Sorry for not posting

Well it has been a busy month. Firstly I was transfered to a different case load which means that the inmates can get at me at all hours.  Secondly,  coupled with a new governor, the revamping of the transitioning and sentencing laws has made it an interessing few months. And, now for the Christmas holiday...  

Christmas in a prison is a time when the family are allowed to buy and have sent packages to the inmates.  The packages are sent via a special state approved vendor.  In the old days when I was an officer the familys could bring in a food package a day. Off duty officers would be assigned on their off days to inspect the food for weapons, drugs, pornography and other contraband.    In those days also inmate could get up to 1 shopping bag a day for the 10 days beforeand after the holidays.  They could keep these things in their lockers until February 28.

What were some of the things inmates would get?  A shopping bag of McDonald's hamburgers, with fries. Do you know how many that is?  Collard greens, and catfish.  Peanut butter in a plastic bag, but the bag had to be pierced, so it could not be reused for drugs.   Pies, cakes, and Honey buns.  Nuts and assorted candies. Crackers. etc.  Fruit was not allowed as the a syringe could inject alcohol.

OBTW, collards and catfish go bad after about 3 days,  and a McDonalds hamburger can last as long as a year.


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