finding himself seated in the carriage, where he could neither speak to me nor be spoken to without witness, kept a profound silence. I presented him with my breviary, the only book I had with me, and he seemed to accept it with pleasure: he appeared anxious that I should point out to him the psalms that were most suited to his situation, and he recited them attentively with me. The gendarmes, without speaking, seemed astonished and confounded at the tranquil piety of their monarch, to whom they doubtless never had before approached so near.

"...The procession lasted almost two hours; the streets were lined with citizens, all armed, some with pikes and some with guns, and the carriage was surrounded by a body of troops, formed of the most desperate people of Paris. As another precaution, they had placed before the horses a number of drums, intended to drown any noise or murmur in favour of the King; but how could they be heard? Nobody appeared either at the doors or windows, and in the street nothing was to be seen, but armed citizens - citizens, all rushing towards the commission of a crime, which perhaps they detested in their hearts..."

"...The carriage proceeded thus in silence to the Place de Louis XV, and stopped in the middle of a large space that had been left round the scaffold: this space was surrounded with cannon, and beyond, an armed multitude extended as far as the eye could reach. As soon as the King perceived that the carriage stopped, he turned and whispered to me, 'We are arrived, if I mistake not.' My silence answered that we were. One of the guards came to open the carriage door, and the gendarmes would have jumped out, but the King stopped them, and leaning his arm on my knee, 'Gentlemen,' said he, with the tone of majesty, 'I recommend to you this good man; take care that after my death no insult be offered to him - I charge you to prevent it.'… As soon as the King had left the carriage, three guards surrounded him, and would have taken off his clothes, but he repulsed them with haughtiness- he undressed himself, untied his neckcloth, opened his shirt, and arranged it himself. The guards, whom the determined countenance of the King had for a moment disconcerted, seemed to recover their audacity. They surrounded him again, and would have seized his hands. 'What are you attempting?' said the King, drawing back his hands. 'To bind you,' answered the wretches. 'To bind me,' said the King, with an indignant air. 'No! I shall never consent to that: do what you have been ordered, but you shall never bind me..."

"...The path leading to the scaffold was extremely rough and difficult to pass; the King was obliged to lean on my arm, and from the slowness with which he proceeded, I feared for a moment that his courage might fail; but what was my astonishment, when arrived at the last step, I felt that he suddenly let go my arm, and I saw him cross with a firm foot the breadth of the whole scaffold; silence, by his look alone, fifteen or twenty drums that were placed opposite to me; and in a voice so loud, that it must have been heard it the Pont Tournant, I heard him pronounce distinctly these memorable words: 'I die innocent of all the crimes laid to my charge; I Pardon those who have occasioned my death; and I pray to God that the blood you are going to shed may never be visited on France..."

"...He was proceeding, when a man on horseback, in the national uniform, and with a ferocious cry, ordered the drums to beat. Many voices were at the same time heard encouraging the executioners. They seemed reanimated themselves, in seizing with violence the most virtuous of Kings, they dragged him under the axe of the guillotine, which with one stroke severed his head from his body. All this passed in a moment. The youngest of the guards, who seemed about eighteen, immediately seized the head, and showed it to the people as he walked round the scaffold; he accompanied this monstrous ceremony with the most atrocious and indecent gestures. At first an awful silence prevailed; at length some cries of 'Vive la Republique!' were heard. By degrees the voices multiplied and in less than ten minutes this cry, a thousand times repeated became the universal shout of the multitude, and every hat was in the air..."



The Sublimity of Monarchism

Any reader who visits this blog will know that I am an unashamed Monarchist. I first realized that God ordains monarchy during an Easter Vigil Mass. It was an epiphany. I saw this today on Durendal and I thought I would pass it on.

"...A monarchy best reflects the heirarchical reality of heaven. When we pray the Pater Noster we say: fiat volúntas tua, sicut in cælo, et in terra (thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven). By this very phrase we pledge our support of monarchism as heaven (the Church Triumphant) is a monarchy with God as the head, just as the Church Militant has the Pope as its monarchical head. It is because of this that I call monarchism sublime...more

My article on the same subject...here

Thanks and a tip of the beret to N.D.C. Wansbutter, Esq. and the staff at Durendal.


..and what now is new?

Ecumenism thoughts for the week.

