Madame Thérèse, daughter of Louis XV

How appropriate it is that Catherine should post an article of the little princesses of Louis XV during the week of my youngest princess' birthday. All of a fathers daughters are his princesses...

Madame Thérèse, daughter of Louis XV
At first I had planned to limit this series on the daughters of Louis XV and Marie Leszczynska to those who had reached adulthood. Then a reader mentioned privately that she hoped I would include the little princesses who had died as children. Indeed in their own sad way they too illustrate life and death in the 18th century.

Death was common to the world then, it is probably why they had so much respect for it. I feel sometimes that we have no such respect for the death of the little ones, indeed nor for the older ones either. We are daily bombarded through the modern tabernacle called the TV or the computer with graphic scenes of violence we have be come accustomed with death. Death can be ended in that world by a click of the remote.

Thanks to Catherine Delors for the posting and please excuse my ranting.

Dieu le Roy!

BTW: Alénor d'Aquitaine is very much one of the most colourful women of all time...Thanks to Catherine for her photo. I am sure Madame Thérèse is having a full time in her company.

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Thanks for the link, Richard, and happy birthday to your own little princess!