Former Pentecostal Pastor Alex Jones converted to the Catholic Church


Anonymous said...


As one who has been 'grown' by the lord, formed, reformed, deformed, transformed and so on as the good brother has expressed, I understand his walk, the wrench, the pain, the doubting, the wrestling, even the depression, that, eighteen months after my reception into Holy Mother Church (Marounite rite) still assails me, with soul-filled clarity and empathy. I have lost dear godly souls who have not been able to make the walk with me; dear, wonderful men and women of God...I also know what it is to be rejected because I have entered 'the beast' (lost my SDA community), and know what it is to have family state before my face 'God and religion is BS; you change your faith more often than your underwear)...I know what it is for satan to subvert my journey into Holy Mother Church to diminish my witness before my family, for whom this is 'just another phase'.

But God has been merciful, so merciful!! Other friends, even unlikely ones, have been unexpected allies who, though not believing, have not abandoned me.

Please pray, and ask others you know to pray for
Nick my father,
Sue my step mother (my own believing mother died an evangelical Anglican back in 1989 aged 50; dad had already remarried six years before her passing - pray for me to find forgiveness toward him and step mother even now, even in the face of their atheism etc)
Please pray for my brother and sister in law Simon and Kylie (along with my little baby nieces)
my friend Lynda and her family,
My husband's best friend his best friend's wife and their grown children, spouces and grand-children
and my beloved husband, who has supported my journey amazingly, but has not come to faith himself.

Please pray also that my own faults, flaws and imperfections aren't used by satan to sabotage God's witness to them...

and please pray for my courage in the face of all this.

Richard, thank you, thank you, thank you brother!!

This fine brother in Christ whose testimony you have thus shared, along with increasing numbers from all protestant denominations are coming home...pray that when I move down South of my state later this year that the church is not a wilderness (there is no Marounite rite down there, and no TLM either), that I am not abused for my quiet before mass starts, my mantilla or rosary, that folk can live and let live, and that my guide dog is not seen as disrespectful in the house of God...

Pray and ask other known prayer warriors to pray for these intentions; even for an Anglican Rite congregation to take root (it would be for reasons of my heritage a proper alternative), that one day, all the ladies mentioned above and myself, in my earthly lifetime, can pray together before our Lord, that they'll not be asking 'how can you believe in god with suffering all around, or allow feminism to block their submission to God and Holy Mother church, but ask, why don't you believe more or submit to God more? and for my father, brother and husband to be moved thusly also, to repent of their dawkinsesque unbelief and postmodernism (that celebrates everything that is wrong with the world while condemning as wrong all that god says is right - though my husband is not tarred with this, thank God)

I know I ask you for this prayer often, but its need is great.

I pray for you, your family, and your ministry with every Rosary (five out of every seven days).



Sheryl said...

This was a dynamic video! Having come home myself, many years ago now, I never tire of hearing these wonderful conversion stories. My God, 'How Great Thou art!'
Sarah, where are you? I'm in Victoria, Australia. Keep calm and carry on!

Anonymous said...


I'm in Sydney NSW. Thank you for your encouragement. To know that there are other Australians who read Richard's blog and are of similar faith mindset is refreshing and reassuring.

On a brighter note, I visited a church in the Shoal Haven for Mass yesterday morning; a very interesting experience to say the least; they've got a young priest newly minted only back in 2011. A mix of 70's Gloria, Agnus Dei, 'sung' Lord's prayer, but some of the most beautiful hymns...reverend, bells, (sparing) incense, friendly folk, a mix of 'prayers' and 'talkers' after Mass; live and let live, no 'mantilla' probs. there are only three priests down there for half a dozen parish churches. Pray for more new priests like the young Fr. I met yesterday.

Cheryl, if you're ever in Sydney, drop a note here (if Richard is allright with this).