How to end a week

My daughter Genevieve and my son-in-law David went for a prenatal check up today. They listened to the baby's heart beat for the first time. Strong and regular at 13 weeks! Thank's be to God!!!!


How to short curcuit the Notre Dame scandal

A Solution to the Notre Dame-Obama Conflict

Human Events has posted this gem by Wendy Wright(1)

...In 2004, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a document called “Catholics in Public Life.” It forbids Catholic institutions from giving “awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions” to people who flout Catholic moral principles -- particularly on abortion.

In a strange coincidence, Barack Obama faces similar ethical guidelines. According to a Washington Post profile, Norm Eisen, “the guardian of Obama’s integrity,” (!) advises the administration on government ethics rules. Eisen the ethics czar crafted strict ethics reform. As the Post reports:

“No longer, he decided, could White House employees receive small gifts, honorary degrees or awards from lobbyists. (emphasis mine)...


(1)Wendy Wright is President of Concerned Women for America (CWA.)

The Notre Dame Scandal

Fox news reports

"Archbishop Slams Obama Appearance at Notre Dame, Administration's Abortion Policies";

One of the Vatican's highest ranked clerics and a frequent critic of President Obama says Notre Dame's giving the president an honorary degree and a platform to address graduates at its commencement next weekend is a "scandal."

One of the Vatican's highest ranked clerics and a frequent critic of President Obama said Friday that Notre Dame is causing a "scandal" by giving the president an honorary degree and a platform to address graduates at its commencement next weekend.

'The proposed granting of an honorary doctorate at Notre Dame University to our president, who is so aggressively advancing an anti-life and anti-family agenda, is rightly the source of the greatest scandal," said Archbishop Raymond Burke, who is the prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, the Vatican's highest court.

Burke, the former archbishop of St. Louis and vocal opponent of giving communion to politicians who support abortion rights, told Catholics at a national prayer breakfast in Washington, D.C., that "with unparalleled arrogance, our nation is choosing to renounce its foundation on the faithful."

He pointed to several Obama administration decisions that he said have damaged "the fundamental society that is the family," citing the repeal of the conscience clause, which prohibits health care workers from refusing to participate in abortion-related services; repeal of the Mexico City policy, which allows federal funding to be used abroad to provide abortions; presidential support of the Freedom of Choice Act, which prevents government from in any way denying or interfering with a woman's right to choose; and support of the U.S. Population Fund, which he noted supports China's one-child policy.

He blamed loose morals for legislation that would allow same-sex marriages and repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which states have implemented to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

"At the root of the confusion and error about marriage is the contraceptive mentality which would have us believe that the inherently procreative nature of the conjugal union can in practice be mechanically or chemically eliminated while the marital act remains unitive. It simply cannot be sold," Burke said.

Obama has considerable support from Catholics, having won 54 percent of the Catholic vote in the presidential election. In a Quinnipiac national poll released at the end of last month, 57 percent of Catholics said they approve of the way Obama is doing his job, while 33 percent disapproved.

By comparison, 76 percent of Jewish voters approved of Obama's performance while Protestants were the most split -- 44 percent approval to 42 percent disapproval. The poll had 2,041 registered voters. Burke noted the Catholic support, saying a majority of Catholics freely chose leadership that is now implementing decisions that conflict with the tenets of their faith.

"The path of violation of the most fundamental human rights and of the integrity of marriage and the family which our nation is traveling is not accidental," he said. "As Catholics, we cannot fail to notice with the greatest sadness the number of our fellow Catholics who cooperate fully to the advancement of a national agenda which is anti-life and anti-family."

The archbishop also slammed Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who was confirmed by the Senate last week on a 65-31 vote. Opponents cited her ties to an late-term abortion provider, George Tillman, who is a supporter of the former Kansas governor.

"The appointment of a Catholic as secretary of health and human services who has openly and consistently cooperated with the industry of procurative abortion in our nation is necessarily the source of the deepest embarrassment to Catholics and a painful reminder of the most serious responsibility of Catholics to uphold the moral law, which is the irreplaceable foundation of just relationships among the citizens of our nation," Burke said.

He added that it "grieves me to say that the support of anti-life legislation by Catholics in public office is so common that those who are not Catholics have justifiably questioned whether the church's teachings regarding the inviolable dignity of innocent human life is firm and unchanging. It gives the impression that the church herself can change the law that God has written on every human heart since the beginning of time."

