Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus


Anonymous said...


'There is no salvation outside of the roman Catholic Church'. I am sorry, dear friend, but yes there is, in the Marounite Catholic Church, the Cyro-Malabarite Catholic Church, the Ukranian Catholic Church, the Anglican ordinariate...

Not meaning to split hairs, dear friend, but us non roman Catholic Catholics get the blunt end of the stick by 'Roman Riters' The Universl Catholic Church indeed breathes with both lungs, the lung of the East, and the lung of the West.

Apart from this, it is an excellent presentation.

Let us pray for all caught up in the toils of SDA'ism, Evangelicalism and so on who are crushed with fear, not liberated by Holy Mother Church whose King is Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

This is my second lent as a Catholic; it is wonderful, truly wonderful!!

May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His mother Mary bless you abundantly,


Brantigny said...

Sarah, These are Catholic Churches!These churches are in communion with the Roman Church, but different in rite only. The beliefs are the same are they not? The Marounite rite is has a beautiful liturgy.

There was no schism between the rites.

Anonymous said...


Indeed, as far as catechesis and pillar beliefs, we are the same. However our spirituality and charism are uniquely Marounite e.g. our take on everything from Christology, how we know/approach god, asceticism and most notable of all, the priestly discipline of celibacy (unless one is part of a priestly monastic order such as the order of St. Charbel. Our take on fasting is rather more 'hard core' than the prescription laid out for Roman Rite Catholics (having far more in common with the practices of the Orthodox East than the roman rite West).

We are in communion with rome, but we are not 'Roman Catholics' with Aramaeic rather than Latin as our liturgical language.

This is an excellent place to begin;
'Captivated by Your Teachings: A Resource Book for Adult Maronite Catholics '
by Anthony Salim
available here:

We also have a deep dedication to Mary (not that such is lesser amongst Eastern or Western Catholicism, but Mary as suffering Mother who gave Her son for us, whose son made Her mother of all His people...)

As it is Lent, a time of repentance, confession, penance, and reconciliation with God by we His faulty, broken and frail followers, if you may, I'd like to share a few thoughts over the remaining weeks of this season.

May the love and rich mercy of our Heavenly Father, one god in three persons, rest upon you and your family in abundance,