The Immaculate Conception of the Holy Theotokos

The Holy Mother of God, by virtue of the saving grace of Christ's Sacred Death and Glorious Resurrection, received from the moment of HER conception (in the womb of her mother, St. Anne) the justification that we receive in Holy Baptism. While not being the actual words of the dogma, this is what it teaches. The grace of Holy Baptism is incapable of being purchased or earned. It is given to us freely by God in response to faith. more...

Many of our evangelical brothers have trouble with this doctrine. Quoting Scripture, passed down froom herectical ancestors they say "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". This is not true, because to say this is to say that Jesus himself was born in sin. Where God exists sin must be absent.

By way of an analogy I present this, "There is a path in the forest that we have trodden over many times. One dark night unbeknown to us a hole has been dug in the middle of the path which we fall into. It is to deep and to dark for us to escape by ourselves. A hand reaches down and pulls us up out of the hole. We are saved not by our merits but by the grace of God.

Mary walks down the same path yet as She is about to fall into the hole she is pulled back from the abyss by the ame hand as we were. She never falls into the hole.
We are redeemed alike, we after being in the hole called sin and Mary before being in sin.

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Fr Gregory A. Pilcher, O.S.B.

de Brantigny

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