After initial criticism of the invitation, Notre Dame University President Rev. John I. Jenkins called Obama an "inspiring leader" who follows in a long tradition of presidential guest speakers. He added that the invitation does not mean universal support for Obama administration policies.

"The invitation to President Obama to be our commencement speaker should not be taken as condoning or endorsing his positions on specific issues regarding the protection of human life, including abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Yet, we see his visit as a basis for further positive engagement," he said in a statement addressing the cricitism.

The White House also has heard the criticism about the president's appearance but is not deterred. The president "greatly looks forward to delivering the commencement address at Notre Dame" on May 17, said a spokesman.

"Any commencement is a very special occasion for students and families that are involved. I think Notre Dame has a strong record of healthy exchange of differing viewpoints and ideas," the spokesman said.

The next move for the White House administration is unknown but I will not be suprised to hear of a strongly worded letter to the Vatican and the Catholic Church to stay out of American politics.


Jehanne la Pucelle, what did she look like?

Yesterday, May 7, marked the anniversary of the recapture of Les Tourelles, a small bastion which lay astride of the main route into Orleans. Orleans was a large City on the Loire River which supprited the King of France, but which lay inside of the territory held by the English. The Duke of Orleans, had been held by the English since his capture by the English at the battle of Azincourt in 1415. It was considered contrary to the laws of chivalry to besiege a city, and held it's Lord a prisoner at the same time.

What did Jehanne look like? I have often wondered this. I am pretty sure she didn't look like Mila Jojovich, Ingrid Bergman, or Lee Lee Sobieski. No existant portraiture exists. Although I have published an article about Bermont, I cannot say with out a doubt that it was her (I believe it is, but that is my opinion). Contemporaries remark that she looked like anyone else, no one special. In the Trial of Rehabilitation the referance of her commoness are repeated so often as to make it annoying.

She is said have been about 5 feet, 2 inches in height. Her eyes were set far apart, and protruded somewhat, she was reaonably good looking, yet not pretty. She had a stocky build (as a healthy 15th century farm woman should have). Behind her left ear she had a red birth mark. Her complexion was dark. Her hair was black.

How do we know her hair was black? A letter writen to the people of the city of Riom which was found in their archives during 1844 was found to contain a 1st class relic of the Saint. A single black hair had been pressed into the wax of the seal by a finger. ...The custom whereby the writer of a letter plucked a hair from his head and pressed it into his seal was frequent at the time; it was an additional guarantee of the authenticity of the document; so it may be taken as reasonably certain that the hair came from Jeanne's head, which gives additional confirmation to the tradition that she was ´black and swart`...(1) Unfortunately the strand of hair has since disappeared which is a pity. It would be the most cherished of all relics of a French Saint. (The finger print, if it were hers, is a relic in it's own right.)

Contrary to the myth Jheanne did not dress in mens clothes constantly, only when she was in the presence of her soldiers did she adopt male dress. Opinion here... I believe that she adopted male dress to allow the men to focus more on the mission and less on the miss. She repeated asked her accusers at her trial to send her some womens clothes. Their refusal to do so, says more about their desire to accuse her than to find the truth.

This must have been some woman, who Kings and hardened soldiers followed, and for whom the English held such animosity. sometimes we are known the best by our enemies.

We could use another Jheanne now.


(1)Scott, W. S: Jeanne d'Arc-Her Life, Her Death, and the Myth
(2)Virginia Frohlick has had many discussions with me over the web concerning Joan. She is a true Companion of the Maid. I have never written an article without her help. See her site here...

Antonín Leopold Dvořák- Humoresque No.7

Dvořák was born on September 8 (1) 1841 in Nelahozeves, near Prague then Austrian Empire, where he spent most of his life.

His father František Dvořák (1814-1894) was a butcher, innkeeper, and professional player of the zither. Dvořák's parents recognized his musical talent early, and he received his earliest musical education at the village school which he entered in 1847, age 6. From 1857 to 1859 he studied music in Prague's only Organ School, and gradually developed into an accomplished player of the violin and the viola. Throughout the 1860s he played viola in the Bohemian Provisional Theater Orchestra, which from 1866 was conducted by Bedřich Smetana, the great Czech Composer, who best known for his symphonic poem Vltava also known as The Moldau.

The need to supplement his income by teaching left Dvořák with limited free time, and in 1871 he gave up playing in the orchestra in order to compose.

In 1873 Dvořák married Anna Čermáková. They had nine children together.

