Feast of Saint Joan of Arc

« En nom Dieu, les hommes d'armes batailleront et Dieu leur donnera la victoire. »

"In the name of God the men (at arms) will fight, and God will provide the victory"

Here are some articles which are remembering St Joan today,

St Joan of Arc Maid of Heaven

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Versailles and More

Tea at Trianon


Joan at Orleans

29 April 1429, Jehanne the Maid Orleans Orleans at the head of the French Army to lift the siege of the city by the English.

+Jesus, Mary

King of England, and you, Duke of Bedford, who call yourself Regent of the Kingdom of France; you, William de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk; John, Lord of Talbot; and you, Thomas, Lord Scales, who call yourselves Bedford's lieutenants, do right by the King of Heaven. Hand over to the Maiden, who is sent here by God the King of Heaven, the keys to all the towns which you have taken and violated in France. She has come here in the name of God to support the Royal family. She is quite prepared to make peace, if you are willing to do right, so long as you give up France and make amends for occupying it. And you, archers, soldiers both noble and otherwise, who are around the town of Orléans, in God's name go back to your own lands. And if you will not do so, await word of the Maiden, who will go to see you soon to your very great misfortune. King of England, if you do not do so, I am a commander, and wherever I come across your troops in France, I shall make them go, whether willingly or unwillingly; and if they will not obey, I will have them wiped out. I am sent here by God the King of Heaven - an eye for an eye - to drive you entirely out of France. And if they are willing to obey, I shall have mercy on them. And do not think otherwise, for you will never hold the kingdom of France from God the King of Heaven, the Son of Saint Mary; King Charles, the true heir, will hold it, for God the King of Heaven wills it; and this has been revealed by the Maiden to him, who shall enter Paris with a fine contingent of troops. If you do not believe the tidings sent by God and the Maiden, wherever we find you we will strike against you, and will cause such a great clash of arms there that not for a thousand years has France seen one as great, if you do not do right. And firmly believe that the King of Heaven will send greater force to the Maiden than you would be able to bring against her and her good men-at-arms in all of your assaults. And in the fighting we shall see who has the better right [whether God of Heaven or you]. Duke of Bedford, the Maiden asks and requests that you will not cause your own downfall. If you will do right, you could yet come in her company to where the French will do the noblest deed which has ever been done for Christianity. And reply if you wish to make peace in the city of Orléans; and if you do not do so, you will shortly contemplate your great misfortunes."

Written this Tuesday [in] Holy Week."

For years, vague prophecies had been circulating in France concerning an armed maid who would rescue France. Many of these prophecies foretold that the armed maid would come from the region of Lorraine, where Domremy, Joan's birthplace, was located. As a result, when word reached the besieged citizens of Orléans concerning Joan's journey to see the King, expectations and hope were high.

Joan arrived in Chinon in early March, at which time she met with the Dauphin. Following this, she was sent to Poitiers so that church officials and other dignitaries could examine her. Once she received ecclesiastical and royal approval, she joined the relief army which was being assembled in Blois.

It was from Blois that Joan sent the first of at least two letters addressed to the English forces besieging Orléans. In this letter, she called on the English to quit the siege, surrendering all the cities and territories in France which they then occupied, and return to England. If they refused, she promised that she would raise a "War cry against them that would last forever, she then said, I shall not write any further". It was a promise whose audacity was exceeded only by the accomplishment.


Priére de sainte Jeanne d'Arc, patronne de la France

Sainte Jeanne d'Arc, ton martyr est la grande victoire de Dieu sur nos ennemis. Intercède du Royaume des Cieux, pour que nous soyons préservés des guerres contre notre pays et des assauts contre notre foi. Que la France se souvienne qu'elle est la fille aînée de l'Eglise. Seigneur, nous te rendons grâce car Tu as béni notre pays en nous donnant Jeanne d'Arc. Suscite encore de nombreuses vocations pour garder intacte la mission apostolique de la France. Amen.

Prayer of Saint Jeanne D'Arc, patroness of France

Holy Saint Jeanne, your martyrdom is a great victory of God upon our enemies. Intercede with the Kingdom of Heaven, so that we may be preserved from wars against our country and assaults against our faith. What France remembers is that she is the elder daughter of the Church. Lord, we return to Your grace for You have blessed our country while giving us Saint Jeanne. Through Your mercy give rise again to many vocations to keep intact the apostolic mission of France. Amen.



Today in Catholic History

Today is the anniversary of the canonization of St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. AMDG

Today is the birthday of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, born in 1769 in Siena Italy, and member of the Third Order of the Most Blessed Trinity, Trinitarians

Today is the feast day of St. Cyril of Caesarea, Child Martyr.

