Governor Palin

From Tea at Trianon, Elena-Maria has posted this redirect from Lew Rockwell...

...And I wish everyone would leave Mrs. Palin's teenage daughter alone. There is no perfect family. It sounds to me that the Palins are trying to handle a difficult situation with love and grace. The Washington Post reports on how Mrs. Palin balances work and motherhood. It reminds me of how Empress Maria Theresa would be signing state papers while in labor. Or how Queen Isabel of Castile would take her children along on the campaigns against the Moors... more

I am gratified that Elena-Maria has included examples of great Catholic Monarchs in his article...

Thanks to Elena-Maria, whose blog is never left wanting.

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny


elena maria vidal said...

The mention of the Catholic monarchs was mine but I agree that Mr. Rockwell's article was wonderful. Thank you for the link, Richard!

Brantigny said...

I have adjusted my article accordingly, thanks. I think sometimes my articles are a bit vociferous, so it is good to be brought back to earth.

Anonymous said...

To me, Gov. Palin represents a continuation of the same old stale, Masonic Liberalism which we have endured for over two hundred years.
Personally, I find it absurd and insulting that she should be likened to the great Empress or, more especially, the Blessed Isabella.
Those ladies were born into the vocation which the Divine Providence had placed them. They had not 'worked' their way through the bureaucratic labyrinth to promote their political careers.
They had more time and devotion for their children because of their position, not leaving them to be educated and reared by the state school system and hired baby-sitters (the caregivers were longtime attendants and retainers, almost like family, born into the work at hand).
Besides, overall the work of governing is generally the work of men - not a choice 'career' taken up by some Evangelical 'soccer' mom with a bent for being the PTA "assoluta" and who confuses the American flag for Jesus and the state capitol for the cathedral.

It is 'religious' go-getters like Sarah Palin who only make it all the more difficult for those woman who understand the great civilizing power they wield in the home to actually be enabled to stay there and rule in their proper demesne, without the duress of the anti-family, absolutist system of capitalism continually attempting to evict them, setting up another tax payer from the domestic unit, tightening the screw of contraceptive enslavement, and eventually usurping woman as queen over her own.
O yes, the Revolution continues daily.
And Sarah Palin ain't no Isabella.


Brantigny said...

Edward, I have allowed this post. I am really trying to find out what it is exacly you are tyring to say.

No Governor Palin is not an Empress, nor a Queen. If I were to make a comparison to a Queen I would make the comparison that Palin like Marie-Antoinette has to endure the calumny thrown on her by a press whose main occupation last weekend was to find a picture on the web of her in a bikini. ...But this is 2007 not 1707 and women who were given the right to vote (thereby participating in government) have the priveledge of running for office. Her daughter Bristol should admired not for making a mistake but for not compounding that error by destroying her unborn. In this same way Sarah Palin should be admired for not just giving lip service to Life but by demostrating her commitment to it by carrying a child who in 1929 could have been expected to live to age 9, but now (as of 2005) can live up to age 55. Somehow I can see very few on the jacobin left who would have considered the baby a "life of value".

No, I think you are wrong. Palin brings a breath of fresh air to the conservatives. One which is sorely needed.


elena maria vidal said...

I merely suggested that Mrs. Palin's ability to balance motherhood with political life reminded me of those great queens. To suggest that I was making a slur upon those Catholic monarchs is ridiculous and offensive. Mrs. Palin is only running for VP, a long way from an anointed monarch, which should be evident to anyone.

Thank you, Richard, for your common sense.

Brantigny said...

Your welcome, Elena.


Anonymous said...


When I came upon this site (which, by the way, I admire very much), I made the assumption that I had found something other.
I dove in too vehemently, hoping to sound more deeply a contre-revolution vraiment.
Rather I hit the bottom all too quikly, and am afraid that I have muddied the clear, sweet little pond of american francophilism which so delicately ornaments your pretty blog.
For this, I ask pardon.
And for allowing me to vent my traditionalist francais, I am in your debt.

You display very interesting posts, and I am sure I shall return with frequency.
Only from now on, I shall no longer step more than lightly in, as the water rises no more than to the knee.

With respect,

Brantigny said...

Dear Edward, There is no other nation on earth to which my heart is so closely attached, after my own, than that of France.

I enjoy hearing from some one who is a contre-Revolutionary. Unfortunatly we live in a time which more closely resembles the last days of the Roman Empire than that of pre-revolution France. One must be a realist as well as a Royalist. If M. Obama is elected with his croney Biden, I expect the faith to be persecuted even more than it is now.

Obama, is not good enough to be referred to as a Robespierre, no he is a Marat, and death is written on his wall, for any who will oppose his "change"; (Revolution is defined as change.)

I have written elswhere that Obama is the first anti-christ of the
21st century; I believe that to be true. Biden is his Talleyrand, a fallen Catholic, whose actions and statements are the fruit of his tree.

Although Palin is not Catholic she does have the right mesage on life. One message I think Catholic men and women need but will not be forthcoming from the jacobin faction.

OBTW, liberal Catholics mistakenly say don't be a one issue voter. Unfortunately this thinking has allowed the liberal Catholics to rubberstamp every evil dee the Democrats do.

see my article on fr Robert Drinan.


Anonymous said...


You seem a very gallant gentleman, and I am truly ashamed of the arrogant manner in which I have communicated with you.
I read my comments and...
Tantas culpas! Las lloro con todo mi corazon.
Again, I do apologize.

I look forward, if you will allow, to future intercourse of a more elevated tone.
I suppose my only excuse for such childish condecension is that I have before been rather badly "kicked about" for my views, and consequently walk into any cyberspace room with the proverbial chip on the shoulder.

No need here, I see!
Bravo, Monsieur! Bravo!

With that said, eventually I must engage you on this "royalist and realist" matter.
For I am of that school of French traditionalists which has made a kind of concordat with the Republique, a la Leo XIII.

I believe you must know the drapeau symbolique: the Heart of the Vendee in the 'heart' of the tri-color (the red may now stand for the Precious Blood, and the blue for Notre-Dame!)
Espoir et Salut de la France!

With respect,

Brantigny said...

You have no need to feel kicked about here. I know the feeling of be abused in groups and on sites for my profession of the truth set down in scripture.

I know the flag you describe. I will not have it on my blog. Why? because it is just that it is not a Un Drapeau Symbolique, it is un Drapeau Diabolique! It is a compromise with the devil. Flee for it that I beg you. The tricoler, was formed from the basis of the racing colours of that Orleanist mason who styled himself Phillipe d'Egalitie.

We French anger quickly and forgive quickly.


Vive le Roy.