9% Of Congress Is Jesuit Educated, 30% Of Congress Is Catholic

With Catholics like these who needs enemies... From Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit Joseph Fromm sends...

...33 out of the 51 of these members are committed to legislating pro abortion laws.The 111th Congress, sworn in last week, features 51 members (out of 535) who are Jesuit-educated, according to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. Georgetown has by far the most alumni at the Capitol -- 18 -- but local favorites Boston College and the College of the Holy Cross have their share, with six and four graduates in Congress, respectively... More

Joseph lists the members and their NARAL rating. The higher the number the worse it is for babies. Truthfully, I am tired of these goats calling themselves Catholic and supporting genocide.

Stages of genocide and their characteristics, as defined in 1996 by Gregory Stanton the president of Genocide Watch presented a briefing paper called "The 8 Stages of Genocide" at the United States Department of State. Currently the UN does not classify abortion as genocide even though each stage can be identified as relating to abortion as a genocide.

1.Classification People are divided into "us and them".

2.Symbolization"When combined with hatred, symbols may be forced upon unwilling members of pariah groups..."

"One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases."

"Genocide is always organized... Special army units or militias are often trained and armed..."

"Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda..."

"Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity..."

"It is "extermination" to the killers because they do not believe their victims to be fully human."

"The perpetrators... deny that they committed any crimes..."

As you see each definition needs a very slight change or addition of a noun, from "pariah to Pro-life", "army units and militia to Planned Parenthood", the addition to ...or fetus after animals, vermin, insects or diseases."

Per Hillary Clinton, debate and protest of the government policy is true Patriotism. Protest then at the top of your voice!

Pray for these elected leaders to convert back to the faith of their childhood.

Jhesu + Marie priez pour nous.
de Brantigny

Why I am a monarchist...

...Reason #50.

For all those nominal Catholics who voted for Obama because you hated George W Bush, for all those of you who thought Obama would not be a radical, for all those who think social action out weighs the death of a baby, I offer this news, THE PRESIDENT IS WORRIED MORE ABOUT ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES THAN THE UNBORN...

Associated Press Writers Liz Sidoti And Matthew Lee, Associated Press Writers
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that promote or perform abortions, officials told The Associated Press on Friday.

The move, long expected in the Democratic president's first week in office, will be welcomed by liberals and criticized by abortion rights foes.

The policy bans U.S. taxpayer money, usually in the form of U.S. Agency for International Development funds, from going to international family planning groups that either offer abortions or provide information, counseling or referrals about abortion. It is also known as the "global gag rule," because it prohibits taxpayer funding for groups that even talk about abortion if there is an unplanned pregnancy.

Also known as the "Mexico City policy," it has been reinstated and then reversed by Republican and Democratic presidents since GOP President Ronald Reagan established it in 1984. President Bill Clinton ended the ban in 1993, but President George W. Bush re-instituted it in 2001 as one of his first acts in office.

The Democratic official and senior U.S. official who disclosed the plans did so on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to pre-empt Obama's announcement. Obama was expected to sign the executive order at a low-key event (1), one day after the 36th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion.

A Catholic Monarch would never allow his subjects to be murdered...

Who will bail out the unborn?

God save us from ourselves.

de Brantigny

(1) As in the dark where no one will notice, God sees you Obama.

Marie-Antoinette's Veil

It has always been my contention that to know history, it is important to know the little things as well. You won't find this article in a history book, but you will on Elena-Maria's blog. In a deeper sense we may gain this information, Marie-Antoinette was not a spend thrift(1), she reused what could be reused; She donated to the Church her dresses to be made into vestments(2); She was generous to her servants and maids. This does not even approach the clod hearted, woman of low morals projected upon he by her detractors. Elena-Maria writes...

...Many people ask what became of Queen Marie-Antoinette's clothes and jewels after the fall of the monarchy. People particularly want to know what became of her wedding gown. Like many of the queen's gowns which were designed for special occasions, the wedding gown was probably made into a set of vestments and donated to the Church. A veil, which may have been worn at her weddding, later graced the head of the niece of Tsar Nicholas II, Princess Irina, when she was married to Prince Felix Youssopov. As Felix wrote in his memoirs:

...We were quite overwhelmed with gifts: the most gorgeous jewels as well as the simplest and most touching presents from our peasants.... Irina's wedding dress was magnificent; it was of white satin embroidered in silver with a long train. Her veil, which had belonged to Marie-Antoinette was held by a tiara of rock crystal and diamonds....More.

