The Divine Model of Governance

Note: The following is an excerpt from a piece Mark Amesse wrote for the Society of Christendom’s weblog The Christendom Chronicle.

At first glance introducing and explaining true monarchism seems a daunting task, for modern man has been trained to despise kings as tyrants, or at least to see monarchy as a backward governmental form, one which existed before the advancement of “civilised” democracy. Monarchy, they say, is only good in romances and fairy tales, and while it is true that monarchy appeals to our sentiments, I will not focus on sentimentalism, but on the intellectual theory of monarchism. The Comte de Maistre wisely advised us to, "[k]now how to be a monarchist: in the past it was instinct, today it is a science." I have tried to put those words into practice and I hope to share with our reader some of things I have gleaned.To continue reading click HERE.

Thanks to Mark at Durandal,
Dieu Sauve le Roy.
Richard Sieur de Brantigny, (dit) Boisvert

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