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Brigitte Bardot

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

There are only two counties in the world which have a constitutional right to Freedom of speech, alas France is not one of them. Once again Brigitte Bardot is being hauled to court to be tried on "Inciting Race Hatred". Times haven't really changed since the terror in France, the secular government is just a bit more selective in who it will prosecute (or persecute). She is telling the truth and is loathed by the liberal faction for it. I remember in 2006 when the Muslims were burning autos in the cities throughout France. Were the Muslims placed on trial for inciting hatred?

Hate crime legislation is already being looked at in the House and Senate of the United States. If it passes who then will tell the truth? Will churches be closed because someone does not like what the Priest says in his Homily?

Is Brigitte Bardot Bashing Islam?

Time Magazine
Tuesday, Apr. 15, 2008
By Bruce Crumley/Paris

She may be better remembered as the revolutionary sex kitten of 1960s French cinema, but these days Brigitte Bardot is better known as a standard-bearer of the anti-immigrant wing of France's political spectrum. Bardot went on trial Tuesday charged with "inciting racial hatred," and in view of her four previous convictions on similar charges, prosecutors sought exceptionally stiff penalties of $22,000 and a two month suspended sentence.

"I'm a bit tired of trying Madame Bardot," admitted assistant prosecutor Anne de Fonette, as she urged the court to impose "the most striking and remarkable" punishment in the case. A verdict is expected on June 3.

The current charge against Bardot was lodged by the Movement Against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples (MRAP), citing a letter Bardot wrote to French officials in 2004 in which she alluded to Muslims as "this population that leads us around by the nose, [and] which destroys our country." The former actress-turned-animal rights crusader had written that letter to protest the ritual slaughter of sheep during the Muslim festival of Eid-al-Kabir. Her missive, whose contents were later leaked to the media, had been sent to then-Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, whose rising popularity was based in part on his hard line on immigration and tough stand against troublesome youths from immigrant backgrounds.

Lawyers for the 73 year-old Bardot, who did not attend the trial, argued the offending sections of the letter had been taken out of the context of her militant defense of animal rights over the years, a cause in support of which she has raised and spent millions of dollars. Her work in the area has been hailed by French political leaders and organizations around the world, although more recently French courts have interpreted some of her statements as Islamophobia.

Bardot's defense Tuesday was that her passionate denunciation of the ritual slaughter of Eid-al-Kabir had been misinterpreted as an attack on Islam in France. A similar defense had failed to spare her from conviction in four earlier trials. In 1997, for example, Bardot was first convicted on the charge of "inciting racial hatred" for her open letter to French daily Le Figaro, complaining of "foreign over-population", mostly by Muslim families.

The following year she was convicted anew for decrying the loss of French identity and tradition due to the multiplication of mosques "while our church bells fall silent for want of priests." Darkening Bardot's public image in both cases was her marriage to an active supporter and political ally of French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen.

In 2000, Bardot was again convicted — this time for comments in her book Pluto's Square, whose chapter "Open Letter to My Lost France" grieved for "...my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims." And in 2004, another Bardot book, A Cry In the Silence, again took up the question of immigration and Islam — ultimately running afoul of anti-racism laws by generally associating Islam with the 9/11 terror attacks, and denouncing the "Islamization of France" by people she described as "invaders".

The prosecution has called for the harshest possible punishment in the hope of getting through to Bardot the seriousness of her transgressions of French law. MRAP implored the judge to "take note of this refusal by (Bardot) to learn the lessons of previous convictions and cease using racist language". The court will make its decision by June, although the repeat convictions on similar charges suggest that Bardot has not exactly been chastened by previous court rulings.

Dieu le Roy.
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One moment please...

I will not post much today as it is the day of the Popes visit.

Here are my thoughts on the breakup of the fundamentalist Mormon Ranch in San Angelo, Texas. I will relate what I think.

First some background. It was reported that a 16 year old girl had made calls to the Texas State Child Welfare Agency stating that she had been sexually abused by her "spiritual husband". This prompted the child welfare agency to request that the county sheriff obtain warrants for searches to be conducted and any children there to be removed and placed in foster homes. An unprecedented 401 children were removed and place in protective custody.
The media have portrayed this as a measure to insure the safety of the children.

That this is a sect of Mormonism is true.

That this sect, man and woman believe in polygamy is true.

After that though, it gets foggy. To begin with the "16 year old abused girl" has never been found. Whether she exists at all is to me suspect. Since the removal of the woman and children there has been sufficient time to make herself known to the authorities. That she has not is telling.

"A culture of child sexual abuse existed at a West Texas ranch run by polygamists that was searched by police last week, state child welfare officials allege in court documents released Tuesday." NPR, 8 April 2008 Yet where is the 16 year old girl? Who is making the allegations, the welfare agency?
if that is true then reader we in the United States are in trouble.

"Most of those who took part in the search had never been near the compound, but they had heard well-documented rumors about what went on there, in part based on the sect's activities in Utah and Arizona." The Dallas Morning News, 9 April 2008. Since when is a rumor well documented? By its very nature a rumor is not reliable, when it is found to be true it is no longer a rumor it becomes fact.

The Dallas Morning news reported, "We have felt like we've known what was going on out there," the participant said. "Our assumptions have turned out to be true. Based on what? Isn't that for a court to decide?

"When a 17-year-old girl has two children, you can do the math." If one were to look real hard say in Eldorado, or Dallas, I am pretty sure that a number of pregnant 17, 16, 15, or even 14 year old girls could be found. Why all of a sudden did it matter in San Angelo?

Developments. The mothers of children have had them taken away and placed them in temporary foster homes. There have been no reports (that I have seen) of children who have showed signs of being beaten, or uncared for.

