Returned from the Hospital

Only by the Grace of our Saviour am I writing today. About 11:00 PM Sunday night I felt what I can only describe as a really bad heart burn. My chest was tight, and after several attempts at relieving what I thought was indigestion I had my wife call the ambulance.

I live 15 miles from the nearest town. the first responders arrived pretty quick but the Paramedic team tool another 10 minutes of so. I was conscience and so I walked to the ambulance climbed on the gurney and away we went.

In the period, while we awaited the teams I had a short time to make my Act of Contrition, and find my rosary. I mindfully placed my soul at the mercy of God. I Thanked God for not just taking me and affording my the opportunity to get prepared.

My ambulance was diverted from the closest hospital and we were sent the Duke, which has a 24 hour team. I had suffered a MI (myocardial Infarction). The speed at which I arrived allowed a stint to be placed in my arterie which was 100% blocked. I have suffered no heart damage. Truly God was with me.

I thank all who have prayed for me or just remembered me during this time. My healing will be about 4 weeks. While I tire quickly I think I will try and place an article the week. The worst thing that happened to me has been that fact that I found a decent French "Vin Rouge" and now I have to avoid butter!

Special thanks to "ma puce" Genevieve who blogged for me.

Jhesu+Marie, Brantigny

PS this was the hardest article I have ever writen the computer would not co-operate.
too much stress!


Papa a l'hopital

Malheureusement, moi, Genevieve dois vous presenter des nouvelles qui ne sont pas joyeux. Hier soir, mon pere, Richard a eu un assaut de coeur. Il a ete depecher a l'hopital de l'Universite de Duke a Durham, en Caroline du Nord. Les medecins lui a sauve avec la chirurgie (surgery) d'urgence pour reparer l'artere circonflex au coeur. Maintenaint par la grace de Dieu et Notre Dame, il vie. Il va rester a l'hopital peut-etre jusqu'a mercredi ou jeudi. S'il vous plait, pensez de ma mere, et notre famille. Surtout ma mere qui avait beaucoup de peur, bien sur pour mon papa.

Merci pour vos prieres et pardonez moi pour n'utlisant pas les accents!