A friend sent me a letter the other day. He was of course sad for Haiti. He was fearful that now that here was a disaster there, Evangelicals would flock there hoping to find a fertile ground for new converts, no matter that they are already mostly Catholic. This is a pity, this is called prostylization. This is of course forbidden by our religion. I ask myself why it is that filled by a misshapen desire to serve God they persist in "converting" Catholics.

If this offends some, it is the truth.


If you desire to donate to a charity, donate to a charity that is Catholic. There is little or no overhead, and no "cut" for the administrators. If you send a dollar mostly the entire dollar goes towards relief. The usual charitable dollar loses about 28% in transit. No matter how much I donate, I always have in the back of my mind that it is never enough. I can see God now asking me why I did not donate. What will I say? If we donate from our surplus what charity is that?

A new blog on the Blogroll!

I welcome Cor Jesu Sacratissimum to my blog roll. It is the compilation of two blogs, Roger, and Kim. In their words, "...We are Kim and Roger Buck and are, as we say, a married Catholic couple. We are also converts who once spent a great deal of time engaged in the New Age movement. Since our conversion, we have both studied religion at British and Irish universities. We hope these personal statements from each of us can give you a fuller sense of who we are..." coming out of the New Age is no easy job, I remember Fr Mitch Pacwa also once dabbled in the New Age, and now there are few who would challenge his zeal. Sometimes you have to see satan and realize who he is and what he is about...

Kim and Roger, Be Welcome in our house.


Nos Petits Frères et Soeurs

From Laudem Gloriae

Nos Petits Frères et Soeurs (or Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos) has maintained a presence in Haiti for over two decades, and is dedicated entirely to serving sick and poor children. Founded by Fr. William Wasson in 1954, NPH now operates in eight countries. It has established two hospitals, both of which have been leveled by the recent earthquake, and a school in Haiti. Fr. Rick Frechette, the well-known Passionist priest who helped establish the St. Damien Hospital of NPH in Haiti, who became a doctor in midlife because of his frustration at the lack of medical professionals in the poverty-stricken country, has issued a statement on the disaster:

We...had 18 funerals today. One for John who works at our St. Luke program. We miss John very much. He often stopped at my door to tell me the milestone of his developing baby, which delighted him no end.... Another was for Johanne's mother.... All the others were of unknown people who were sadly rotting by the wayside.

Other sadnesses... the death of Immacula, or only physician assistant, who worked at our huge outpatient side of our hospital. The death of ALL but one of Joseph Ferdinand's brothers and sisters, the death of the husband of Jacqueline Gautier as he was visiting a school which fell and all the students (all died), the death of our ex-pequeño Wilfrid Altisme who was in his 5th year of seminary for priesthood. Other stories of deaths of people who are dear to us keep coming in.

You can donate to NPH's efforts here.


France asks UN to specify U.S. role in Haiti relief efforts

From Xinhua 18 January 2010

The United Nations needs to specify the role of the United States whose military forces are controlling the main airport in Port-au-Prince, capital of quake-hit Haiti, a French official said Monday.

"The UN is working on it. I hope we can get a decision. I hope things can be specified about the role of the United States," French State Secretary of Cooperation Alain Joyandet told Europe 1 radio after returning from Haiti.

"It is about helping Haiti; it is not about occupying Haiti," complained Joyandet.

He said he had to intervene personally last Saturday to get authorization from the Americans for the landing in Port-au-Prince of a French plane carrying relief materials.

Earlier reports said the Geneva-based aid group Doctors Without Borders had complained that the U.S.-controlled airport impeded relief distribution.

The world community has been intensifying relief efforts in Haiti in the past few days after a 7.3-magnitude earthquake hit the Caribbean nation on Tuesday.

At least 50,000 people are believed to have died in the quake, and the death toll could be much higher.

The UN Security Council will hold a meeting on Monday in New York to discuss coordination of the massive international relief efforts in Haiti.

I was under the impression that the man-made-god was a uniter, and we find out that the French have discovered the secret... I would go further and remind my readers that Haitian refugees on the fast track to US citizenship are potential voters. In the spirit of openness proclaimed by the Obama administration one day short of a year, it will be a secret too.

Just exactly what will a Brigade Combat Team do in a relief exersize?

We still pray for Haiti.