Prince Ranier III

On today's date in 1949, Prince Ranier was crowned Prince of Monaco.

Rainier III, Prince of Monaco (Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand Grimaldi; 31 May 1931 - 6 April 2005, )styled, His Serene Highness The Sovereign Prince of Monaco, ruled the PrinPrincipality of Monaco for more than 50 years, making him one of the longest ruling monarchs of the 20th century. Though he was best known outside of Europe for having married American actress Grace Kelly, he was also responsible for reforms to Monaco's constitution and for expanding the principality's economy beyond its traditional gambling base. Gambling accounts for approximately three percent of the nation's annual revenue today; when Rainier ascended the throne in 1949, it accounted for more than 95 percent. Before his death, he was the world's second-longest reigning monarch with his 56 years of reign. more....

Dieu le Roy,
de Brantigny


Anglicans face crucial choice, Vatican prelate says

London, May. 7, 2008

The Vatican's top ecumenical spokesman has posed a challenge to Anglican leaders, saying that the Anglican communion must decide whether it has more in common with the Catholic and Orthodox churches or the Protestant denominations.

"Ultimately, it is a question of the identity of the Anglican Church," Cardinal Walter Kasper (bio - news), the president of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, told the British Catholic Herald. "Where does it belong?"

In an unusually candid interview, Cardinal Kasper said that Anglican leaders would be forced to address "certain difficult decisions" at this year's Lambeth conference in July.

The Lambeth meeting, which brings together Anglican prelates from around the world every 10 years, will face tough decisions on divisive questions such as the ordination of female bishops and the acceptance of same-sex unions. The cardinal said that these decisions would require the Anglican communion to "clarify its identity."

Cardinal Kasper has been invited by the Archbishop of Canterbury to address the Lambeth conference, and his blunt remarks to the Catholic Herald may be a preview of his message to the Anglican leadership. He said that the Anglican Church must decide whether it will be guided by the authority of ancient Christian traditions or whether it will break from the doctrines that once bound all of an undivided Christian world.

"At the moment it is somewhere in between," he observed.

At the Lambeth conference, Cardinal Kasper told the Catholic Herald, the Anglican communion must make a choice: "Does it belong more to the churches of the first millennium--Catholic and Orthodox-- or does it belong more to the Protestant churches of the 16th century?"

From the Catholic Bulletin,
de Brantigny

Things I ponder

From my how can anyone think democracy works...

Liberals manufacture crisis' and convince the masses that only they can solve the crisis. They are then elected to run the government. Here are some examples...

In 2007 the City of Raleigh, North Carolina found itself, as well as other large cities in the area, in the midst of a level 1 drought. At first the city asked for voluntary water conservation, then the city enacted mandatory water restrictions with a warning for first time abuse, Then a small fine was enacted for first time abusers, then the city increased fines for abusers no first time grace. The city was able to reduce its requirements by 20%. Although we have several weeks of rain and the reservoirs have filled to overflowing, to the point that 50 million gallons are dumped each day into the Neuse River, the city has yet to remove the water restrictions. I wish that I could end the story there, unfortunately I can't. It seems that, the City of Raleigh in reducing the water use 20%, has lost revenue in water bills. So now there is an idea floating around Raleigh to increase the water tax by... 20%.

You are probably saying to yourself why don't they just lift the water restrictions?

Because there is a crisis!

Global Warming.

15 or 20 years ago the thought at the time was, that the world was cooling off. It was cooling because the greenhouse gasses were cutting off the sunlight and the mean temperature was dropping.

Then came the earth is warming up crowd. Lead by the ex-vice President Al Gore, it was proclaimed that the earth was heating up. We are going to burn to a crisp! The icecaps are melting, melting, like the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz. Polar bears are drowning, and icebergs the size of Connecticut are floating in the ocean. Pretty soon New York will be knee deep in water and all along the coasts of the world the land would become new additions to the sea.

I will give reasons why I don't.

First, I am from Chicago. The area now called Chicago, was once covered with ice. The earth was cooler, the ice sheet extended south to the Ohio river. One of the worlds tallest buildings the Sears tower, if it had been around then would have been covered by about a mile of ice. The tower, at 1,450 feet, would be under an additional 5280 feet of ice and snow. To put that in context imagine the i in imagine to be the Sears Tower. Ice would extend to the top of the second letter d in the word covered above it. The ice receeded not because of cars, carbon foot prints, or caveman industry. The Ice receeded because God said so. The sun warmed up the earth. We do not have the ablity to cool the sun. Truth is, the earth has been cooling during the last 10 years. Don't confuse a "Green" with the facts, their mind is made up. Temperatures have risen and fallen for millions of years.

