Slavery is alive and well in the religion of Peace

This former slave was considered property in Mauritania, which only got around to criminalizing the practice of owning human beings last Thursday.
Care to guess why it took so long?

Somebody tell Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson

Gay ministers come out to spark change in policy

Am I missing something here or what. Wasn't it Luther that proposed his theses on the Church door and started the protestant revolt which cost countless lives in Europe?

The Rev. Scott Stein of South Jordan's Christ the King Lutheran Church said the ELCA has done a "good job representing both sides" through ongoing studies, entitled "Journey Together Faithfully," which he's used to prompt discussion and come to his own conclusions. "For me, the bottom line question is: Could a gay person in a committed relationship live their life to the glory of God? The answer," he decided, "is yes."

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