At about this time Dvořák began to be recognized as a significant composer. He became the organist at St. Adalbert's Church, Prague, and began a period of prolific composition. Dvořák composed his second string quintet in 1875, and in 1877, the critic Eduard Hanslick informed him that his music had attracted the attention of Johannes Brahms ( whose birthday was yesterday, May 7), whom he later befriended.

Brahms contacted the musical publisher Simrock, who as a result commissioned Dvořák's first set of Slavonic Dances. Published in 1878, these were an immediate success. due to his successes Dvořák was invited to visit England where he appeared to great acclaim in 1884.

From 1892 to 1895, Dvořák was the director of the National Conservatory of Music in New York City, at a $15,000 annual salary. Here Dvořák met with Harry Burleigh, one of the earliest African-American composers, his pupil. Burleigh introduced traditional American Spirituals to Dvořák at the latter's request.

In the winter and spring of 1893, while in New York, Dvořák wrote Symphony No.9, "From the New World". He spent the summer of 1893 with his family in the Czech-speaking community of Spillville, Iowa, to which some of his cousins had earlier immigrated. While there he composed the String Quartet in F (the "American"), and the String Quintet in E flat, as well as a Sonatina for violin and piano. Problems over his salary with the founder of the New York Symphonie the wealthy and philanthropic socialite, Jeannette Thurber; coupled with new acclaim in Europe and homesickness compelled him to return to Bohemia.

In 1896 he visited England for his 9th and final time to hear the premier of his Cello Concerto in B minor.

Antonín Leopold Dvořák died in Prague in 1904.


Dvořák shares his birth date with the Virgin Mary, and notables such as Richard the Lion Heart and... me.



Better watch out what you say about same sex marriage if it goes against the homosexual aganda... The politic of personal destruction is alive and well in America.

From Foxnews.
You're Fired? Carrie Prejean Awaiting Verdict Over Provocative Pictures

When Carrie Prejean returned from the Miss USA pageant in Sin City two weeks ago, the 21-year-old surely had no idea that so many "sins" of her own would surface.

The California representative was slammed for voicing her traditional views on marriage during the live telecast. Later, it emerged that state pageant officials had paid for her breast implants just prior to the competition and on Monday scandalous snaps taken of Prejean in her underwear hit the Web.

If she had said to Perez Hilton that after she finished the pageant that she and her "partner" when travelling to Massacheusetts to get married, not only would she have won the pageant, been lauded on the View but any photo that would surface would have been portrayed as the epitome of womanhood breaking the barriers.

Tolerance is the Tyranny of the Left.

Dieu Le Roy!

Obama Youth Brigade March in Formation

Listen carefully to the chant as they enter the room, they are saying, Alpha! Omega!.

I think that refers to the living God, not the man made God.


Obama Youth Brigade: Church Attendance Forbidden

I remember during the campaign when the then Senator Obama was speaking at a rally and sneezed. He received a standing ovation. I realized then that he was an Antichrist. I said so and was laughed at. I still believe that and will continue to say that. I know a lot of people voted for this guy thinking he would change everything and make it all better.

I talked to many before the voting and told them what I thought. They replied to me with, "We need a change", "The Bush tax cuts are running up the deficit", and my favorite, "Bush lied". Well hows this working out for you? B.O. has shouldered our great-grandchildren with a debt, and has increased spending which bay far exceed all the monies spend by all the previous presidents from Washington to Bush. He has opened the door, nay! he has removed the door, to unrestricted abortion. He is on the verge of nationalizing the banking industry, and auto industry. He asks the military to cut spending and then allows Air Force Two to scare the hell out of New Yorker's for a photo op over ground zero. He allows photos of captured terrorists to be shown, threatens the interrogators with trial, and then refuses to show us the all fired important pictures from the flight over New York City. Contradiction?

...And what does the America do? We celebrate the fact that he is one of the people by eating a hamburger at a greasy spoon outside of Washington. We question the first lady for wearing a dress to the UN that she wore at the inauguration. Yes important distractions they may be...

To all those "Catholics" who voted for this guy, a hearty thanks. You have given us what you asked for.

Now for something really scary. From the Voice...
By Jonas Clark

Is this the change you really voted for? President Obama has only been in office for two months. Now we have HR 1388. The Bill was sponsored by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) with 37 others. The Bill was introduced to the floor of the House of Representatives where both Republicans and Democrats voted 321-105 in favor. Next it goes to the Senate for a vote and then on to President Obama.