Dale Barlow, the 50-year-old man accused of marrying that girl and fathering her child, now lives in Arizona, and Texas authorities have declined to comment on whether they have been in contact with him. Mr. Barlow's probation officer told the Salt Lake Tribune that Mr. Barlow had denied knowing the girl.

What does this mean? It means that with out proof the government can come in and remove your children from your home. It doesn't matter if you are a fundamentalist Mormon, Christian, Jew, or Muslim. It is the seriousness of the charge which is at question not the veracity of the statement. Guilt or innocence does not matter. In a secular nation, you either toe the government line or look out.

Robespierre would be satisfied.

de Brantigny


Blessed Margaret of Castello

Blessed Margaret of Citta-di-Castello, Virgin It must have been about
the year 1293 when some women of Citta-di-Castello in Umbria, who had
gone one day to pray in their parish church, found within, a destitute
blind child of about six or seven, who had been abandoned there by her
parents. The kind souls were filled with pity for the little waif,
and, poor though they were, they took charge of her-first one family
and then another, sheltering and feeding her until she became
practically the adopted child of the village. One and all declared
that, far from being a burden, little Margaret brought a blessing upon
those who befriended her. Some years later, the nuns of a local
convent offered her a home. The girl rejoiced at the prospect of
living with religious, but her joy was short-lived. The community was
lax and worldly; Margaret's fervor was a tacit reproach to them, nor
did she bring them the profit they had anticipated. Neglect was
succeeded by petty persecution, and then by active calumny. Finally
she was driven forth ignominiously to face the world once more.

However, her old friends rallied around her. One couple offered her a
settled home, which became her permanent residence. At the age of
fifteen, Margaret received the habit of a tertiary from the Dominican
fathers, who had lately established themselves in Citta-di-Castello,
and thence forth, she lived a life entirely devoted to God. More than
ever did God's benediction rest upon her. She cured another tertiary
of an affliction of the eyes which had baffled medical skill, and her
mantle extinguished a fire which had broken out in her foster parents'

In her desire to show her gratitude to the people of
Citta-di-Castello, she undertook to look after the children while
their parents were at work. Her little school prospered wonderfully,
for she understood children, being very simple herself. She set them
little tasks which she helped them to perform; she instructed them in
their duty to God and to man, instilling into them her own great
devotion to the sacred Childhood, and she taught them the psalms
which, inspite of her blindness, she had learned by heart at the
convent. We are told that when at prayer she was frequently raised a
foot or more from the ground, remaining thus for a long time. Thus she
lived, practically unknown outside her own neighborhood, until the age
of thirty-three, when she died amidst the friends who loved her, and
was buried by their wish in the parish church, where many remarkable
miracles took place. The cult of Blessed Margaret was confirmed in 1609.

Died 1320 of natural causes;
Her body is incorrupt
Beatified 19 October 1609 by Pope Paul V
Commemorated April 13

Patronage: the unwanted, babies in danger of abortion

In art, Margaret is shown as a Dominican tertiary holding a cross,
lily, and heart with two flames offered to the crucifix; clothed with
the Dominican habit which consisted of a white tunic, leather belt,
and long, white veil

Dieu Le Roy
De Brantigny

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On this Day

Sunday 14 April 1912

The Titanic is steaming at 22 1/2 knots (approx 33 miles an hour). Lookout Frederick Fleet sights an iceberg. He rings the bridge. "What did you see", is the response. He replies "Iceberg right ahead"! It is estimated that 37 seconds pass between the sighting and the collision.

At 9am on 14 April, Titanic was following an international course which generally avoided fog and ice, when Caronia sent out the first of many ice warnings about the pack ice field across the recognised route. None of the following numerous messages mentioned icebergs until 21.40 hours when the Mesaba radioed the presence of a "number of large icebergs", however, despite this broadcast being received by Titanic and acknowledged, it was never delivered to the bridge. At 23.40 hours on the 14 April, lookout Frederich Fleet reported an iceberg (90 ft / 27.43 m high) half a mile dead ahead. First Officer Murdoch ordered the helm hard a starboard and the engines full astern. However, this evasive action was too late to prevent the Titanic striking the iceberg at near full speed. Despite only striking the berg for a mere 10 seconds before her bows swung to port, a series of six small gashes were opened just below the waterline, and aft of the foremast, which cut across five consecutive watertight compartments. The "unsinkable" Titanic, had been designed to float with any four of her watertight compartments flooded and Thomas Andrews, upon assessing the damage, gave the ship only 90 minutes to live.

The number of lifeboats aboard Titanic, although complying with the Board of Trade's regulations of the time, catered for only 1,178 of the 2,208 persons aboard. At 12.04hours on the morning of 15 April, the lifeboats were swung out and the CQD signal was sent out by Radio Officer Phillips, and the new SOS signal was also transmitted. The Carpathia was the nearest vessel at 58 miles and Captain Rostron headed for the Titanic at the fastest speed the ice would permit, but it would take the Carpathia four hours to reach the scene. Fourth Officer Boxall fired distress flares in the hope of alerting an unidentified vessel whose lights were visible eight miles away, but it offered no assistance before sailing away.

At the later Court of Enquiry, the Californian under the command of Captain Stanley Lord, was accused of being the unidentified vessel. The Californian was stopped for the night in ice 20 miles away from Titanic and despite seeing the distress rockets and the distant lights of a "small" steamer, assumed that the steamer had sailed away when the lights disappeared. The radio officer had signed off for the night before the Titanic began to send out her distress transmissions. The Californian took two and a half hours to steam to the scene of the sinking which was taken as evidence to confirm that the Californian was at least 20 miles away. Other sources claim that the mystery ship was a sealer, Samson, which was fishing illegally in the area. The identification of the unknown vessel remains a mystery to this day.

de Brantigny