All the Angels, Martyrs, and Saints pray for us.


Shoes in the 18th century

One of my hobbies is living history. I think I have been interested in history and especially French History since I, 1. found out I was of French decent, and I 2. was old enough understand what history was when I travelled with my parents. When I became old enough to do so I joined a group which portrayed a Confederate reenactment unit. Then I discovered the 18th century.

With my usual thirst for knowlege I have embarked on a journey of discovery about all facets of the period. Fortunately, we live on the border of North Carolina and Virginia. History central.

Over the years I have collected thousands of dollars worth of authentic clothes for the mid 19th century, including arms, equiptment, and actual artifacts. Almost no part of which is suitable for both the 18th and 19th century.

Being authentic is the thing. To do other wise would be to change living history to an act.

I have been researching different articles form the 18th century, for my wifes and my impressions. This has fortunately required me to go to Colonial Williamsburg the nexus of research. Now it does sometime seem that CW is somewhat anachronistic, if one looks and talks to the interpretive staff you can learn some great things. This is what brings history alive, right out of the pages of a book and into your mind.
...And since the books are becoming more and more dumbed down, this is the best way to find out what life really was like.

Colonial Williamsburg does not spare any part of history, good and bad. Point...
The African-American studies is celebrating it's 30th year. There is another side to history...

So we need some shoes...I started at Williamsburg.

Here is what we learned.

Shoes of this period were made on two types of forms called "lasts", one was a straight last and one was a right and left last. In other words, one type was designed to fit both feet, and the other was designed for the right foot and left foot. These forms were expensive to make and further had to be replaced from time to time due to their being worn out from the tacks used to keep the shoe together in the construction process. Right and left lasts were expensive to make and replace, therefore the shoes became more expensive. Most people in the 18th century could not afford them.

Shoes of the period had soft toes, in other words they did not have a toe cap. The toe cap is the strenghtened portion of the shoe over the toe. Shoes of the mid-1700's were no longer made with square toes that having gone out of style about 1730.

Women sometimes wore shoes which wore smaller versions of mens shoes, roughside was worn outside, the smooth side of the leather was worn on the inside and acted as a lining. These shoes while not overly attractive served the purpose of protecting the feet.

Both men and woman wore shoes which could have been laced, or more likely to have buckles, some of which could be quite ornate or simple depending on the class and taste of the person.

In living history one attempts to portray the rule rather than the exception.

Dieu le Roy!

God Bless Our Pope!

After yesterday's vociferous video of the the grand-daughter of the (not so) Reverend Phelps from the Westborough Baptist Church, I could not help but post this. Now if we as catholics worship the Pope I think the words would be different, like Bless Yourself god pope...or something, no?

Catholic Church Conservation reports...

...Priests belt out 'God bless the Pope' at Latin Mass Society conference – Catholic Herald Online:

"Dr Joseph Shaw, LMS chairman, said: 'The glorious sight of the great chapel with Solemn Mass, two choirs, more than a score of priests in choir, and a good number of local faithful, was surpassed by the bustle of the enormous sacristy and the whisper of private Masses at innumerable altars in the early morning. What the LMS conference represented is the re-establishment of the Traditional Mass as part of the toolkit of parish priests. It was wonderful to see Ushaw College doing what it has done for two centuries: enabling the training of priests in the Church's great liturgical tradition.' The next conference will be in Hertfordshire from August 24 to August 28...."

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Catholic Church Conservation.

Dieu le Roy,


Sotomayor and the Tyranny of Race

Sotomayor and the Tyranny of Race

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In every important respect Obama's victory in the 2008 presidential election was a victory for racism. First there was the racist claim that his skin color made his election somehow significant for black Americans with whom he otherwise shares no common moral or historical heritage. Second, his stubborn advocacy of the parent's right to murder her child made it a victory in principle for the racist notion that "inferior" physical development leaves people with no rights that must be respected by their supposed betters. Third, the US Constitution has been openly set aside on account of fears that racist violence would result from investigating the facts regarding his citizenship at birth (lest they support the conclusion that he is constitutionally ineligible to serve as President of the United States .) Truth, right and the Constitution all sacrificed for the sake of racist fears and premises.

The reaction in some quarters to the Sotomayer selection smacks of the same racist mentality. "Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza, called Sotomayor's nomination 'a monumental day for Latinos. Finally we see ourselves represented on the highest court in the land.'" There was a time when we understood that those who served on the Supreme Court had first and foremost to prove that they represented the whole people of the United States , whose sovereign will constitutes the legitimacy of the Constitution it is their duty to uphold. The notion that someone would serve as the representative of this or that race or special interest tended to disqualify them from service.

