Eugen von Blaas

From Idle Speculation comes this... Eugen von Blaas was born in 1843 in the small Italian suburb of Albano, located ten miles outside of Rome on the Appian Way. But his parentage and nationality were Austrian.

As an artist he was painter in the school known as Academic Classicism.

His interest in art was strongly encouraged by his father, Carl von Blaas, (1815-1894), a well-known artist in his own right and creator of the frescoes in the Arsenal in Vienna.

From 1870 he lived with his wife and famiy in Venice.

Von Blaas was a deeply religious man.

He embraced the subject of religion throughout his career,

A partial list of his works may be found here...


Kandahar comes out of the closet

Working in a prison, I have from time to time stood in for the Chaplain and monitored the muslims, who assure each other that there is no homosexuality in Islam. This is not true as I have seen the things discribed in the following article in Bahran.

FROM Middle east org. by TIM REID

Our correspondent sees the gay capital of South Asia throw off
strictures of the Taleban

NOW that Taleban rule is over in Mullah Omar's former southern stronghold, it is not only televisions, kites and razors which have begun to emerge. Visible again, too, are men with their ashna, or beloveds: young boys
they have groomed for sex.

Another country made safe for democracy.


H1N1 Flu

In a preview of things to come, the county I live in, as well as the rest of the State of North Carolina does not have enough H1n1 flu anti-virus. I know this because my wife attempted to find a place to take my 83 year old mother in law an injection today. After making a series of calls she did finally find one place that was issuing injections to people over 15 years old. If any one doesn't know what that is called I will tell you, it is called rationing. What is the reasoning behind this? First the waited too long to make the serum, then, they made only single use syringes, thus delaying the beginning of the innoculation period. This may be laid at the door of the president who is all too happy to be traveling around the world showing his face, than to doing waht he should in the United States. It is unfortunate that this can not be placed on G.W. Bush.

Now here is the bad story: Drug-resistant H1N1 reported at Duke hospital

As reported by WRAL, Chan 5, Raleigh, NC.

Durham, N.C. — Public health officials confirmed Friday that four patients at Duke University Hospital have a drug-resistant form of the H1N1 influenza virus.

The four patients have been treated at the hospital over the last six weeks, officials said. Last summer, health officials said two people in western North Carolina had a drug-resistant form of the virus.

“Our extensive investigation thus far has revealed that appropriate infection control procedures have been diligently practiced on this isolated unit, and throughout the hospital, and we have experienced no illness among employees taking care of these patients in the affected unit over this period of time,” Dr. Daniel Sexton, professor of medicine and director of the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network, said in a statement. more...

In a related story...

Did U.S. make mistake in skipping vaccine additive?

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor Maggie Fox, Health And Science Editor
Fri Nov 20, 12:36 pm ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As U.S. health officials struggle to vaccinate tens of millions of Americans against the pandemic of swine flu, some are looking regretfully at one easy way to instantly double or triple the number of doses available -- by using an immune booster called an adjuvant.

These additives, often as simple as an oil and water mixture, broaden the body's response to a vaccine, reducing the amount of active ingredient called antigen needed.

They are widely used in European flu vaccines as well as in Canada. But not in the United States -- even though the federal government has spent nearly $700 million buying them.

The reason -- people might not trust them. More...

Isn't it funny that the oldest are the first ones to suffer in rationing?


Birthday of the Emperor Otto

On the 97th anniversary of Kaiser Otto's birthday.

Glücklicher Geburtstag!




The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is funding organizations that engage in activities or profess philosophies that are completely contrary to Church teaching, such as gay marriage, abortion, and birth control. American Life League reveals some of these organizations in its ongoing investigation.

For more details, be sure to visit the source information at http://www.all.org/cchd.

I submit that this charity not be supported.

Now there will be some that will say, "They do so much for the good, that keeping money from them" will only do harm not good. This was actually said to me in the Marine Corps when 100% donations for the United Campaign looked good for the unit. It was even threatened that a dollar would be added in under my name to make 100%. My answer to that is the same as I then used. "This organization is morally unacceptable. Remove all vestiges of support for abortion, remove those staff which have heretofore added these "charities" and I will consider it. Silence implies consent, and I will never consent.


Our newest addition to the family

Lauds Tibi Domine!

