The Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich

I found this today on Approved Apparitionsblog while researching some more information on The Great Monarch...

The Prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich

Anne Catherine Emmerich was born in humble conditions to a very devout couple so she learnt from an early age to love her Faith. But Anne's life was not like that of other children her age in that she was the recipient of visions and messengers of God from her youth.

God blessed Anne with many gifts including that of reading hearts, the hidden stigmata, and she survived only on the Eucharist for many years. This remarkable young girl would also converse with her guardian Angel and also come under attack by the demonic forces, none of which affected her Faith except for it to grow even more depthful than it already was.

Venerable Anne would also be visited by our Lord Jesus and our Lady where upon she received messages for the world, warning all people to once again embrace and live their Faith.

Some of these messages given to Anne were, 'that every parish and diocese, each city and country has its own particular and powerful guardian angel.' Anne Catherine was to see and be told many things including these messages from Heaven, She revealed that to gain an indulgence we must approach the Sacraments with true repentance and a firm purpose of amendment–or we do not gain it. She deposes that it is more holy to pray for the Poor Souls in Purgatory than for sinners who are still alive, for Anne had a particular love and devotion for the poor souls in Purgatory. She was also told that 'more Protestant souls stayed in Purgatory the longest not because they were worse than anyone else, but because so few people prayed for the repose of their souls or offered up Masses for their soul.'

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The Maid of Orleans

Last week Fox news had a news article about Joy Behar, and her statements on the view, denouncing Saints, particularly, St Teresa of Calcutta, as mentally ill. She said that given a little prosac she probably wouldn't have heard voices.(?) Of course this is nothing new as this article from the blog Jeanne d'Arc will show. ...and the calumny continues unabated.
Sometimes A Sword...

In the season finale to the teen detective series Veronica Mars, the eponymous character is trapped inside a refrigerator and her aggressor is threatening to burn her to death. As he splashes gasoline about her improvised cell he shouts, "Want to know something about Joan of Arc, Veronica? Huh? God didn't really talk to her... It's true; I saw it on TV... You know, it was one of those historical forensics programs? They decided that she had a brain tumor. Burned alive! What a waste. She thought her death meant something, but all it meant was she was crazy! Think about that..."

Putting aside the ludicrous effrontery of a character -- particularly a character who is an actor and has worked in television -- saying something as patently silly as "It's true; I saw it on TV...", I was instantly intriqued to find out if this was based upon an actual piece of retroactive diagnosis, or if the writers merely felt that a Joan of Arc reference would have effective echoes in a scene where a teen aged girl might burn to death for proclaiming the truth as she saw it. After looking for it briefly, I can't categorically say that such a television documentary doesn't exist, but if it does, I doubt it is based upon publishable medical research.

So, as a brief piece of entertainment here tonight, I thought I'd quote from the citations of a handful of medical and psychological publications that have attempted to diagnose Joan using the techniques contemporary to the time of writing.

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On Rewriting History

I found this on the Monarchist...

"Over the last few years I have become aware of the phrase "History Wars", which seems to be a serious attempt by the Politically Correct brigade to reinterpret, and in some cases completely rewrite, history.

As we approach the anniversary of the regicide of that glorious saint and King – Charles I, it is a good time to look at one of the most shameful rewritings of history I have ever seen (up there with the holocaust deniers). Mr. Geoffrey Robertson's book "The Tyrannicide Brief", the basic argument of which is to say that the illegal trial and execution of King Charles I was the first time the people put on trial a tyrant and then set about establishing a utopian new society under Oliver Cromwell."

...and more on The Right of Reply The King Never Had


Corries - Skye Boat Song

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St Francis Borgia

God in his Mercy prunes the trees and lets the part which bears fruit to grow and flourish.

Today in History

On this day in 1551: Francis Borgia wrote to the Emperor Charles V announcing his intention to enter the Society of Jesus and asking leave to resign his dukedom in favor of his eldest son, the Marquis de Lombay. more

Dear Jesus, Saint Francis led an easy life as a powerful nobleman with a great marriage. After his wife died, he entered the priesthood. To humble him, his Superior treated him in ways that were opposite of his former life, giving him the hardest work and making him serve all the other priests. I ask him to help me examine how much I like being served and to pray for me and all those I know who have positions of status. O Lord, help us to find pleasure in doing menial tasks for the sake of others. Inspire political leaders to put the needs of the people above their own desire for power and prestige. Saint Francis, pray for us. Amen.

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History, Faith, and Reason

Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit has an article about the Sacraments. Our ecclesiastical brethren have long disputed the need for sacraments let alone the amount of sacraments or the Grace they instill.

History, Faith and Reason

1,300 years before St. Ignatius of Loyola, there was Tertullian.

Tertullian on the Sacraments
The statement is often made that the early Christians didn't have sacraments and that they were a later "man-made" addition of the Catholic Church. Could this early Christian have gotten it wrong so soon after the death of the last apostles? more

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Jesuit Church Found in Maryland

This article comes from Good jesuit Bad Jesuit. I might disute the First church notion unless it is changed to "First Catholic Church in the English Colonies" as I can think of the Franciscans who attempted to convert the indians near where Jamestowne would be built, or the Jesuit French in New France, or St Augustine, etc. However, this is a good article and it is indicative of the attacks on the Church by the English Colonists who welcomed every protestant creed but the never a Catholic one.

Jesuit's Build First Catholic Church In The American Colonies
Foundation, all that's left of short-lived church. Museum attempting to rebuild Colonial structure dismantled shortly after it was built, but no one knows what it looked like...

A foundation in the shape of a Latin cross lay buried for three centuries in a Southern Maryland field, an archaeological puzzle piece thought to have been the base of a Catholic church dismantled soon after it was built. Scattered clues supported the idea of a lost church: fragments of plaster and glass unearthed nearby, a wooden tabernacle traced to a prominent family of Catholic settlers and mention of a "good brick Chappell" in the writings of one of the state's Colonial governors. more

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The church building is gone but the faith survives

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