Of course, a person proposed for a seat on the bench can't be held responsible for how others see her. But in a speech she reportedly gave in 2001 "Sotomayor has said that personal experiences "affect the facts that judges choose to see….I simply do not know exactly what the difference will be in my judging…but I accept that there will be some based on my gender and my Latina heritage."

If her assessment of herself was correct, her own words disqualify her from serving on the Supreme Court. Unless we mean to overturn the whole idea of Constitutional government, the decisions of the justices of the Supreme Court should be based on the Constitution and the laws. No justices can be allowed to "accept" judgments based on gender or ethnicity. If they do, what becomes of the promise of liberty and justice for all, of equal rights and the equal protection of the law?

Does the notion that it's somehow acceptable to disregard the Constitution on account of race in Obama's case now make it acceptable to confirm as a Supreme Court Justice someone willing to allow their ethnic identity to distort their judgment of facts, and the basis for their decisions? Tragically, this is exactly the racist legal culture we would expect to result from the racist political mentality the Obama faction exploited to achieve his electoral victory.

Unity is always on their lips, but their hearts are far from it. Instead of a national government that represents our common heart for justice and liberty, the Obama faction means to create a fractured reflection of all our differences, until we forget how to see, think and act as Americans, regardless of those differences. With this dissolution of the American identity they prepare the way for the dissolution of the United States itself, so that a strong sense of our national identity no longer poses an obstacle to their plans for a new, global regime that sets aside our "provincial" concerns with right and ordered liberty.

Of course, those concerns are precisely what raise our national consciousness above the level of mere group selfishness, so that our concern for the good of our nation becomes a concern for the rights and decent freedom of all humanity. The sacrifices we commemorate every Memorial Day are marked by headstones and memorials in far flung corners of the globe where Americans gave ultimate proof that this concern is no pious abstraction. But it seems that what they died to preserve for others, we are now quietly surrendering ourselves under the mesmerizing influence of racist fears and lies.

Such is the change Obama represents. But where is the hope in it, except for those who succeed, as he did, by invoking the power of the very evil their success has supposedly overcome? "Racism is dead," they seem to say, "Long live the tyranny of race."
Dr. Alan Keyes.

Thanks and a tip of my monarchist beret to Dr. Keyes, and Robert Banaugh.
Dieu le Roy,


Elena-Maria has a though provoking article today on Putitanism...

...According to an article by the National Humanities Center:

Puritans in both Britain and British North America sought to cleanse the culture of what they regarded as corrupt, sinful practices. They believed that the civil government should strictly enforce public morality by prohibiting vices like drunkenness, gambling, ostentatious dress, swearing, and Sabbath-breaking. They also wished to purge churches of every vestige of Roman Catholic ritual and practice—the ruling hierarchies of bishops and cardinals, the elaborate ceremonies in which the clergy wore ornate vestments and repeated prayers from a prescribed liturgy....But both Congregationalist and Presbyterian worship services were simple, even austere, and dominated by long, learned sermons in which their clergy expounded passages from the Bible. Perhaps most important, membership in both churches was limited to the “visibly godly,” meaning those men and women who lead sober and upright... more lives

Think Puritism is gone? Watch this... This the grandaughter of the Reverend Fred Phelps of Westbury Baptist Church. Although this is a Youtube Video it may be found on their web site,here.
Now there are many, many good Baptist people, and this group is not a Baptist Church. Baptists simply do not talk this way. This speach is reminicent of the protestant reformation.

Never having been to a Catholic Mass it is difficult for this child to know that the "Bible is cracked open" more often in Catholic Liturgy than in any other faith. But like a good grandaughter she accepts blindly that which is screamed from the pulpit by her misguided grandfather. In his world evrybody who is not in his church is a... Pity on you Fred. No hate intended...


Note: The tune she is parodies at the end is from an old 80's disco, the "Roof is on Fire". I had to look it up. I wonder were she heard it?


Marie-Anotionette's Journey of Faith

...It is a proverb: A young man according to his way, even when he is old he will not depart from it... Proverbs 22: 6 Douay-Rheims

Elena-Maria has posted this article the other day and I have just found time to read and direct the reader there...

Marie-Antoinette spent the first fourteen years of her life in Austria, worshiping in Rococo churches and listening to the music of Haydn and the Italian composers. Architecture and music in that time and place celebrated the glory of God in the beauty of His creation. As Queen, her desire to promote beauty around her, especially in the lives of those whom she loved, was an outgrowth of the culture in which she was raised. She loved theater, acting, opera, ballet, painting, gardens and everything that enhanced the loveliness of the natural order. Hers was a piety that was loving, gentle and courteous, but real and unflinching nevertheless. Antoinette's approach to faith was joyful and non-judgmental, free from the rigorist approach of Jansenism that so tainted a great deal of French piety in the years preceding the Revolution. Nevertheless, even as a young bride, she had the moral courage to defy the king in regard to Madame du Barry.more...

