From Adventist To Catholic: The Beem's Conversion Story medium.m4v

For an anonymous friend... Jhesu+Marie, Brantigny

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Thank you so very much for posting this incredible testamony!! Another excellent one that has been brought to my attention this past week is that of blogger 'Idler' who runs http://ascentofcarmel.blogspot.ie/
By God's grace, he seems to be another former SDA who has been led to the truth of Catholic Christianity; in his case, the Byzantine Rite, (I myself have been drawn to the Marounite Rite).

I believe that with the Latin, or Roman Rite of the Catholic Church so seriously crippled at present, our Lord and Lady are making good use of the Eastern Rites to offer refuge and truth to those of us called out of the darkness and fear...as is our Lord with the establishment of the Anglican Ordinariate (or 'English rite') while He is restoring the roman Rite to her former glory. Not to say that our rites are without their own problems, but our Lord works in mysterious ways.

I thank you for your care and brotherly support as I navigate the sometimes tretcherous waters of faith, having been plucked from the wreckage of SDA and lifted lovingly by Jesus Christ into the Barque of Peter.

I, and others like myself reading this blog need to remember that having been rescued by Christ, the old capters cannot hurt us any more, even though satan would have us believe that they can...

May you be richly and wonderfully blessed,