Henrietta Hughes and the Messiah

This video is worriesome to me. Not because Henrietta Hughes begs the president for personal help but for the god worship of the woman in the back who mouths "I Love You, Barack". This is an Anti-Christ.

Dieu Le Roy!


Anonymous said...

This video is indeed frightening. This is beyond "honoring the 'king,'" (1 Peter 2:17) this is essentially prayer. Another nail in the coffin of democracy.

- Your fellow monarchist, AR.

Brantigny said...

Thanks to you on your comment. This is mental. The only time in history that I can relate this to, was Hitler.


Anonymous said...

"Where men are forbidden to honour a king they honour millionaires, athletes or film stars instead: even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison." - C.S. Lewis

Politicians can be honored just as easily.