Last night at 6:47PM my daughter Genevieve and my son-in-law David, delivered to us a baby girl, Audrey Suzanne. The baby was 20.75 in. (52.71 cm.) and 8.14 lbs (3.69 kilos). She has a light brown head of hair and brown eyes. God is an expert craftsman!
Genevieve did not receive and pain meds and the delivery was natural, so the baby is alert and has wide eyes for her new surroundings. Genevieve and David while happy are both tired. Our Odette is a bit tired too.



November 18, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

"...We cultivate a very small field for Christ, but we love it, knowing that God does not require great achievements but a heart that holds back nothing for self..." -- St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

It looks as if my new granddaughter will be born tonight, on the the feast of St Rose.

The Vatican web site says this...

ROSE PHILIPPINE DUCHESNE Was born August 29, 1769 in Grenoble, France. She was baptized in the Church of St. Louis and received the name of Philip, the apostle, and Rose of Lima, first saint of the new continent. She was educated at the Convent of the Visitation of Ste. Marie d'en Haut, then, drawn to the contemplative life, she became a novice there when she was 18 years old.

At the time of the Revolution in France, the community was dispersed and Philippine returned to her family home, spending her time nursing prisoners and helping others who suffered. After the Concordat of 1801, she tried with some companions to reconstruct the monastery of Ste. Marie but without success.

In 1804, Philippine learned of a new congregation, the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and offered herself and the monastery to the Foundress, Mother Madeleine Sophie Barat. Mother Barat visited Ste. Marie in 1804 and received Philippine and several companions as novices in the Society.

Even as Philippine's desire deepened for the contemplative life, so too her call to the missions became more urgent - a call she had heard since her youth. In a letter she wrote to Mother Barat, she confided a spiritual experience she had had during a night of adoration before the Eucharist on Holy Thursday: "I spent the entire night in the new World ... carrying the Blessed Sacrament to all parts of the land ... I had all my sacrifices to offer: a mother, sisters, family, my mountain! When you say to me 'now I send you', I will respond quickly 'I go"'. She waited, however, another 12 years.

In 1818 Philippine's dream was realized. She was sent to respond to the bishop of the Louisiana territory, who was looking for a congregation of educators to help him evangelize the Indian and French children of his diocese. At St. Charles, near St. Louis, Missouri, she founded the first house of the Society outside France. It was in a log cabin - and with it came all the austerities of frontier life: extreme cold, hard work, lack of funds. She also had difficulty learning English. Communication at best was slow; news often did not arrive from her beloved France. She struggled to remain closely united with the Society in France.

Philippine and four other Religious of the Sacred Heart forged ahead. In 1820 she opened the first free school west of the Mississippi. By 1828 she had founded six houses. These schools were for the young women of Missouri and Louisiana. She loved and served them well, but always in her heart she yearned to serve the American Indians. When she was 72 and no longer superior, a school for the Potawatomi was opened at Sugar Creek, Kansas. Though many thought Philippine was too sick to go, the Jesuit head of the mission insisted: "She must come; she may not be able to do much work, but she will assure success to the mission by praying for us. Her very presence will draw down all manner of heavenly favors on the work".

She was with the Potawatomi but a year; however, her pioneer courage did not weaken, and her long hours of contemplation impelled the Indians to name her, Quah-kah-ka-num-ad,"Woman-Who-Prays-Always". But Philippine's health could not sustain the regime of village life. In July 1842, she returned to St. Charles, although her heart never lost its desire for the missions: "I feel the same longing for the Rocky Mountain missions and any others like them, that I experienced in France when I first begged to come to America...".

Philippine died at St. Charles, Missouri, November 18, 1852 at the age of 83.

Thus though the revolution attempted to destroy the Church in France, the blood of the Martyrs of the Faith watered the roots of the Church in America.

Prayer in Honor of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

This is the opening prayer taken from the Mass for the optional memorial of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne.

Gracious God, you filled the heart of Philippine Duchesne with charity and missionary zeal, and gave her the desire to make you known among all peoples. Fill us who honor her memory today, with that same love and zeal to extend your kingdom to the ends of the earth. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever.

Jhesu + Marie,

UN: Fight climate change with free condoms

It was only a matter of time for the UN to decide that it is life itself which is causing the "unsubstanciated theory' called global warming...

LONDON – The battle against global warming could be helped if the world slowed population growth by making free condoms and family planning advice more widely available, the U.N. Population Fund said Wednesday.