This bill’s title is called “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education” (GIVE). It forms what some are calling “Obama’s Youth Brigade.” Obama’s plan is require anyone receiving school loans and others to serve at least three months as part of the brigade. His goal is one million youth! This has serious Nazi Germany overtones to it.
More found in the Voice

Anyone ever hear of the Hitler youth?

Thanks to Robert Banaugh who showed me this...

God save us,

My Thoughts on "Kings Insufficient"

Mark Amesse, the owner of the blog Durendal has posted this article in response to Bishop Williamson's post in Dinoscopus called King's Insufficient. Mark replies in part,

...Catholic monarchists are, Catholics first, or should be. We certainly do not need Monarchists who just so happen to be Catholic. We are, and must be, Catholic monarchists and not Monarchist catholics. Governments are raised by God and sustained to rule the temporal sphere in His Name. Saying Christ is King, without saying what that means, leaves the His Kingship a ‘pie in the sky’ concept. It must have a concrete reality, and cannot be a matter of sentimental words. But if Catholics are monarchists, it is only because we believe that the social reign of Christ the King tends to be realized – that is, put in concrete reality—best when it reflects the heavenly court and is modeled upon the very same monarchal structure which He reigns over His Kingdom, both in heaven, and on Earth, in the office of the Supreme Pontiff...The whole reply is here...

Thank you Mark.

Dieu le Roy,


Frère André

While at a marriage group on Saturday, my wife and I met a young Québécois woman who told me of a miracle which occured to her when she visited St Josephs Oratory in Quebec. Apparently she was suffering form a chest problem and upon going to the shrine she felt a great heat in her chest and the pain disappeared. A minor miracle? Maybe, but God works in small ways as well as great.

As I look at Brother Andre's face I am overcome with a feeling of peace, and contentment.

Brother André was a lay brother of the Holy Cross order who was devoted to Saint Joseph (the Virgin Mary's husband). André especially related to the carpenter Joseph because of their shared experience as laborers and migrants.

Born Alfred Besette in 1845 and orphaned at 12, Brother André joined the Holy Cross Order at 25. Due to his poor health, he was assigned the humble duties of receptionist and doorkeeper at the College Notre-Dame in Montreal. However, another of his assigned tasks was visiting sick students and he soon gained a reputation as a miraculous healer through his prayers to St. Joseph.

Before long, a new venue for his fast-growing healing ministry became necessary. Brother André raised $200 from small donations and giving student haircuts at 5 cents each to build a small wooden chapel in 1904 near the site of the modern basilica. Grandly named Saint Joseph's Oratory, the chapel was just 15 feet by 18 feet.

Brother André's powers attracted pilgrims from great distances and he performed his healing work until his death in 1937. In 1916 alone, 435 cases of healing were reported. Interestingly, Brother André never witnessed a miracle himself. He counseled and prayed with the sick, but they were cured after he had gone. He later said this was his greatest cause of suffering.

André's popularity was so great that he soon attracted the attention of church authorities, and a special commission was set up to test the alleged cures and André's integrity in 1911. The commission recommended that pilgrimages continue, without commenting on the miracles.

André was beloved throughout his life and still remembered today for his life of simple faith, continuous prayer and unfailing kindness. When he died in 1937, a million people filed past his casket despite bitter winter cold.

André's dream of building a great shrine to Saint Joseph became a reality in 1955, when the present basilica was completed. Brother André is buried in the basilica and was beatified (declared "Blessed") by Pope John Paul II in 1982, a status one step below sainthood.
from Sacred Destinations

Prayer for the canonization of Brother Andre'

Lord, you have chosen Blessed Brother André
to spread devotion to Saint Joseph
and to dedicate himself to all those who are afflicted.
Grant through his intercession the favour that we now request…

We also pray that the Church may canonize
him as soon as possible. Grant us the
grace to imitate his piety and charity so that,
with him, we may share the reward
promised to all who care for their
neighbours out of love for You.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord


Prière pour la canonisation du frère André

Seigneur, qui as choisi le bienheureux
frère André pour propager la dévotion à saint Joseph
et se dévouer auprès des affligés,
accorde-nous, par son intercession,
la faveur que nous sollicitons.

Obtiens-nous que la sainte Église
le canonise au plus tôt et accorde-nous aussi
la grâce de l’imiter dans sa piété
et sa charité afin de partager avec lui
la récompense promise à ceux qui se
préoccupent du prochain par amour de Toi

Par Jésus Christ, notre Seigneur.


Saint Joseph's Oratory
3800 Queen Mary Road,
Montreal, Quebec, H3V 1H6

Bienheureux frère André
priez pour nous.


