Hitler and the New Nazi Religion

Another article from Takis Top Drawer. I do not genertally like the owner of this blog but he has some good guest writers which I do enjoy. Here is a redirect from Tea at Trianon.

The Nazi Religion

Hitler's paganism is described by Roy Shoeman. To quote:

The most blatant example of the Nazis’ perverse cooption of Christianity is the assigning of the role of Messiah to Hitler. In this blasphemy Hitler takes the place of Christ; the thousand year reign of the Third Reich is the Messianic Era on earth; the Aryan race takes the place of the Jews as the Chosen People; and blood purity takes the place of holiness as the essence of salvation. [More]

Catholicism and Orthodoxy a sad state of affairs

Given the furor that arose from an article I poster recently concerning the Orthodx faith and the Chrisitan faith I have done a bit of research. Now i must say catigorically and without reserve that I believe all the the Catholic Church teaches. I produce today a short essay on the differneces between the two Christian Faiths, Catholicism and Orthodoxy. I pray for reunion between us. This is not some false ecuminism, it is a fervent hope in the reunification of the Body Of Christ. we have a long way to go. What I find most disturbing is the subordination of the Orthodox Church to the State.


Orthodox Christianity possesses the seven sacraments; valid ordination, the Real Presence, a reverential understanding of Sacred Tradition, apostolic succession, a profound piety, a great history of contemplative monastic spirituality, a robust veneration of Mary and the saints, and many other truly Christian attributes. Catholics (including myself) widely admire, in particular, the sense of the sacred and the beauty and grandeur of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy (which - it should be noted - is also present in the many Byzantine or Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church), as Thomas Howard eloquently illustrates:

When I walk into an Orthodox Church ... one is immediately aware that one has stepped into the presence of what St. Paul would call the whole family in heaven and earth. You have stepped into the precincts of heaven! ... I love the Orthodox Church's spirit. I think the Orthodox Church many, many centuries ago, discovered a mode of music and worship which is timeless, which is quite apart from fashion, and which somehow answers to the mystery and the solemnity and the sacramental reality of the liturgy. more


Pius XII: Sourcing the Slanders

From Taki's top drawer. March 06, 2007, by Paul Cella

The release of documents long buried in the various archives of the expired Communist tyrannies that once lay behind the Iron Curtain is still a source of scandal. A Polish archbishop recently resigned upon disclosure of his collaboration with the Commies. It is expected that more disclosures will prompt more resignations in Church and State alike. And lately we have heard from the former Romanian spymaster Ion Mihai Pacepa that Communist machinations were integral to the hate campaign against Pius XII which began a few years after his death—and has continued in the Anglo-American press ever since. “Dead men cannot defend themselves” was the watchword, and the method was to associate Pius XII and the Catholic Church with an ideology which was one of the Church’s greatest enemies, National Socialism. More

Happy days are here...again

Today I offer a short video.
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. NOn


The Sun King

"Louis XIV fell in love with Versailles and Louise de La Valliere at the same time; Versailles was the love of his life..." so begins one of my most cherished books in my library.

The book is by Nancy Mitford, one of the the Mitford sisters which encluded Unity, Jessica, and Diana, two devoted Facists and the last being a diehard Communist.

The book is a facinating compilation of trivia as well as a biography. Her writing projects the reader into the period and presents a sense of being there as if she herself witnessed everything first hand, from the King's mistresses, to the poisonings, to each of his children and relations. It is well worth reading and will round out any library of French History.

I originally bought this tome in the mid 1970's and I have never lost my interest in its pages. Indeed I have become lost in it's pages from time to time..

It is on sale here


Le Fleur de Lys too: Ave Maria ... Full of Grace?#links

Le Fleur de Lys too: Ave Maria ... Full of Grace? links

Ave Maria ... Full of Grace?

Ave Maria, a city founded to promote Catholic ideals and morals is of course attacked by many naysayers, both non-Catholic and Catholic. The ACLU has begun its routine camplaign against anything Christian and especially Catholic. Why because Tom Monahan has done everything he has achieved without the help of the government, and has run afoul of the the thought police, who say if you dont believe what we believe then you are wrong. So much for tolerance.

NEW YORK — A former marine who was raised by nuns and made a fortune selling pizza has embarked on a $400 million plan to build the first town in America to be run according to strict Catholic principles.

Tsar Nicholas' lost Heir and daughter found?

It is amazing that of the four Empires destroyed by the Wilsonian democracies at the end of the "War to end all Wars". Two of democracies opponents should be raised as Saints, Nicholas II of and Karl of Austia-Hungary.

August 25, 2007

MOSCOW -- Prosecutors announced yesterday that they have reopened an investigation into the deaths of the last Russian czar and his family nearly 90 years ago after an archeologist reported that he may have found the missing remains of Nicholas II's son and heir to the throne.

The announcement of the reopened investigation signaled that the government might be taking seriously the claims made Thursday by Yekaterinburg researcher Sergei Pogorelov.

In comments broadcast on NTV, Pogorelov said bones found in a burned area of ground near Yekaterinburg belong to a boy and a young woman roughly the ages of Nicholas's 13-year-old hemophiliac son, Alexei, and a daughter whose remains also never have been found.

Yekaterinburg is the Urals Mountain city where Czar Nicholas II, his wife, Alexandra, and their five children were held prisoner by the communists and then shot in 1918.

If confirmed, the find would fill in a missing chapter in the story of the doomed Romanovs, whose reign was ended by the violent 1917 Bolshevik Revolution that ushered in more than 70 years of Communist Party rule.

The find comes almost a decade after remains identified as those of Nicholas and Alexandra and three of their daughters were reburied in a ceremony in the imperial-era capital of St. Petersburg.

That ceremony, however, was shadowed by questions raised by the Russian Orthodox Church and others about the authenticity of the remains. Yesterday, a church official voiced what appeared to be skepticism about the latest find.

"I have quite serious doubts about these remains. As of today, the most likely outcome is that the remains of the czar's family were destroyed by the Bolsheviks," Bishop Mark of Yegoryevsk, deputy head of the Moscow Patriarchate's External Church Relations department, said on Channel One television.

Pogorelov, an archeologist at a regional center for the preservation of historical and cultural monuments in Yekaterinburg, said the spot where the remains were found appears to correspond to a site in a written description by Yakov Yurovsky, leader of the family's killers.

"An anthropologist has determined that the bones belong to two young individuals -- a young male he found was aged roughly 10 to 13 and a young woman about 18 to 23," he told NTV television by telephone.

Nicholas II abdicated in 1917 as revolutionary fervor swept Russia, and he and his family were detained. The next year, they were sent to Yekaterinburg, where a Bolshevik firing squad executed them July 17, 1918.

Historians say guards shot the royal family and four attendants in the basement of a nobleman's house. The bodies were loaded onto a truck and initially dumped in a mine shaft but were later moved, according to most accounts. The Bolsheviks mutilated and hid the bodies because they did not want the remains, especially Alexei's, to become a shrine or rallying point for anti-Bolshevik forces.