Was George Washington a Catholic?

This story has arisen before concerning the first president. Both Christine and Joseph have placed a short article on their blogs today concerning George Washington.

Living within a few hours ride from Mt Vernon, we have visited Washington's Virginia home on the Potomac several times. In truth, it is a shrine to freemasonry. I have heard rumors that Washington became a Catholic just before he died. No one ever told Martha evidently, as she died in communiion with her Anglican Church.

I guess we will never know, though it is good to speculate. I will ask him if I see him...

Thanks to both Christine and Joseph.

Dieu le Roy,


M.D.A. said...

I believe it is an attempt, and a futile one at that, to give some legitimacy to the Revolution and its revolutionaries. It is bad history, and even worse, it has a hint of Americanism. I would suggest reading Dr. Horvat’s article on the subject: http://traditioninaction.org/History/B_007_WashingtonCatholic.html

Brantigny said...

Thanks Mark your comments are always welcome.


tubbs said...

Freemasonry hadn't been totally condemned yet. And I believe that Washington's masonic apron was embroidered by French Carmelite Sisters.

Brantigny said...

What does totally condemned mean?

Providas Romanorum was a Apostolic constitution promulgated by Pope Benedict XIV on May 18, 1751. The constitution condemned Freemasonry on the grounds of its naturalism, demand for oaths, secrecy, religious indifferentism, and possible threat to the church and state. It confirmed the previous constitution Eminenti Apostolatus Specula. It specifically forbids Roman Catholics from seeking membership in any Masonic group.
I think that says it was.

If you can prove his apron was sewn by Carmelites show me. I doubt that a Carmelite would.

The apron is in a glass case in Mt Vernon.


tubbs said...

I stand corrected and I thank you M. Richard. But I still believe the real animosity developed after the enormities of the Revolution.

As for the apron. I'll do further research when I can.

tubbs said...

Re: Washington's apron,https://freemasonry.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=51&Itemid=49

Brantigny said...

Tubbs, I expect you wishme to set eh statement that the Maosnic apron worn by GW was made by nuns in Nantes. No date of manufacture is given nor is the specific congregation is mentioned, coupled with the web site from which it was taken does not consitute a proof for me. I do not in any way dispute that GW was a freemason, nor la Fayette. Indeed the museum at Mount Vernon is a shrine to his freemasonry, in which is contained the key to the Bastille presented to GW by the traitor la Fayette.

I am not exactly sure of which Revolution you refer to, but we do klnoiw and it has been a source of pride amongst freemasons that the pub from which the "Indians" came from for the Boston Tea party was also a Masonic lodge. This is not mentioned in school history books.

As for GW generals being members of the freemasons? there was a pretty high percentage. To be honest though there probably as many on the side of the British. I for one do not believe that the British were activly engaged in the subversion of their Soveriegn.

The Masonic lodges in France publically stated that they were taking credit for the Revolution in France. How proud they must have been! Thousands killed for no reason other than their faithm Priests executed, Nuns executed, Aristo's murdered, tghe king and Queen martyred.

Of course the Mason, like a drug dealer would say that it is not forbidden by name in writing that it is forbidden by the Church to becoma mason. This is rationalism, I don't except that from my children, (who would say you told here not me not to do this or that), that is as we say an excuse not a defense. There will be no excuses allowed by Christ at the Judgement.