Feast of the Assumption

The 4th Glorious Mystery of the Rosary and a Doctrine of the True Church. August 15...

"All-powerful and ever-living God: You raised the sinless Virgin Mary, mother of your Son, body and soul, to the glory of heaven. May we see heaven as our final goal and come to share her glory."

I have here placed some portraits of the Blessed Virgin Mary being assumed into heaven. I should like the viewer to note the pictures of Mary being carried into Heaven by tiny Angels. I have changed my mind about these Angels. Once I thought they were cheribs, I now believe they are babies who have been aborted coming to guide their mother home to Heaven. It is not hard to see a visual prophecy.

Children always run to their mommy.

I have refrained from placing the name of the artist purposely because it is the Mother's feast day.

Pray to End Abortion.



Tara K. E. Brelinsky said...

Beautiful and always inspiring. I appreciate your thoughts on the angels and I completely agree. I have often pondered all of aborted and miscarried babies playing around their Mother.

Brantigny said...

I too think that is true. I know that idea has special meaning for you and Greg.