Second, the "Earth is Warming" crowd are making a lot of demands on people, namely, raise less cattle (their farts are methane, a green house gas), don't have babies, ( gas for cars produces greenhouse gas, and going to the doctor, schools, stores just produces more), purchase a carbon offset, (plant a tree to prodce more oxygen, disregarding the fact that trees need CO2 to grow, a green housegas), etc, etc.

So my question is this, simply when will we know that the problem is solved? If the temperature has dropped a half of a degree? ...a whole degree? ...10 degree? When?

The liberal faction says they have the cure, raise the taxes on fuel, enforce restrictions which will be a detriment to our lifestyle, thrust us back into the third world. In all these senarios the only real cure is for them to be the ones in power. Only the liberal faction can save us! Halp me! Halp me! Pleeeze, somebody halp me! Unfortunately Al isnt preparted to live in a log cabin or drive a Hugo, he will just by trees in Washington state...

A High School teacher in Minnesota is taking her class going to Spain, has sent permission slips to parents for permission to allow them the privledge of drinking wine while there. The legel age in Spain is 17 to drink. A state congressman has weighed in, saying it is terribly worng to allow High school students to drink.

Three things: 1 This teacher has been doing this for 20 years, without incident. Now a government official deems it necessary to act like a big brother and enforce the state rules on Spain. 2. This representative is infering that parents are not smart enough to know their children or grant permission. (In the past some parents have opted out of the drinking permission and the teacher has enforced it. ) 3. No Crisis, just another elected official creating a crisis, that he alone can cure. I dont see the problem myself.

Dieu Le Roy.
de Brantigny

Heroic Story.

Last night I watched a beginning of a program on the Sci-Fi channel, called "Children of the Grave." I was about alleged haunting in an Indianapolis grave yard in which 6000 orphan and abandoned children were buried after they died from between 1903 and 1980. It was a heart wrenching story and I could not watch it. I have felt the presence of Jesus and his Mother today. I prayed for all those children who had never known love or kindness. They reminded me that these children were not out of Their eyes. As I was scanning the blogs to which I sometimes travel, I found an article on Laudem Gloriae, which was a redirect from the London Daily Mail dated the 26th of January 2008. I reprint it in full, it can be found here with more photos. See the look on Lorraine face, there is not trace of regret, only of immense joy.

Mother sacrificed her life by refusing cancer treatment so her premature baby would live

Lorraine Allard lost cancer battle three weeks after giving birth

Four months into her pregnancy, Lorraine Allard was devastated to learn she was in the advanced stages of cancer.

Doctors advised her to have an abortion and start chemotherapy straight away. Instead, with steadfast courage, she insisted on waiting long enough to give her unborn son a chance to survive, telling her husband Martyn: "If I am going to die, my baby is going to live."

Left, Lorraine Allard, 33, and Liam two weeks after he was born. She started a course of chemotherapy almost straight away and was able to cradle him just a handful of times before she died last Friday

A caesarean delivery was scheduled at 26 weeks, but Mrs Allard went into premature labour a week before and Liam was born on November 18.

She then started chemotherapy, but died on January 18 - having left her bed a handful of times to cuddle her son beside his incubator.

"Lorraine was positive all the way through - she had strength for both of us," Mr Allard said yesterday.
"Towards the end we knew things weren't going well, but she was overjoyed that she had given life to Liam."
The 34-year-old oilfield technician from St Olaves, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and his 33-year-old wife already had three daughters - Leah, ten, Amy, eight, and Courtney, 20 months - when they learned they were expecting their first boy, "We were going to have the full set and didn't plan to have any more children after that," said Mr Allard.

But in October last year, his wife started suffering stomach cramps and tests at James Paget Hospital in Gorleston revealed tumours on her liver.

It is believed the disease spread from bowel cancer that had been growing unnoticed for years.
"The doctors said they couldn't do anything because she was pregnant," said Mr Allard.

"She told them straight away they were not going to get rid of the baby. She'd have lost the will to fight."

Mrs Allard went into labour a couple of weeks after the diagnosis and gave birth at the Norfolk and Norwich University NHS Hospital in Norwich.

