The old (field) grey lady, the New York Times

It is no longer a mystery to me why The New York Times and other news media spread far and wide the myth of “Hitler’s Pope.” They eagerly embraced without question a Kremlin propaganda campaign to frame Pius XII as a scapegoat for silence in the face of the Holocaust. The Times had an opportunity during Hitler’s reign that the Pope never had – an opportunity to expose a horrible truth to the world. According to Susan E. Tifft and Alex S. Jones, other agendas – self-serving political agendas – controlled the news and buried that truth. If the Kremlin had its “Operation Seat 12″ to defame the Pope, “Operation Page 12″ seemed to be a parallel plan at The New York Times. It’s a moral legacy that cannot ever be erased as long as the Times and other news media scapegoat someone else for that silence. Fr Gordon Mcrea

Fr McRea has posted "Hitler’s Pope, Nazi Crimes, and The New York Times"  at his blog written from a prison cell.  it is worth reading if you haven't seen it elsewhere.  I find it wondersome that a news paper such as the New York Times who wouldnt blink an eye if Israel was destroyed decry a made up story about the Church and Pope Pius XII.


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Elisa said...

There's a new book out titled "The Pope's Jews" by Gordon Thomas. It's about the Vatican's efforts to help Jews, particularly in Rome, during WWII. Good starting point for those who are interested in that time period.