Pope Francis excommunicated Melbourne Priest

Crdinal Pell recently said Pope Francis' popularity with the press was, "too good to last." That may come sooner than we all thought. This may send shock waves through the secular media and the dissenting wing of the Church who still don't understand Pope Francis, or that mercy and charity often involve discipline.

From The Age in Australia: (Edit - this is quoted text and I'm sure part of it is in error, in particular, when it suggests he was as disciplined for support for 'gays.'" One doesn't get disciplined for supporting people with SSA but that support does not include affirming people in engaging in any sexual activity outside the context of Sacramental Marriage. Google the Courage Apostolate to see how the Catholic Church supports people with SSA. I hope we will see a statement out of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, which I will share)

Dissident priest Greg Reynolds has been both defrocked and excommunicated over his support for women priests and gays - the first person ever excommunicated in Melbourne, he believes.

The order comes direct from the Vatican, not at the request of Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart, and apparently follows a secret denunciation in the best traditions of the inquisition, according to Father Reynolds.

The excommunication document - written in Latin and giving no reason - was dated May 31, meaning it comes under the authority of Pope Francis who made headlines on Thursday calling for a less rule-obsessed church.

Father Reynolds, who resigned as a parish priest in 2011 and last year founded Inclusive Catholics, said he had expected to be laicised (defrocked), but not excommunicated. But it would make no difference to his ministry.

One wonders if Mr. Reynolds was ever taught about the Church in the fisrt place.


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Anonymous said...


This is only one who happened to be 'caught'. there are many, many more operating out in the 'burbs whose theology is not too different to that of the now 'removed' priest in question. Concerning the Roman rite of the Catholic Church here in Australia, for every solid priest there would be ten who are either a carbon copy of the individual mentioned in your article and the later one, and many more who are so close to it there's really no contest. As for the congregants, this would be so also. Faithf formation is a hit and miss affair here in Australia; I thank god for my Maronite catechetical instructors and priests, plus the few fantastic RR priests I have regular contact with (most having been formed within the last decade) and new to the priesthood, some coming in to it in their 40's). we need to move towards a point where ordinary, plain Catholic Christian teaching is not automatically maligned (inside the Church) as conservative, right wing or even fanatical/extremist. This false view needs to be excised. We don't wish to go 'back in time' 'back to the past', but forward past, way past the trainwreck of the 60's, 70's and 80's. We need plain truth taught in Catholic educational institutions at primary, secondary and tertiary level, not semi-heretical or outright heretical 'assumptions' 'factoids' and other myths re what VII means, ways of interpreting the bible etc. We need to clean out our institutions at all three levels of wolves in sheep's clothing who at best pay lipservice to Catholic teaching but more often, outright defy it and yell about it in class. And good sermons re the basics of the faith, please, priests...


PS: we need the meat of God's word, not milktoast. As Chesterton so aptly stated, open minds are like open mouths, when they encounter something solid, they clamp shut.