"Liam was so tiny, just 1lb 11oz, so the nurse picked him up and allowed Lorraine to give him a little kiss before he was taken to an incubator," said Mr Allard.

"She was so emotional. She had been so determined to give him the best chance and was happy that he had been born naturally, which meant she wouldn't have to recover for a couple of weeks after a caesarean before beginning the chemotherapy."

The treatment began almost immediately and Mrs Allard spent her time recuperating at home, apart from four visits to her newborn son.

Liam has responded well to his care and it is hoped he will be sent home from hospital in early March.
But his mother's health started to deteriorate just before Christmas and a scan on January 17 revealed the tumours were still growing.

She died the following day. Mr Allard said: "The doctors had said the cancer was no longer curable, although they were trying to shrink the tumours - which they thought might give her a couple of years.

"On the day Lorraine died, she hadn't eaten for two weeks and couldn't drink.

"I laid beside her and she was gripping my hand quite tight.

"We were like that for about half an hour. I could feel against my chest that her heart was slowing down. She just slipped away after that. It was very peaceful.

"When Liam is old enough, I won't tell him that Lorraine gave her life for him, but I will say she made sure he had a good chance of life.

"She told me she didn't want him to feel bad about it."

Mrs Allard's father, Tom Berry, said: "I was overwhelmed by the way Lorraine took it.

"She lived for her husband and children. She was a big personality with a heart of gold."
Babies born at 25 weeks have a 50 per cent chance of survival. This goes down to 39 per cent at 24 weeks and 17 per cent - or a one in six chance - at 23 weeks.
Saint Gianna pray for us,
Dieu le Roy,
de Brantigny


Ave Maria Libera

I found this on "Le Secret Admirable du Très Saint Rosaire", by a redirect from Le Sacré Coeur de Jésus.

J'ai trouvé ceci sur « Le Rosaire de Saint de Très de du Admirable Secret », par un redirect Du Sacré Coeur de Jésus.

C'est beau.

Chere Marie notre Mère, priez pour nous.
de Brantigny

Louis the Dauphin

Maria-Elena has a short article posted today about Louis the Dauphin. The only surviving son of Louis XV born of a pious mother Queen Marie he was brought up in a Christian atmosphere which he in turn imparted on his son the future Louis XVI. His ministrations and lessons he taught the young Louis XVI went a long way in imparting upon is character a sense of Christian morality and propriety, unknown to many of the nobility at the time.

...Louis the Dauphin was the only son of Louis XV and the father of three kings of France, including Louis XVI. According to Wikipedia:

Louis was rather plump. He was well educated: a studious man, cultivated, and a lover of music, he preferred the pleasures of conversation to those of hunting, balls, or spectacles. With a keen sense of morality, he was very much committed to his wife, Marie-Josèphe, as she was to him. Very devout, he was a fervent supporter of the Jesuits, like his mother and sisters, and was led by them to have a devotion to the Sacred Heart. He appeared in the eyes of his sisters as the ideal of the Christian prince, in sharp contrast with their father who was a notorious womanizer.

Kept away from government affairs by his father, Louis was at the center of the Dévots, a group of religiously-minded men who hoped to gain power when he succeeded to the throne...

Grand Dieu Sauve le Roy!
de Brantigny

Chants et refrains royalistes

Waltz Of The Flowers

Today is the birthday of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, I thought this would be a good way to start off.

The classics remain...

The day after...Ah, democracy

Let me describe my drive into work today.

First some background. When I retired from active duty, my wife and I made an effort to move as far away as a military base as possible. I had been active for 22 years and 8 months, and I wanted some peace and quiet. Not because I didn't love the Corps, but because we needed a change from the Ou-Rah*.

We moved to Vance County, on the edge of the Piedmont of North Carolina. My wife's family has lived basically on the same land since it was granted to them by George II, about 1745.

Our home is surrounded by grandfather oak trees, maple, sweet gum, birch, and cedar. I keep 5 dogs who love to chase squirrels, and rabbits to the horror of my granddaughters and the delight of my grandson.

I regularly have deer, fox, raccoon and a pesky possum (who likes dog food) tracing paths in my lawn, which I cut when I want to.

But I digress. Yesterday was the primary election. Nothing has changed as I predicted on Monday. Hillary and Obama, are pretty much where they were, and McCain won handily against no opposition. Ah, democracy.

