Masonic Handshake at the Tennis Court?

For those who have in the past, commented on the impossibility of Fremasons and the French Revolution, I present this print of the “The Tennis Court Oath” of 20 June, 1789. I believe the juring priest(?) is shaking the hand of the person swearing him in, is using a Masonic handshake and giving the sign of a Master Mason. Look for your self...

Tennis court oath by Jacques Louis David.
(click image to enlarge)

Notice the wind is coming from the left.

Vive le Roy!
de Brantigny


elena maria vidal said...

In the details of this drawing, through the window one can see a bolt of lightening striking the chapel.

Brantigny said...

You have seen this before?

de Brantigy

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, this picture is included in Simon Schama's "Citizens." Prof. Schama discusses all the revolutionary symbolism of it!

Brantigny said...

I read the book while on deployment to the desert. I dont remember looking at the pictures very much. My historical intrests were different then also.

It is funny how the Temple denies their involvement in bring down one of the oldest countries in the world to degredation, while the evidence is everywhere.