"Legio Patria Nostra"

Each year on the anniversary of the battle of La Puebla, Mexico where the forces of Mexico under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín defeated the of French Foreign Legion loaned by the Emperor Napoleon III of France to the Emeror Maximillian I of Mexico on May 5, 1862.

However there is another side of this story...

On the 30th of April, at 1 a.m., the 3rd company of the Foreign Regiment, consisting of 3 officers and 62 soldiers, marched en route to relieve the French Army being besieged at la Puebla, under the command of Captain Danjou. At 7 a.m., after a 15-mile march, they stopped at Palo Verde to rest. Soon a Mexican Army force of 600 cavalry was sighted. Captain Danjou ordered the company to form a square, this being a common practice by infantry of the period to defend against cavalry, and, though retreating, he rebuffed several cavalry charges, inflicting the first heavy losses on the Mexican army.

Finding a defensible position, Danjou made a stand in the Hacienda Camarón, an inn protected by a 9-foot-high-wall. His plan was to occupy Mexican forces to prevent attacks against the nearby convoy that Danjuo's men were escorting. While his legionnaires prepared to defend the inn, the Mexican commander, one Colonel Milan, demanded Danjou and soldiers surrender, noting the Mexican Army's numeric superiority. Danjou in the style of the French, replied: "We have munitions. We will not surrender." He then swore to fight to the death, an oath which was seconded by the men. Around mid-day the Mexicans were increased in size by the arrival of 1,200 infantry.

At noon, Captain Danjou was shot in the chest and died; his soldiers continued fighting despite overwhelming odds under the command of an inspired Lt. Vilain, who held out for four hours before falling during an assault. With their ammunition exhausted, the last of Danjou's soldiers, numbering a mere five under the command of Lt. Maudet, fixed bayonets and charged. Two men died outright, while the rest continued the assault. The tiny group was surrounded and beaten to the earth. Colonel Milan, commander of the Mexicans, managed to prevent his men from ripping the surviving legionnaires to pieces. When the last two survivors were asked to surrender, they insisted that Mexican soldiers allow them safe passage home, to keep their arms, and to escort the body of Captain Danjou. To that, the Mexican commander commented, "What can I refuse to such men? No, these are not men, they are devils," and, out of respect, agreed to these terms.

"Camerone Day" April 30, is an important day for the Legionnaires, when the wooden prosthetic hand of Capitaine Danjou is brought out for display and veneration in special ceremonies at the Legion headquarters at Aubagne, France.
After hearing of the battle, French Emperor Napoleon III had the name Camerone embroidered onto the flag of the Foreign Legion.

In 1892, a monument commemorating the battle was erected on the battlefield containing a plaque with the following inscription in French :"They were here less than sixty opposed to a whole army. Its mass crushed them. Life rather than bravery gave up these French soldiers at Camerone on 30 April 1863. In memory of them, the fatherland has erected this monument".

The hand of Captian Danjou. After the battle, it was picked up by a Mexican named Ramirez, who was arrested by an Austrian Lt. Karl Grübert who returned it to the Legion on July 17, 1865.

"Legio Patria Nostra" means the "Legion is our Homeland."


Cannonball awards

I have been nominated for a Cannonball award. Wow! I don't know who nominated me, but thanks. The catagory is best Political Blog not American Papist. Well as a monarchist, honour forbids me from stumping for votes. I am quite sure it was a mistake. Oh well...

Please visit Crescat.

Dieu le Roy.

Marie-Thérèse and the Flight from Bordeaux

Elena-Maria has posted a short article on Madame Royale at Tea at Trianon today.

...As readers of Trianon and Madame Royale well know, Marie-Thérèse of France, the Duchesse d'Angoulême, daughter of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, was at times forced to flee from wars and revolts. Above is a picture of the princess during her flight from Napoleon Bonaparte in March 1815. Bonaparte, hearing of her attempt to raise an army against him, hailed Marie-Thérèse as "the only man in her family," which was a bit unfair to the Duc d'Angoulême, who had hastened to rally his forces to cut off Bonaparte's march on Paris. The Duc and Duchesse d'Angoulême had been in Bordeaux celebrating the restoration of the Bourbons when news came of Bonaparte's escape from Elba. Although Naploeon admired the daughter of Louis XVI, he would like to have made a prisoner of her. Marie-Thérèse left for England only because to stay behind would have endangered the citizens of Bordeaux. Below is an excerpt from Chapter Sixteen of Madame Royale, describing the scene..., more.