* It is the result of excessive motivation by Marines, and Navy Corpsmen which manifests itself by rising to the throat and exiting the body makes the sound, "OU-Rah!" . Can also be a mating sound between male Marines and female Marines. It replaces the older Semper Fi Mac, used by Marines my age and older, which was found to be discriminatory against the Scotish and Irish. The Army, being the sister service have a more feminine "Who- Ha"! ( OK just kidding!). Sailors and Airmen have no comparative call.

Vive le Roy.
de Barntigny


A New Blog about la Reine Martyre

I have received a comment on my last entry, St-Gervais Church of Paris , from Anabel, of Buenos Aires, Argentina,her blog is entitled "Trianon de la Reina" and it is dedicated to the la Reine-Martyre, it may be found here...

Welcome Anabel!

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Anabel...

Vive le Roy! Vive la Reine!
Richard Sieur de Brantigny (dit) Boisvert

St-Gervais Church of Paris

Sts. Gervase and Protais by Phillipe de Champagne

The Church of St-Gervais in Paris has, sheltered one of the most famous dynasties of French musicians during more than two centuries since 1653: the Couperin family.
This church is one of oldest of Paris. Its existence is mentioned at this place starting from 4th century. Dedicated to Gervasius and Protasius, it was formerly seat of the powerful brotherhood of the wine merchants, it took its present appearance starting from 16th century. Its frontage would be completed much later, about 1620, testifying to a perfect control of traditional esthetics.

On one side of the church there still remains the house of the famous harpsichordists, organist and composers and a plaque commemorating their address. The organ of Louis and Francois exists still today inside the Church. Built by the most famous Organ makers of the time, including Cliquot, it is a fine example of the French baroque.

A sad story: during World War I, on march 29, 1918, a German shell fell on the roof of the Church, killing a hundred people in the nave.
The square located at the foot of the staircases of the church was for a long time called "Crossroads of the Elm": since the Middle Ages a centuries-old elm tree, grew at its centre. The inhabitants of the neighbourhood would Make good on their debts there. Several pictures of this elm still remain, in the stalls of the Church and on some nearby buildings.

The side of the church is skirted by François Miron Street, where two of the oldest medieval houses of Paris remain, at numbers 11 and 13. They date most likely from 14th century. One can see their structure of exposed wood, which was prohibited at the time due to the risk of fire.

En français

L'Eglise Saint-Gervais abrita est une de la plus fameuse dynastie de musiciens français pendant plus de deux siècles à partir de 1653 : les Couperin.

Cette église est une de la plus ancienne de Paris puisque son existence est mentionnée à cet endroit dès le VIème siècle. Autrefois c'etait un siège de la confrérie puissante des marchands du vin, le siege prend son apparence actuelle à partir du XVIème siècle. Cette façade sera achevée bien plus tard, vers 1620, témoignant d'une parfaite maîtrise des classiques esthétiques . Construite par les plus célèbres facteurs de l'époque comme Clicquot, il est parfaitement représentatif de la grande école d'orgue français de la periode baroque.

Sur le côté de l'église subsiste encore la maison des illustres clavecinistes, organistes et compositeurs ainsi qu'une plaque qui commémorant leur adresse. Le prestigieu orgue de Louis et François Couperin existe encore aujourd'hui à l'intérieur de l'Eglise.

Un anecdote vraiment triste est du 29 mars 1918, un obus allemand est tombe sur la nef de l'Eglise est a tue cent paroissionneurs.

La place qui s'étale devant les escaliers de l'église fut pendant longtemps appelée "Carrefour de l'Orme" car depuis le Moyen-Age un orme vénérable existait plusieurs centenaires au centre. Les habitants alentours avaient l'habitude de s'y retrouvait pour s'acquitter de leurs créations. Plusieurs représentations de cet orme légendaire subsistent encore dans les stalles de l'Eglise et sur quelques bâtiments voisins.

Le côté de l'église est longé par la rue François Miron qui préserve encore deux des plus vieilles maisons médiévales de Paris, au numéros 11 et 13. Ces maisons à l'enseigne du Faucheur et à l'enseigne du Mouton. Elles dateraient du XIVème siècle. On aperçoit que leur structure de bois à colombages qu'était interdit à l'époque a cause de diffusion d'incendie. Tous les colombages devaient être recouverts de plâtre.

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny
My translation was assisted by my daughter Geneviève Suzanne. Merci mon petit chou!