The agency did not recommend countries set limits on how many children people should have, but said: "Women with access to reproductive health services ... have lower fertility rates that contribute to slower growth in greenhouse gas emissions."

"As the growth of population, economies and consumption outpaces the Earth's capacity to adjust, climate change could become much more extreme and conceivably catastrophic," the report said.

The world's population will likely rise from the current 6.7 billion to 9.2 billion in 2050, with most of the growth in less developed regions, according to a 2006 report by the United Nations.

The U.N. Population Fund acknowledged it had no proof of the effect that population control would have on climate change. "The linkages between population and climate change are in most cases complex and indirect," the report said.

It also said that while there is no doubt that "people cause climate change," the developing world has been responsible for a much smaller share of world's greenhouse gas emissions than developed countries.

Still, Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, the U.N. Population Fund's executive director, told a news conference in London on Wednesday that global warming could be catastrophic for people in poor countries, particularly women.

"We have now reached a point where humanity is approaching the brink of disaster," she said.

In three weeks, a global conference will be held in Copenhagen aimed at reaching a deal to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which required 37 industrial countries to cut heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions.

On Wednesday, one analyst criticized the U.N. Population Fund's pronouncements as alarmist and unhelpful.

"It requires a major leap of imagination to believe that free condoms will cool down the climate," said Caroline Boin, a policy analyst at International Policy Network, a London-based think tank.

She also questioned earlier efforts by the agency to control the world's population.

In its 1987 report, the U.N. Population Fund warned that once the global population hit 5 billion, the world "could degenerate into disaster." At the time, the agency said "more vigorous attempts to slow undue population growth" were needed in many countries.

According to Boin, "Numerous environmental indicators show that with development and economic growth we are able to preserve more natural habitats. There is no causal relationship between population density and poverty."

In this month's Bulletin, the World Health Organization's journal, two experts also warned about the dangers of linking fertility to climate change.

"Using the need to reduce climate change as a justification for curbing the fertility of individual women at best provokes controversy and at worst provides a mandate to suppress individual freedoms," wrote WHO's Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum and Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan.



Benjamin Franklin

I read an article on Marie-Antoinette's Gossip Guide which I found interesting concerning a founding father, Benjamin Franklin. He's the president on the 100 dollar bill... OK, I bet you caught that. Just ask a college student what number president he was and have a laugh.

It seem that not all in France were as enamoured of this Philidelphian as we have been led to believe.

Lauren relates...

While Mr Franklin visited Paris in March of 1778, there were many celebrations in his honour. But not everyone was impressed with the man. At a supper, Madame de Créquy found herself appalled with the presentation and behavior of Mr. Franklin. The first thing that caught her eye was his long hair! She goes on to describe him:

"'like a diocesan of Quimper,' brown coat, brown vest, brown breeches 'and hands of the same colour;' a linen cravat; but most remarkable, of all his way of eating fresh eggs.

He took five or six eggs, broke them into a goblet, put butter, salt, pepper, and mustard; and then 'nourished himself with little spoonfuls of this joli ragoût philadelphique.' He bit his asparagus and took a knife to his melon."

Her final assessment was that he was an unpleasant savage! Mdm de Créquy clearly did not approve of breeches in etiquette, and etiquette at the dinner table was most important.

A wonderful description.


3 Posts from Life Site

White House Advisor Indicates Obama Will Work to Abolish Pro-Life Health Amendment
By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 16, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In a CNN interview Sunday, White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod indicated that President Obama is working with lawmakers to remove the pro-life Stupak amendment from the health care bill.

The Stupak amendment, which was unexpectedly allowed to come up for a vote in the House and then voted into the health bill earlier this month, applies to the bill long-standing federal policy against using government funds for elective abortions.

Axelrod expressed President Obama's antipathy towards the amendment, which Axelrod claimed changes the "status quo" on abortion insurance coverage, in an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union. Click on title to continue"

French Judge Finds Hospital Guilty of "Unreasonable Obstinacy" in Saving Newborn's LifeWhen can saving a life be too much?

By Patrick B. Craine

ORANGE, France, November 16, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A hospital in the south of France has been found guilty of taking excessive measures when they successfully revived a newborn baby that had been declared stillborn. The case was brought by the parents, who are seeking 500,000 euros in damages.

