King George III, Thomas Jefferson, Capitalism and kings

Roman Christendom has one excellent article...

"...I am asked some interesting questions by a reader and will answer, with the indulgence of my other readers.

What is my assessment of King George III or his successors prior to Elizabeth II?

In simple terms, I think the monarchy began to improve under King George III and the recognition of his position by both the Pope and the Cardinal Duke of York (the true King of England) enhanced his legitimacy." More


Chicago Chicago that todlin" town

Well we made it. The weather has been drear but that is the way it gets here. Looks like we will have snow for Thanksgiving. Since my grand-daughter (the youngest) has never seen snow it will be a treat to watch her play in it.

God has truly worked miracles. It has been evident in every step. The view during the drive through the mountains of Virginia, West (by God) Virginia and Kentucky was beautiful, with the trees on the Blue Ridge at their peak of colour and brilliance. The view from lovers leap on Hwy 58 was exciting and one cannot help but have pity on those who profess atheism.

I am not a fan of Chicago I must admit. I find it as I do most cities crowded and
un-becoming even though the area my parents live is a recent addition to Chicago, Jefferson Park Township in 1889. It was also the largest at the time.

I lived in this area from 1969 until enlisted in the Marines at age 17, in 1973. I graduated from Carl Schulz HS in that year but because I was 17 my parents had to give permission. That school its self is quite old, having its 100Th anniversary in my graduation year, although not in the spot it currently is located. It currently has 2500 students. So consider the graduation classes! It is about 2 blocks from my house. I never played hookie, I mean where could I go, home?

My parents live in a house which one of the original farm houses in the area, but through sales long before they owned it in 1969 it was just an address on a block albeit one of the biggest in the neighbourhood. It was built about 1890 or so and an inscription under the stairs to the basemant has a date of 1904, but I think that is when the concrete was laid in a dirt floor. The house has been remodeled since but the beams in the house are true 4x4 and 6x6 inch square beams with square headed nails. My parents have been asked numerous times to add it to the national register but have resisted thus far because they would have to show it during certain times and could not accept the intrusion into their daily lives.

The local Parish is Saint Viators about two blocks east. (Chicago is a grid, streets go either north, south, east and west, and are numbered, by blocks and lots). It was founded by the Viatorians, named after a French Bishop in the 3rd century in Lyons, and the school is taught by Sisters of St Joseph. (My daughter Genevieve's God mother is a member of this order though her convent is in Orange Ca, St Joseph has been kind to me and my family). It is a magnificent edifice, lately being refurbished and is quite beautiful with a magnificent altar and tabernacle. Unfortunately I can find no pictures of it to present as yet.

Once in the century before last the neighbourhood was German and Polish, and strong remnants remain of those groups, but today it is being populated by other groups, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Filipino, Hungarian and Greek. It has become a very cosmopolitan area. Many of the older houses have been torn down to make mini- mansions for yuppies. Much of the old places I used to know as a young man have been replaced, and it is not my home anymore. I long for the solitude of the woods were we live. ...But sometime I have to come back and just look around.

So, goodbye for the present, Maman is making a ragout and I can not be late.

de Brantigny