♫ 1899 - Debout les Gâs ♪

Nous sommes gars de Bretagne
Fidèles au Roi,
Au Roi !
Nos aîeux ont fait campagne
Pour venger le Roi,
Le Roi !
Et la lande armoricaine
En est rouge encore, dondaine...

Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi
Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi

Nos pêcheurs quittaient leurs roches
Pour venger le Roi,
Le Roi !
Nos fermiers leurs moissons proches
Pour venger le Roi,
Le Roi !
Nos messieurs les biaux domaines
Criant en chemin, dondaine...

Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi
Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi

Nos gars avaient à leur tête
Pour venger le Roi,
Le Roi !
Bonchamps, Stofflet ou Charette
Ces vengeurs du Roi,
Du Roi !
Fronts de granit, cœurs de chêne
Tombaient en criant, dondaine...

Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi
Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi

Nos gars n'ayant point d'épées
Pour venger le Roi,
Le Roi !
Leurs faulx dans le sang trempées
Pour venger le Roi,
Le Roi !
Fauchaient les Bleus par centaines
Comme les blés noirs, dondaine...

Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi
Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi

Ce fut une rude guerre
La guerre du Roi,
Du Roi !
De nos gars n'en revint guère
Sont morts pour le Roi,
Le Roi !
Mais de la Vendée au Maine
Nous l'aimons toujours, dondaine...

Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi
Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi

Si la Nation française
Réclame son Roi,
Son Roi !
Tous, comme en quatre vingt treize (1793)
Luttons pour le Roi,
Le Roi !
S'il le faut, l'âme sereine
Marchons à la mort, dondaine...

Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi
Ah ! Ah ! Ah !
Debout les gars
Vive le Roi

Vive le Roi, Louis XX!
de Brantigny

Primary day in North Carolina

It had to happen. The primary election will be held tomorrow. Usually in this political backwater the nominees would already be selected and we in the Old North State could be relaxing, sitting on the porch with a glass, watching the dog and the children frolic merrily in the yard as we listened to the deer birds warn strangers away from their nests, and impervious to the rangling of politics, so far beneath us.

But not this year. The political non-entities, all jockeying for a place in the great republics feeding trough are still fighting it out. It is not a case of who will win, but why bother. If I were a democrat, (which I am not,) the thought of voting and having my vote usurped by a "super delegate" would be unnerving. Whatever way I was to vote could be as meaningless as a proverbial f..t in the wind. What happened to "One vote, one man?" Oops, I forgot having been born in Chicago, what voting is there, (being dead is not and should not be an impediment to casting a vote. )

The only real primary will be the Democratic one. Vote for a woman socialist or vote for a man socialist. The program is the same, its just a different person saying it. Never mind the race thing.

The Republicans are still running McCain (who has been running since 2000, to get a good start) against who? So why go. Oh yes, there is that Gubernatorial election, judges and the like. But I have become very suspicious of anyone who is spending more money to be elected than will make in the course of the term.

I think this election cycle can be summed up quite nicely as I paraphrase the reason one female college student at Villanova said she will vote a democratic ticket, "My family have always been Democrats. " Ah ha! That's it! There's the reason!

Good thing her family weren't horse thieves.

Written by my hand this 5th day of May, 2008...
de Brantigny

Marie, la rose

Pour mes amis français, et notamment le blog, Le Sacré Coeur de Jésus...

Au 12 ème siècle Saint Bernard fait de la Rose le symbole de la Vierge et donc de la pureté : " Marie est une Rose blanche pour sa virginité, vermeille par sa charité, blanche par la pratique de la vertu, vermeille par l'écrasement du vice."

Prière à la Vierge Marie

O Marie, Soleil du ciel, réveillez la vie là ou elle s'est éteinte, éclairez l'intelligence ou règnent les ténèbres . Aussi souvent que vous vous reflétez dans le visage de vos enfants, donnez-nous un reflet de votre lumière et de votre ardeur !

Forte comme une armée, accordez la victoire à nos légions. Nous sommes si fragiles et l'ennemi se déchaîne avec une telle arrogance. Mais sous votre étendard, nous sommes sûrs de vaincre. Il connaît la force de votre pied, il craint la majesté de votre regard. Sauvez-nous ô Marie, belle comme la lune, splendide comme le soleil, forte comme une armée rangée en bataille, qui ne s'appuie pas sur la haine, mais sur la flamme de l'amour. Ainsi soit-il.
Sa Sainteté le pape Pie XII
Merci au Webmaster,
de Brantigny