The baby was born in an Orange hospital on December 14, 2002. The baby's heartbeat had dropped during delivery, and the baby seemed to be dead upon birth. After twenty-five minutes of attempted resuscitation, the gynecologist informed the parents that the baby was dead, but staff continued their efforts and the heartbeat returned. The baby has since suffered severe mental and physical disabilities due to the trauma.

The parents' lawyer, Alexandre Berteigne, told lepoint.fr that he was pleased with the decision, which he says is unprecedented in France. "For the first time, a tribunal recognizes that a life without consciousness is not a life," he said. He accused the hospital of having "forced to revive a child." Click on title to continue

France's National Rosary for Life Sparks Pro-Abortion Counter-Protests

By Patrick B. Craine

FRANCE, November 16, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - To mark their 23rd anniversary, the French pro-life group SOS Tout-Petits held their annual National Rosary for Life on Saturday, sparking heated protests from the country's pro-abortion activists.

Catholics gathered to pray outside cathedrals and churches in at least 28 cities throughout France, as well as in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Philippines. In many of these cities, the peaceful event attracted large anti-Catholic counter-demonstrations.

For example, at the St. André Cathedral in Bordeaux, police were called to the scene as a large crowd opposed the 150 people gathered to pray. The crowd carried pro-abortion signs and shouted "Caca Catholic," "Mary, Jesus, we f*** you," and "If Mary had had an abortion, we wouldn't have this sh**." At the St. Étienne Cathedral in Toulouse, the protesters were held back by police. At St. Nicolas in Nantes, they threw eggs.

Videos of some of these protests can be found on YouTube here and Daily Motion here.

This is some indication of the agenda behind the anti-life mob. This is not the first time that Catholics were pesecuted in Nantes...


A scary prophesy for Europe...

By Hilary White via Robert Banaugh and Catholic Monarchists

ROME, November 16, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The news about abortion, marriage, divorce and the birth rate in Europe is bad and only getting worse, a report recently presented to the EU said.

According to the report by Norway's Institute for Family Policies abortion rates in Britain have leaped by a third among unmarried teenage girls and abortion is helping to age the population of Europe. Without a massive shift to family-friendly policies, the pattern of increased abortion and increasingly aging population will inevitably lead to the collapse of social welfare benefits, and, ultimately, to the bankruptcy of Europe's cradle-to-grave socialist welfare state.

Presented to the European Parliament on Wednesday, the report said that the situation of the family in Europe is "a desolate panorama."

"Europe is plunged in an unprecedented demographic winter and has become an elderly continent, with a large birth deficit, fewer marriages and more of them broken, homes emptying."

"The aging population, critical birth-rate, escalating abortions, the collapse of marriage, the explosion in family breakups and the emptying of homes are the main problems of Europeans," the 2009 Report on the Evolution of the Family in Europe said.

The study found that the annual number of abortions in the EU equals the entire combined population of its ten smallest member states, with the three top aborting countries being Britain, France and Romania. In Europe there is one abortion every 25seconds, for a total of more than 1,200,000 abortions a year. 19 percent of all European pregnancies end in abortion and 28 million children have been killed by abortion since 1990, making abortion the main cause of death in Europe.

The population over 65 years in all European states already exceeds the population under 14 years. The EU under 14 population has fallen from 89 million in 1993 to 78.4 million in 2008. Over-65s have risen from 68.3 million in 1993 to 84.9 million in 2008 - an increase of 16.5 million elderly people. The average age of EU citizens is 40.3 years, with Italy and Germany having the highest populations of elderly people.
The dropping European birth rate, the report says, with its concomitant increasing health and pension costs, will lead to increases in public expenditure to care for the aging population and the eventual collapse of public revenues, leading finally to the bankruptcy of the welfare state. The average birth rate of EU countries is now 1.38 per woman, well below the replacement rate of 2.1 births per woman, even in relatively fertile countries like France.

Without a significant shift in family policies in all EU countries, the report predicts the result will be "catastrophic." Starting in 2010, the population of Europe overall will begin to fall from 499 million to 472 million by 2050 and every third inhabitant will be over 65.

According to the study, Britain is the "abortion capital of Europe" with rates that last year pulled ahead of France. Its abortion rate is fifth in the world, behind Russia, the U.S., India and Japan. Among these countries, Britain can least afford such a high rate, with a population less than half that of Russia and Japan, a fifth that of the US, and 1/19 that of India. The median age of women in Britain is also rising, at 41.3 years, making recovery even more difficult.