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Elena-Maria Vidal.

Dieu Sauvez le Roy!

Opie gets upset at the Vatican

the Huffington post has placed this in her news blog,

ROME — Director Ron Howard claimed Sunday that the Vatican interfered with efforts to get permits to shoot certain scenes of his "Angels & Demons" religious thriller in Rome _ a charge the Vatican said was purely a publicity stunt.

The film, which stars Tom Hanks and is based on the best-selling novel by Dan Brown, has its world premiere Monday in Rome.

"Angels & Demons" combines an ancient secret brotherhood called the Illuminati, a papal conclave and a high-tech weapon threatening to destroy the Vatican.

At a press conference Sunday, Howard said he hadn't sought cooperation from the Vatican based on the opposition he encountered filming "The Da Vinci Code," another Brown novel that angered many Catholic leaders.

But he said the Vatican nevertheless exerted influence regarding his filming permits, and he was told it would not be possible even to shoot scenes in Rome that had churches in the background.

Now there are many in the world filled with the secularist ideas fostered during successive revolutions that the Vatican is like any other country. They say and I have heard, "The Catholic Church is a remnant of the past, They should allow the Church whole to vote for the Pope" and "These old men are just keeping women down..." This is evidenced by the way the then Cardinal Ratzinger's homily on the death of the late John Paul the great was Portrayed as his "stump speech". The Vatican may be the last true monarchy in all of the world where the monarch actually rules. This is probably the reason why the attacks are so insidious against the Faith, by those from without (and by some within.) Note to Opie, you may run the camera, but you don't run anything in the Vatican.

Opie also posted to the Huffington post, saying in part...

...Let me be clear: neither I nor Angels & Demons are anti-Catholic. And let me be a little controversial: I believe Catholics, including most in the hierarchy of the Church, will enjoy the movie for what it is: an exciting mystery, set in the awe-inspiring beauty of Rome. After all, in Angels & Demons, Professor Robert Langdon teams up with the Catholic Church to thwart a vicious attack against the Vatican. What, exactly, is anti-Catholic about that?

Mr. Donohue's booklet accuses us of lying when our movie trailer says the Catholic Church ordered a brutal massacre to silence the Illuminati centuries ago. It would be a lie if we had ever suggested our movie is anything other than a work of fiction (if it were a documentary, our talk of massacres would have referenced the Inquisition or the Crusades). And if fictional movies could never take liberties with reality, then there would have been no Ben-Hur, no Barabbas, The Robe, Gone With The Wind, or Titanic. Not to mention Splash!

I guess Mr. Donohue and I do have one thing in common: we both like to create fictional tales, as he has done with his silly and mean-spirited work of propaganda...

The point is Opie that those films were never made from a script which lies about the Faith, In Ben Hur no attack was made against Christ, In Barrabas, no one came out and said Barrabas was the son of Jesus, as the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail says, (a book which was used to develop the plot for the da Vinci code)the same is true about The Robe: the Civil War happened and was writen by a woman who could talk to those who actually lived through the Civil War and Reconstruction; Titanic and Splash! Opie you have to really stretch with those... The plots of both "da Vinci" and "Demons and Angels" vilifiies the Catholic Church, it is undeniable in much the same way as The Deputy and later the film version of that play did in an attempt to engender Anti-Catholic Bias. So you are well among friends.

In conclusion I add this post by Wiliam Donohue in reference to Howards letter posted on the Catholic League today...

...“Dan Brown says in his book that the Illuminati are ‘factual’ and that they were ‘hunted ruthlessly by the Catholic Church.’ In the film’s trailer, Tom Hanks, who plays the protagonist Robert Langdon, says ‘The Catholic Church ordered a brutal massacre to silence them forever.’ Howard concurs: ‘The Illuminati were formed in the 1600s. They were artists and scientists like Galileo and Bernini, whose progressive ideas threatened the Vatican.’

“All of this is a lie. The Illuminati were founded in 1776 and were dissolved in 1787. It is obvious that Galileo and Bernini could not possibly have been members: Galileo died in 1647 and Bernini passed away in 1680. More important, the Catholic Church never hunted, much less killed, a single member of the Illuminati. But this hasn’t stopped Brown from asserting that ‘It is a historical fact that the Illuminati vowed vengeance against the Vatican in the 1600s.’ (My emphasis.)

