Le Prince Louis de Bourbon

Le Prince Louis de Bourbon, duc d'Anjou Chef de la Maison de Bourbon successeur légitime des rois de France, honorera de sa présence la réception donnée à l'occasion de la sortie du livre Le Comte de Chambord dernier roi de France de Daniel de Montplaisir aux éditions Perrin le mercredi 11 juin 2008 à partir de 19 h 30 dans les Salons de la Maison Boucheron 26, Place Vendôme Paris 1er.

Le Prince Louis de Bourbon et La Duchesse Marie-Marguerite

Le Comte de Chambord (1820-1883) fut la figure marquante du royalisme français durant tout le milieu du XIXème siècle. Il mena la vie d'un haut personnage de son temps en relation avec toutes les Cours d'Europe et toutes les élites françaises. L'étude de nouvelles archives qui permettent de mieux cerner sa personnalité, son rôle et son influence est à la base de cette étude.

Daniel de Montplaisir, Conseiller à l'Assemblée nationale et historien, a publié avant cet ouvrage La monarchie aux éditions Le Cavalier bleu, coll. Idées reçues, 2003.

Le Prince Louis de Bourbon, duc d'Anjou, héritier des droits du Comte de Chambord, est depuis la mort de son père le Prince Alphonse de Bourbon (1936-1989) le chef de la maison de Bourbon, successeur des rois de France.


Un descendant de Louis XIV à l'Élysée

Le prince Louis de Bourbon, duc d'Anjou, assistera à la remise des
insignes d'officier de la Légion d'honneur au père de La Morandais,
jeudi prochain, par Nicolas Sarkozy. Un descendant de Louis XIV dans un
palais de la République, le symbole est fort...

Le Figaro 06/06/08

Dieu Sauve Le Roy! Vive Le Roy!
de Brantigny


Anonymous said...

Hello Richard,

I love history, especially French and Spanish, since I am half-French, half -Spanish. I have a few questions concerning Luis Alfonso de Borbon. Since you are a legitimist, I presume you have decided that he is the lawful pretendant to the French Crown in accordance to the laws of the Ancien Regime. However, I think it is obvious that Luis Alfonso is disqualified for this position, if we take into account the following:
Officially, Luis is a patrilineal descendant of Felipe V through Don Francisco de Asis, husband of Queen Isabel II. However, all historians agree that Isabel's son and successor, Alfonso XII was not the biological son of Francisco de Asis. Most historians agree that his father was probably Enrique Puig Molto. Consequently, Luis Alfonso de Borbon is NOT the patrilineal descendant of Felipe V. He is a descendant of the Bourbons through Isabel II, but this does not entitle him to the French throne since the salic law has never been repelled.
Secondly, both Luis Alfonso de Borbon and his father are the offspring of morganatic(unequal) marriages. These marriages would not have been considered acceptable for memebers of the royal family under the Ancien Regime. The children of morganatic marriages would not have been accepted as successors.
Thirdly, the marriage of Luis Alfosno's parrents was annulled in 1986. This makes him illegitimate in the eyes of the church. Illegitimate children of French kings have never been accepted as successors.
Finally, the king of Spain does not recognize Luis Alfonso as pretender to the French throne and he does not even recognize his other self-imposed titles.
I would be very grateful if you could find some time to answer my questions. I should mention that I am not a supporter of the Orleans branch. I am a republican and I believe that monarchy is redundant in the 21st century and I hope they will be abolished in the near future. Alix

Brantigny said...

You have posted an interesting comment. I will research this, however, having an annulled marriage does not illegitmaist child of the previous union.

I appreciate this letter from so erudite a republican. I suspect you are French? is this true?


Anonymous said...

Actually I'm half-French half-Spanish. I'm looking forward to the results of your research.


Brantigny said...

Naturally it is irrelivant what Juan Carlos recognizes. JC has abandoned the the Church in a way his anscestors never would have. His queen his a much wiser person.


Luis T. Puig said...


Greetings let me introduce myself. My name is Luis T. Puig, I live in the United States, in Maryland (Land of Mary) and I saw your website Le Fleur de Lis while I was researching on my family background. My grandfather was a Catalan, his name was Francisco Puig, and the family comes from Barcelona and Gerona on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees. I know the Puig name comes from France, more specifically from the Languedoc region. My grandfather died before I was born and he did not pass many stories of the ancestors in northern Spain and southern France to my father, He was a hard worker, who came to the US in 1917 when WWI was going on over there in Europe.

I found that the Coat of Arms for the Puig family is a royal blue Fleur de Lis on top of a mountain of the same color, on a golden field. Other Puig families also had the Fleur de Lis in their Coat of Arms; one, the Puig from Majorca had the colors exactly as the French royalty, Gold Fleur de Lis on top of a mountain of the same color on a royal blue field.
I have been told that the Puig family is related to the French royalty due to the evidence of the Fleur de Lis being in the family Coat of Arms throughout the centuries, going all the way back to the 1300s, and I am wondering since you seem to know much about the Fleur de Lis if this is true, is the Puig family related to French royalty?

Incidentally I am also, like you sir, retired military, in my case from the US. Navy nuclear Submarine Force, 20 years of service.

I would appreciate any answer you may have concerning this inquiry. My personal e-mail is luistpuig@yahoo.com

Thank you.

Luis T. Puig

Brantigny said...

Luis a Fleur on ones blazon does not necessarily mean one is a descendant of French Royality. It could mean that you are a descendant of a person who perfomed a service to the crown, an example of this would be Jehanne la Pucelle, (Jean d'Arc,) whose blazon is a sword with three fleurs and a crown.

I would be happy to communicate with you at gunnyb1973@yahoo.com.


Anonymous said...

Hello Brantigny,

I enjoy your blog very much and I know you must do a ton of research and put in much time. I do however disagree with calling this man the "Roi de France". He is neither the rightful King of France nor is he the "Great Monarch." Both Marie Julie Jahenny and Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich described The Great Monarch and how he came to be. They both say he will be called Henry, not Louis. They both say he will be known but to God until his appointed time and he will NOT come from a priviledged family such as these Euro royals. You can continue to swear an allegience to this "Roi" if you like but if you read these saints you'll quickly see that he is not the Great Monarch nor is is offspring. Just my two pennies. Thanks again for the great work on this blog!

Brantigny said...

I believe the Great monarch Henri de le Croix is coming. I have never acknowledged Louis as the Great Monarch. Just the rightful heir of France today. The great monarch could show himself at any time. I have had people write this blog anonymously and claim to be he. Of course I do not credit them.