The population of the 27 EU nations reached 500 million last year with most increases in population (78 per cent) attributable to immigration, not births. The natural increase of Europe's population is 12 times lower than the US. Spain has immigration 9 times greater than its internal birth increase and Italy's native population fell (-0.14 million) and had 23 times more immigrants than births (+3.28 million). Poland, Romania and Bulgaria are losing citizens by emigration and Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria have falling populations due to low immigration rates.

Only France, Holland, Finland and Slovakia have internal rates of population increase higher than their immigration figures.

Other indicators show the number of marriages, especially first marriages, is down and divorce rates are up. There are 1 in 4 fewer marriages than in 1980 and the marriage rate has fallen in 9 out 10 countries. One out of every 3 children (36.5 per cent) is born outside marriage. In some countries the fall in marriage rate has been around 50 per cent since 1983 and there are over one million divorces a year, the equivalent to one marital breakdown every 30 seconds.

More people (55 million) are living alone than ever before. One in four households in Europe has a single dweller and two out of three households have no children. Of the households with children, 50 per cent have only one child.

The report recommends the creation of a European Union ministry of the family, laws to increase flexibility of working hours to accommodate families, increases in tax benefits for families and an emphasis on family welfare programs over welfare for individuals.

It calls for governments to recognize the rights of families, including the right of parents to reconcile work and family life; to have the number of children they want; to choose the type of education their children receive and the right of children to live in a stable home.

Thanks to Robert Banaugh, and a tip of the beret.


Police find body of missing 5-year-old

It is hard to understand what goes through the minds of people.

Left: Shaniya Nicole Davis

Police find body of missing 5-year-old

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — The body of missing 5-year-old Shaniya Nicole Davis was recovered Monday afternoon, Fayetteville Police Chief Tom Bergamine said.

The child was first reported missing from her home, at 1116-A Sleepy Hollow Drive, by her mother last Tuesday morning. On Friday, Mario Andrette McNeill, 29, was charged with first-degree kidnapping, and late Saturday, her mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, 25, was arrested on accusations that she prostituted her daughter.

Fayetteville police obtained information Sunday that Shaniya's body was dumped along Walker Road, off N.C. Highway 87, near the Lee-Harnett county line, said Theresa Chance, spokeswoman for the Fayetteville Police Department. About 250 law enforcement agents and volunteers searched the area Monday morning.

Searchers focused on an area about 6 miles from the last confirmed sighting of Shaniya. She was seen on security video at the Comfort Suites hotel in Sanford, along with a man who police believe is McNeill, last Tuesday morning.

Chance said volunteers assisting in the search found the body about 100 feet off Walker Road.

One man who found the body said the girl was lying on the ground and was wearing only a T-shirt.

"At least (the family) will have some sort of closure out of this, hopefully, by the body being found, and maybe they will be able to put away whoever is responsible," said the man, who didn't want to be identified.

"It's just a shame," he said. "I came out here because I've got two daughters. Looking at (Shaniya's father) pleading for his daughter to get found, you just get that feeling in your stomach, and you just want to come out and help in any way that you can."

A forensics team from the State Bureau of Investigation was brought in late Monday afternoon to exhume the body without disturbing any other evidence at the crime scene, Chance said.

It might be several days before members of her family can identify the body, she said.

"You always hold out hope that you're going to be able to reunite, especially with their family, safely," she said. "It's a very sad ending. It's very difficult."

The State of North Carolina is in mourning today.

Virgin Mary take this soul into your arms and comfort her as our mother.


What a contrast with the preceeding article.

Soldier mom refuses deployment to care for baby

There was a time in this country when women were not allowed to go into combat zones. As a former Marine Gunnery Sergeant there were times when I was called upon to chose men for deployment. Most Marines on the east coast deploy aboard ships. Since there were no facilities for women the just didn't go.

One of the worst things to come out of the Viet Nam War was the attempt by the Carter administration to be more liberal in the induction of women into the armed forces. These women could not go aboard ship, so the remaining men would either be just returning of just going on deployment. In your mind you must now be thinking, "I bet they were mad, and some were, but the real anger came from the wives of these fellows who spent 6 months at home and six months at sea.