“Howard must be delusional if he thinks Vatican officials are going to like his propaganda—they denied him the right to film on their grounds. Moreover, we know from a Canadian priest who hung out with Howard’s crew last summer in Rome (dressed in civilian clothes) just how much they hate Catholicism. It’s time to stop the lies and come clean...”

I have not watched the Da Vinci code, or do I plan to watch, Angels and Demons, why? Because I ask God in the Pater to "lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil". Any film which denegrate my Church or Faith is an evil. I am sure that Ron Howard will find many willing idiots to watch it.



St. Edmund Campion

As Baptised Catholics we should always keep in mind we may be called to be martyrs. Fr Campian stayed true to the faith. I post this from the Catholic encyclodpedea.

A city company sent the promising child to a grammar school and to Christ Church Hospital. When Mary Tudor entered London in state as queen, he was the schoolboy chosen to give the Latin salutatory to her majesty. Sir Thomas White, lord mayor, who built and endowed St. John's College at Oxford, accepted Campion as one of his first scholars, appointed him junior fellow at seventeen, and, dying, gave him his last messages for his academic family. Campion shone at Oxford in 1560, when he delivered one oration at the reburial of Amy Robsart, and another at the funeral of the founder of his own college; and for twelve years he was to be followed and imitated as no man ever was in an English university except himself and Newman. He took both his degrees, and became a celebrated tutor, and, by 1568, junior proctor. Queen Elizabeth had visited Oxford two years before; she and Dudley, then chancellor, won by Campion's bearing, beauty, and wit, bade him ask for what he would. Successes, local responsibilities, and allurements, his natural ease of disposition, the representations, above all, of his friend Bishop Cheyney of Gloucester, blinded Campion in regard to his course as a Catholic: he took the Oath of Supremacy, and deacon's orders according to the new rite. Afterthoughts developing into scruples, scruples into anguish, he broke off his happy Oxford life when his proctorship ended, and betook himself to Ireland, to await the reopening of Dublin University, an ancient papal foundation temporarily extinct. Sir Henry Sidney, the lord deputy, was interested in Campion's future as well as in the revival which, however, fell through. With Philip Sidney, then a boy, Campion was to have a touching interview in 1577.

As too Catholic minded an Anglican, Campion was suspected, and exposed to danger. Hidden in friendly houses, he composed his treatise called "A History of Ireland" Written from an English standpoint it gave much offence to the native Irish, and was severely criticized, in the next century, by Geoffrey Keating In his Irish history of Ireland. Urged to further effort by the zeal of Gregory Martin, he crossed to England in disguise and under an assumed name, reaching London in time to witness the trial of one of the earliest Oxonian martyrs, Dr. John Storey. Campion now recognized his vocation and hastened to the seminary at Douai. Cecil lamented to Richard Stanihurst the expatriation of "one of the diamonds of England." At Douai Campion remained for his theological course and its lesser degree, but then set out as a barefoot pilgrim to Rome, arriving there just before the death of St. Francis Borgia; "for I meant", as he said at his examination, "to enter into the Society of Jesus, thereof to vow and to be professed". This he accomplished promptly in April (1573), being the first novice received by Mercurianus, the fourth general. As the English province was as yet non-existent, he was allotted to that of Bohemia, entering on his noviceship at Prague and passing his probation year at Brünn in Moravia. Returning to Prague, he taught in the college and wrote a couple of sacred dramas; and there he was ordained in 1578. Meanwhile, Dr. Allen was organizing the apostolic work of the English Mission, and rejoiced to secure Fathers Robert Parsons and Edmund Campion as his first Jesuit helpers. In the garden at Brünn, Campion had had a vision, in which Our Lady foretold to him his martyrdom. Comrades at Prague were moved to make a scroll for P. Edmundus Campianus Martyr, and to paint a prophetic garland of roses within his cell. Parsons and Campion set out from Rome, had many adventures, and called upon St. Charles Borromeo in Milan, and upon Beza in Geneva. Campion was met in London, and fitly clothed, armed, and mounted by a devoted young convert friend. His office was chiefly to reclaim Catholics who were wavering or temporizing under the pressure of governmental tyranny; but his zeal to win Protestants, his preaching, his whole saintly and soldierly personality, made a general and profound impression. An alarm was raised and he fled to the North, where he fell again to writing and produced his famous tract, the "Decem Rationes". He returned to London, only to withdraw again, this time towards Norfolk. A spy, a former steward of the Roper family, one George Eliot, was hot upon his track, and ran him and others down at Lyford Grange near Wantage in Berkshire on 17 July, 1581.

