"A Certain Element of Dress"

This weekend as we were sitting outside Chownings Inn in Williamsburg I lamented to my wife the I was not impressed with the lack of decorum the young and old had in their clothing. I made this remark because the young lady(?) sitting on a bench to my front was wearing her sleep pants and a hooded sweatshirt. Surely I said her mother or father did not know how she was attired. Then almost as quickly as I said that I realized they probably did. When I was young I hated the fact that my mother picked out my clothes for me. Jeans to school! That did not happen. We have grown so used to dressing down that we don't even know how to dress. Jeans and T-shirts are de rigueur, everywhere. Well Elena-Maria has published these thoughts on style.

...The world has changed. How we now despise the little things which once added grace and charm to the natural order. I wonder~ is it because we have grown too sophisticated to worry about the details?... more

I remember when a boy would not think of approaching the home of a girl without dressing up. I once set away a boy calling on my daughter for showing up like a hobo. His pants did not fit, he had holes in his shirt. "Go away until you can dress like you respect my daughter."

Dieu le Roy!

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