Truth is I personally deployed close to 190 a year. I volunteered, I am not complaining but my wife was left with the 4 children, and had to make decisions for herself. (I remember once she traded my car for a van. That was surprise.) During the Gulf War she deployed with her Naval Reserve unit. The thought of just not going never crossed her mind.

Now as for this person I have some questions that you will never find anywhere else, especially in this distraught article, where the EM-phasis on the wrong SYL-liable:

#1 Did you miss the part of the recruiting speech were the recruiting sergeant said you could deploy?

#2 This baby had to have a father, where is he?

#3 Your mother picked up the baby after you had failed to deploy, why didn't you ask her to watch the baby? I see that she does home care, and while a baby is more work you must have a dis functional family for you mother to refuse care, choosing profit instead. If this rouge is paying child support that would have been fair to pay your mother for full time care.

#4 Who had to take your place?*

#5 Are we now to hear about every coward who will refuse to do their duty, hoping agaionst hope that they won't become a crazed killer of innocents if they don't get their way?

…By RUSS BYNUM, AP Military Writer Russ Bynum, Ap Military Writer – Mon Nov 16, 9:32 pm ET
Left : This undated
self-portrait provided by Army Spc. Alexis Hutchinson shows Spc. Hutchinson and her son
SAVANNAH, Ga. – An Army cook and single mom may face criminal charges after she skipped her deployment flight to Afghanistan because, she said, no one was available to care for her infant son while she was overseas.

Spc. Alexis Hutchinson, 21, claims she had no choice but to refuse deployment orders because the only family she had to care for her 10-month-old son — her mother — was overwhelmed by the task, already caring for three other relatives with health problems.

Her civilian attorney, Rai Sue Sussman, said Monday that one of Hutchinson's superiors told her she would have to deploy anyway and place the child in foster care.

"For her it was like, 'I couldn't abandon my child,'" Sussman said. "She was really afraid of what would happen, that if she showed up they would send her to Afghanistan anyway and put her son with child protective services."

Hutchinson, who is from Oakland, Calif., remained confined Monday to the boundaries of Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, 10 days after military police arrested her for skipping her unit's flight. No charges have been filed, but a spokesman for the Army post said commanders were investigating.

Kevin Larson, a spokesman for Hunter Army Airfield, said he didn't know what Hutchinson was told by her commanders, but he said the Army would not deploy a single parent who had nobody to care for his or her child.

"I don't know what transpired and the investigation will get to the bottom of it," Larson said. "If she would have come to the deployment terminal with her child, there's no question she would not have been deployed."

Hutchinson's son, Kamani, was placed into custody overnight with a daycare provider on the Army post after she was arrested and jailed briefly, Larson said. Hutchinson's mother picked up the child a week ago and took him back to her home in California.

Hutchinson, who's assigned to the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, joined the Army in 2007 and had no previous deployments, Sussman said. She said Hutchinson is no longer in a relationship with the father.

The Army requires all single-parent soldiers to submit a care plan for dependent children before they can deploy to a combat zone.

Hutchinson had such a plan — her mother, Angelique Hughes, had agreed to care for the boy. Hughes said Monday she kept the boy for about two weeks in October before deciding she couldn't keep him for a full year.

Hughes said she's already having to care for her ailing mother and sister, as well as a daughter with special needs. She also runs a daycare center at her home, keeping about 14 children during the day.

"This is an infant, and they require 24-hour care," Hughes said. "It was very, very stressful, just too much for me to deal with."

Hughes said she returned Kamani to his mother in Georgia a few days before her scheduled deployment Nov. 5.

She said they told her daughter's commanders they needed more time to find another family member or close friend to help Hughes care for the boy, but Hutchinson was ordered to deploy on schedule.

Larson, the Army post spokesman, said officials planned to keep Hutchinson in Georgia as investigators gathered facts about the case.

"Spc. Hutchinson's deployment is halted," Larson said. "There will be no deployment while this situation is ongoing."

This article is not a bash against women in the military, but it is one against those who would use their womanhoodm to further their own cowardness. Nothing forced this woman to join, there is no draft. This action is a slap in the face of every woman who sacrifices there comfort to defnd their country.


*I once had a Lance Corporal who also decided he couldn't deploy, as his superior I refused to remove him from the list, I do not remember the reason, I just remember that the reason was inconsequential. Therefore another man was chosen by the direction of a higher authority. While flying off the coast of Africa the airplane crashed, all the crew perished and only one body was found.