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Elena-Maria!

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantingy

(1) As opposed to the next woman to wear a crown in France, Josephine Beauharnais.
(2) I imagine that her dresses would make far better vestments, than these in a colour I am unused to seeing, orange. Do not type in vestments on the search portion of this site unless you are sitting down...


Versailles, or I can dream can't I?

Two pictures of Versailles.

The present...

...and the past.

Dieu Sauve Le Roy!
de Brantigny

Note: The guards are the Royale écossais not the Gardes français. The uniform is similar, The major difference is the colour of the "culottes", which are red for the Scots, and Blue for the French. I thought I would post it for its ascetic value.

Message de Monseigneur le Duc d'Anjou

Message de Monseigneur le Duc d'Anjou à l'occasion de la commémoraison du 216ème anniversaire de la mort de Sa Majesté le Roi Louis XVI

Mon Cousin [M. le duc de Bauffremont],
Mesdames et Messieurs,
Chers Amis.

Les années passent et ne se ressemblent pas. Certaines sont plus joyeuses que d'autres. Le monde change mais certaines fidélités demeurent, telles que celle qui nous réunit pour le 216ème anniversaire de la mort du Roi Louis XVI. Encore...
De Laudem Gloriae, merci Christine!

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny

A blog I found...

I found this blog today as I was looking at sites devoted to fighting FOCA. It is titled, Following He who says, "on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days."

Megan is the author, and I pray for her. Her profile says she is 24, which is just a bit older than my Genevieve, and she feels a calling to the Dominican Sisters of the Holy Eucharist.

I will check in on this blog from time to time and offer her my prayers.

de Brantigny

Benoît XVI a levé les excommunications

Par Lawrence à Sacre Coeur de Jésus.

Merci votre Sainteté!

Pour visiter ce site cliquez ici...

Fait attention!!!
Dieu le Roy!

de Brantigny


Reports: Pope Benedict Has Signed Document Lifting Excommunications of SSPX Bishops

Going through my statistics I found I had been copied to another blog, for bloggers this is an honour, the blog called St Louis Catholic may be found here...

Rorate Caeli first posted this yesterday, with an update today... more

Thanks and a tip of the beret to thetimman.

This is a good thing.

Dieu le Roy!

de Brantigny

Victime de la Révolution française...

Louis-Auguste de France
Roi de France (10 mai 1774 - 21 septembre 1792)
Roi de Navarre (Louis V, 10 mai 1774 - 21 septembre 1792)
Vive le Roi !!!
de Brantigny

Biden Receives Standing Ovation at Catholic Mass, after Receiving Communion

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 20, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Two days before he became the next American Vice President, Sen. Joe Biden attended John F. Kennedy's own Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church for Mass, where parishioners gave the pro-abortion politician a standing ovation minutes after he received communion.

Biden has reportedly worshipped at Holy Trinity several times while serving as a senator.
The event sparked criticism because, according to Church teaching, public figures who support abortion legislation are automatically excommunicated for violating the Church's pro-life teaching, and therefore should not be given communion.

"This episode perfectly illustrates the contrast between 'identity Catholicism' and 'conviction Catholicism,'" said Thomas Peters of the American Papist blog. The former, he said, "reduces the term Catholic to a merely technical description: in this way Joe Biden is a Catholic. He was baptized, attends Mass, puts 'Catholic' on his questionnaire.

"Conviction Catholicism," however, means "that one allows their Catholic faith to shape their life, and therefore one actually tries to abide by it, in this way Joe Biden is not a Catholic: He is woefully ignorant of what his own faith teaches ... and shows little desire to put his faith into action when it comes to issues as fundamental as safeguarding human life."

Biden has come under fire several times from Catholic leaders and laity for misrepresenting Church teaching by insisting that his pro-abortion views are consonant with his Catholic faith, most notably on a Meet the Press interview last September.

Strife has since erupted among Catholic bishops over whether to bar Biden and other pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians from receiving communion. Some bishops insist, despite Vatican instruction to the contrary, that such a move would "politicize" the Eucharist.

Jeff Miller, Catholic author of the popular Curt Jester blog, commented: "For a group a Catholics to applaud a pro-abortion Catholic and soon to be Vice President and part of the probably the most extreme pro-abortion administration ever is beyond the pale. … Bad enough that he is given Communion in the first place. Nothing like an act of sacrilege to start your week."
See related LifeSiteNews.com coverage:
Pro-Abortion Joe Biden is Receiving Communion and His Bishop Won't Tell Him to Stop

Thanks to Robert Banaugh a frequent contributor to this blog and member of Post Councillar Catholicism...
For more on this and more links see, here...

