Homosexuality is disordered Heterosexuality


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My heart breaks with the exponential disintegration of Civilisation, decency and urbanity, nation after nation is overturning natural law concerning marriage etc one after the other. The only universal truth parroted by academics (within both Catholic and secular universities), television and radio networks such as Australia's ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation; our version of the BBC), the intellegencia etc is that there is no universal truth.

I heard a very fine presentation given by an American MGR., Mgr. Riley from NYC who came to Aus and spoke at my local Marounite Church (of which I am a member) last year. he ponted out that this sort of thing is not the 'problem' so much, but a tragic symptom that, in modern terms, goes back to the 1960's and mass embrace of the sexual and cultural revolutions, back still further to key thinkers whose work became incredibly popular in the early part of the 1900's, and still further to the disengagement of science, intellectual persuit and philosophical thought from faith in the mid 1800's. Yes, there have been rebellions from the start, commencing in the Garden...to (in more recent times) everything from the Arian heracy to the reformation and age of 'englightenment' that sporned the US and French revolutions, but from the mid 1800's onwards, the dawn of mass communication, firstly through newspapers, publications and the telegraph (the first 'world wide web' if one will) to the explosion of visual and audio recordings, information delivery and broadcast that arrived in the 1900's such ideology could leap from the bohemian margins of university and private collective to vast masses of the population. if one reads Romans ch1, the behaviour is the end-product of a string of behaviours and mindsets that preceed it; yes, it has always been with us, but only frm the mid 20th century onwards has it become a militant cause; an interesting documentary called 'the gift' amply demonstrates this, as older members of said community are as vexed at the changes demanded by their younger, radicalised, firebrand fellows as many outside the community are.

Just Friday week ago, at a 'first Friday' service I attended, a priest who serves in the Phillipines with the Cebu City rubbish tip communities who is back here on speaking engagements, fundraisers and a bit of a 'break' said bold as brass, 'jesus is coming soon!' (be ready).

is this how it must be before the rise of the GCM and Holy Pope??


PS: still praying for you, your family and your mother .