Amid scenes of violent excitement, Campion was derisively paraded through the streets of his native city, bound hand and foot, riding backwards, with a paper stuck in his hat to denote the "seditious Jesuit". First thrown into Little Ease at the Tower, he was carried privately to the house of his old patron, the Earl of Leicester; there he encountered the queen herself, and received earnest proffers of liberty and preferments would he but forsake his papistry. Hopton having tried in vain the same blandishments, on Campion's return to the Tower, the priest was then examined under torture, and was reported to have betrayed those who had harboured him. Several arrests were made on the strength of the lie. He had asked for a public disputation. But when it came off in the Norman chapel of the Tower, before the Dean of St. Paul's and other divines, Campion had been denied opportunity to prepare his debate, and had been severely racked. Thus weakened, he stood through the four long conferences, without chair, table, or notes, and stood undefeated. Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel, who was looking on in the flush of worldly pride, became thereby inspired to return to God's service. The privy council, at its wits' end over so purely spiritual a "traitor", hatched a plot to impeach Campion's loyalty, and called in the hirelings Eliot and Munday as accusers. A ridiculous trial ensued in Westminster Hall, 20 Nov., 1581. Campion, pleading not guilty, was quite unable to hold up his often-wrenched right arm, seeing which, a fellow prisoner, first kissing it, raised it for him. He made a magnificent defence. But the sentence was death, by hanging, drawing, and quartering: a sentence received by the martyrs with a joyful shout of Haec dies and Te Deum. Campion, with Sherwin and Briant, who were on a separate hurdle, was dragged to Tyburn on 1 December. Passing Newgate arch, he lifted himself as best he could to salute the statue of Our Lady still in situ. On the scaffold, when interrupted and taunted to express his mind concerning the Bull of Pius V excommunicating Elizabeth, he answered only by a prayer for her, "your Queen and my Queen". He was a Catholic Englishman with political opinions which were not Allen's, though he died, as much as ever Felton did, for the primacy of the Holy See. The people loudly lamented his fate; and another great harvest of conversions began. A wild, generous-hearted youth, Henry Walpole, standing by, got his white doublet stained with Campion's blood; the incident made him, too, in time, a Jesuit and a martyr.

Historians of all schools are agreed that the charges against Campion were wholesale sham. They praise his high intelligence, his beautiful gaiety, his fiery energy, his most chivalrous gentleness. He had renounced all opportunity for a dazzling career in a world of master men. Every tradition of Edmund Campion, every remnant of his written words, and not least his unstudied golden letters, show us that he was nothing less than a man of genius; truly one of the great Elizabethans, but holy as none other of them all. He was beatified by Pope Leo XIII on 9 December, 1886, and canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1970. Relics of him are preserved in Rome and Prague, in London, Oxford, Stonyhurst, and Roehampton. A not very convincing portrait was made soon after his death for the Gesù in Rome under the supervision of many who had known him. Of this there is a copy in oils at Stonyhurst, and a brilliantly engraved print in Hazart's "Kerckelycke Historie" (Antwerp, 1669), Vol. III (Enghelandt, etc.), though not in every copy of that now scarce work.

English Jesuit and martyr; he was the son and namesake of a Catholic bookseller, and was born in London, 25 Jan., 1540; executed at Tyburn, 1 Dec., 1581.

ND Response - Official Video

A short yet powerful video from the Students at Notre Dame in response to the Invitation by Fr Jenkins to Barack Obama.

"In defense of the unborn, we wish to express our deepest opposition to Reverend John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.s invitation of President Barack Obama to be the University of Notre Dames principal commencement speaker and the recipient of an honorary degree. Our objection is not a matter of political partisanship, but of President Obamas hostility to the Catholic Churchs teachings on the sanctity of human life at its earliest stages. Further, the Universitys decision runs counter to the policy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops against honoring pro-choice politicians. We cannot sit by idly while the University honors someone who believes that an entire class of human beings is undeserving of the most basic of all legal rights, the right to live."


I sincerely wonder if Fr Jenkins, defense of his decision is merely one of stubborness. The invitation to Judge John T Noonan to replace Mary Ann Glendon who declined the Laetare Medal is for all appearances a second thought, like saying "We'll show you". Judge Noonan is not, as far as I can tell, a major advocate of the Pro-life movement. I think that Notre Dame and in particularly Fr Jenkins were taken aback by her declining the award. I might add that Mary Ann Glendon has more moral fibre than Fr Jenkins ever had.

Question of the day, when did the Jesuit Order become distant from the founders Charism?