Dieu le Roy,
de Brantigny

Thank You President George Bush

A moving pictoral essay by Joseph Fromm....here
Dieu le Roy.
de Brantigny

Madame Victoire, daughter of Louis XV

Catherine Delors has returned to her series on the daughters of Louis XV and his Queen Maria Leszczynska (2). If those of you who read this rather humble (really humble) rambling blog of mine, please take my advise and follow her blog instead (here). Most bloggers I know take time to write their thoughts and those things which interest them. Madame Delors is one of those authors who not only write well, but is interested in what she writes.

"...When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece..." John Ruskin

...I know, I have neglected the daughters of Louis XV and Marie Leszczynska for too long. But after the post on Madame Adélaïde, we had the holiday season, and Christmas topics came to the fore. Now we can at least come back to these ladies. And actually the long wait between Madame Victoire and her elder sisters is not so artificial as it sounds. Though she was born in 1733, and thus only one year younger than Adélaïde, Marie-Louise-Thérèse-Victoire was raised quite differently. What had happened? Budget troubles already. If Madame Victoire and her three younger sisters had grown up in Versailles, each princess would have required her own maison (household.) Hundreds of servants and attendants, an enormous expense.... more.

Thanks and a tip of my (new) beret to Catherine Delors...

Posted this 216th anniversary of the martyrdom of King Louis XVI.

God Save the King!

Vive le Roy! Vive Louis!

de Brantigny
(1) Though I have been chastised for this, I have always placed an A at the end of female Polish names which is the way they are written in Polish. In French of course, the name would have dropped the A and inserted an E, just as that of Maria-Antonia changed to Marie-Antoinette. ...All it takes is the passing through a curtain in a tent in the middle of a river... But that is an other story. Marrying a Frenchman, any woman becomes French, it is never the other way around.
(2) Victoire, being the french word for victory, can it be that she was named in honour of the French over the English at Orleans? The victory of Orleans was, 7 May 1429. A commemoration... Or is it just a guess? Another, more plausible reason is the death of King Augustus II who died on 1 February 1733, which placed her maternal grandfather Stanisław Leszczyński, on the throne of Poland.


Execution of Louis XVI, from the memoires of Fr Henry Edgeworth

...when the axe of the guillotine was about to fall, consoled his beloved master with the noble words: "Son of St. Louis, ascend to heaven."

..."The King, finding himself seated in the carriage, where he could neither speak to me nor be spoken to without witness, kept a profound silence. I presented him with my breviary, the only book I had with me, and he seemed to accept it with pleasure: he appeared anxious that I should point out to him the psalms that were most suited to his situation, and he recited them attentively with me. The gendarmes, without speaking, seemed astonished and confounded at the tranquil piety of their monarch, to whom they doubtless never had before approached so near.

The procession lasted almost two hours; the streets were lined with citizens, all armed, some with pikes and some with guns, and the carriage was surrounded by a body of troops, formed of the most desperate people of Paris. As another precaution, they had placed before the horses a number of drums, intended to drown any noise or murmur in favour of the King; but how could they be heard? Nobody appeared either at the doors or windows, and in the street nothing was to be seen, but armed citizens - citizens, all rushing towards the commission of a crime, which perhaps they detested in their hearts.

The carriage proceeded thus in silence to the Place de Louis XV, and stopped in the middle of a large space that had been left round the scaffold: this space was surrounded with cannon, and beyond, an armed multitude extended as far as the eye could reach. As soon as the King perceived that the carriage stopped, he turned and whispered to me, 'We are arrived, if I mistake not.' My silence answered that we were. One of the guards came to open the carriage door, and the gendarmes would have jumped out, but the King stopped them, and leaning his arm on my knee, 'Gentlemen,' said he, with the tone of majesty, 'I recommend to you this good man; take care that after my death no insult be offered to him - I charge you to prevent it.'… As soon as the King had left the carriage, three guards surrounded him, and would have taken off his clothes, but he repulsed them with haughtiness- he undressed himself, untied his neckcloth, opened his shirt, and arranged it himself. The guards, whom the determined countenance of the King had for a moment disconcerted, seemed to recover their audacity. They surrounded him again, and would have seized his hands. 'What are you attempting?' said the King, drawing back his hands. 'To bind you,' answered the wretches. 'To bind me,' said the King, with an indignant air. 'No! I shall never consent to that: do what you have been ordered, but you shall never bind me. . .'