Saint Marie-Antoinette pray for us...


Heaven gives Notre Dame priest thunderous standing ovation

...At that hour the disciples came to Jesus, saying: Who thinkest thou is the greater in the kingdom of heaven? And Jesus calling unto him a little child, set him in the midst of them, And said: Amen I say to you, unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, he is the greater in the kingdom of heaven. And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me...

...But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh. And if thy hand, or thy foot scandalize thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee. It is better for thee to go into life maimed or lame, than having two hands or two feet, to be cast into everlasting fire. And if thy eye scandalize thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee. It is better for thee having one eye to enter into life, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire. See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven...
Mattthew 18:1-10 Douay Reims

I found this at the Blog Voices Carry.

It occurred to me to juxtapose these two pictures from earlier today at Notre Shame University.

While the millstone of Notre Dame is placed around President Obortion's neck and 12,000 at Notre Dame stand giving a thunderous ovation, all heaven stood to honor an 80 year old priest as he received heaven's high honor for peacefully taking a stand for life and the plight of the unborn. You can see the video of Father Norman Weslin's arrest here.

That little jail tag around the neck of this bound man of God is a high honor in the kingdom of God. If you are wondering about my phrase - "the millstone of Notre Dame" - I'd remind you that Jesus spoke of placing something around the neck of those who keep children from LIFE.

I'm in no position to advise the Catholic Church, but maybe it's time the priests only serve Communion to those willing to wear the symbolic white jail tag. I'll think I'll wear one around my neck this week when I'm in DC to show my solidarity with this man of God.

True how true...

Peace be with you Father Weslin,



Боже, Царя Храни, God Save the Tsar

Anniversary of the Coronation of the Last Tsar, 26 May 1896.

Matterhorn has written in her blog The Sword & The Sea recalls the coronation of Nicholas II, on this date in 1896.

...On May 26 (O.S. May 14), 1896, Russia's last Tsar, Nicholas II, and his wife, Alexandra Feodorovna (born Princess Alix of Hesse) were crowned in Moscow. As a young officer of the Chevalier Guards, Finland's future Marshal Mannerheim took part in the ceremonies. In his memoirs, he recalls the fateful day:

...A few days before the coronation, the Imperial pair left the Petrov Palace to make their solemn entry into the Kremlin. Preceding the Tsar, mounted on horseback and surrounded by a glittering staff, rode the 1st Squadron of the Chevalier Guards, in which I was acting commander of the first platoon. The two Empresses (i.e. Nicholas' wife and mother) drove each in her own coach, drawn by eight horses, and were followed by a cortege of some twenty coaches drawn by six or four horses. The platforms that lined the route of the procession were filled with spectators in ceremonial attire, the men in parade uniform or evening dress, as was then customary, and the women in their very best. It was indescribably magnificent...

Боже, Царя Храни,


Excerpt from the Beatification of Joan of Arc...

How appropriate for our time as well.

..."In our time more than ever before, the chief strength of the wicked, lies in the cowardice and weakness of good men... All the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easy-going weakness of Catholics. Oh! if I might ask the Divine Redeemer, as the prophet Zachary did in spirit: What are those wounds in the midst of Thy hands? The answer would not be doubtful: With these was I wounded in the house of them that loved Me. I was wounded by My friends, who did nothing to defend Me, and who, on every occasion, made themselves the accomplices of My adversaries. And this reproach can be leveled at the weak and timid Catholics of all countries."...

Pope St. Pius X, Discourse at the Beatification of St. Joan of Arc, Dec. 13, 1908"

Ste. Jehanne Priez Pour Nous.

Jeanne d’Arc est interrogée par le cardinal de Winchester dans sa prison (1824) par Paul Delaroche.

I was hoping for my cousin Vinnie to be nominated...

The man made god, also known as, President Barack Obama tapped federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court on Tuesday, officials said, making her the first Hispanic in history picked to wear the robes of a justice.

"...Court is where policy is made." I should add that a liberal court is where liberal policy is made.

I but am thinking... Will the Senate Committe ask if she ever cheated on her taxes, or if she hired illegal aliens?

Her most appealing judgement, according to BO is that she saved baseball. You have to be useful sometimes.

Thank God I have Christ and the Communion of Saint.

Dieu le Roy!