The path leading to the scaffold was extremely rough and difficult to pass; the King was obliged to lean on my arm, and from the slowness with which he proceeded, I feared for a moment that his courage might fail; but what was my astonishment, when arrived at the last step, I felt that he suddenly let go my arm, and I saw him cross with a firm foot the breadth of the whole scaffold; silence, by his look alone, fifteen or twenty drums that were placed opposite to me; and in a voice so loud, that it must have been heard it the Pont Tournant, I heard him pronounce distinctly these memorable words: 'I die innocent of all the crimes laid to my charge; I Pardon those who have occasioned my death; and I pray to God that the blood you are going to shed may never be visited on France.'

He was proceeding, when a man on horseback, in the national uniform, and with a ferocious cry, ordered the drums to beat. Many voices were at the same time heard encouraging the executioners. They seemed reanimated themselves, in seizing with violence the most virtuous of Kings, they dragged him under the axe of the guillotine, which with one stroke severed his head from his body. All this passed in a moment. The youngest of the guards, who seemed about eighteen, immediately seized the head, and showed it to the people as he walked round the scaffold; he accompanied this monstrous ceremony with the most atrocious and indecent gestures. At first an awful silence prevailed; at length some cries of 'Vive la Republique!' were heard. By degrees the voices multiplied and in less than ten minutes this cry, a thousand times repeated became the universal shout of the multitude, and every hat was in the air..."

Vive le Roy
Dieu le Roy,
de Brantigny

Messe Louis XVI

Mercredi 21 janvier 2009 à 12 heures précises
Messe organisée par le Mémorial de France dans le rit extraordinaire
célébrée par M. l'abbé Christian-Philippe Chanut
prédication par M. L'abbé Michel Viot, curé de l'église Saint-Pierre de Tours
avec la participation du Choeur grégorien de Paris et en présence de
S.A.R. le prince Charles-Emmanuel de Bourbon-Parme

127 rue de Créqui
Samedi 24 janvier 2009 a 10H30 en présence de
S.A.R. le prince Rémy de Bourbon-Parme

Mercredi 21 janvier 2009 à 12 h 15
le Cercle de l´oeillet blanc nous invite à prendre part
à la messe aux intentions du roi Louis XVI

Dimanche 25 janvier 2009 à 19 heures
Rendez-vous devant l'église de la Madeleine, Paris 8ème

Dimanche 21 janvier 2009 à 18 heures 30

81 Avenue du Prado
Mercredi 21 janvier 2009 à 19 heures
Célébrée par Monseigneur Ellul

Mercredi 21 janvier 2009 à 18 h30

Dimanche 25 janvier 2009 à 11 heures 15
par M.l´abbé Chéreau

Boulevard de Prague
Samedi 24 janvier 2009 à 11 heures

vendredi 23 à 18 heures

44 rue du Manoir de Servigné
Mercredi 21 janvier à 18h30

Place Louis Blanc (en bas du cour Lafayette)
Mercredi 21 janvier 2009 a 18H30

Jeudi 22 janvier 2009 à 18 heures 15
Célébrée par le Père Renaud Escande, o.p

A Cannes, La Bocca
Dimanche 18 janvier 2009, à 10 heures
Renseignement: Cercle Hugues Capet

Dimanche 18 janvier 2009
10h30: Messe pour Louis XVI et toutes les victimes de la Révolution
15h00: Conférence
16h00: Galette des Rois
Renseignement: Cercle Jean de Beaumanoir agitato7@...

Commune de Gaubretière
Mercredi 21 janvier 2009 à 11 heures
Célébrée par Monsieur l'Abbé de Durat

Samedi 17 janvier 2009 à 11 heures à 8 km 5 de Sablé-sur-Sarthe

Mercredi 21 janvier 2009 à 18 heures 15

Vive le Roy! Vive Louis!

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny


Rome says "Enough, already!"

The Western Confucian posts...

That is essentially the message from Rome, says Damian Thompson, in response to the "'excessive' Jewish complaints about the Good Friday prayers in the traditional Latin Missal, which pray for the conversion of the Jews" — Vatican tells Jews to stop complaining. Mr. Thompson reminds us that "if you ban all prayers for the conversion of the chosen people, then you end up misrepresenting the founder of Christianity." more...

Thanks and a tip of the beret to the Western Confucian..

Dieu le Roy!
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