On the anniversary of the Martyrdom of The Imperial Family of Russia

Today is the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Imperial Romanov family. Just as the Royal Family of France was a nuclear family in today's terminology so was the Romanov family. Both were similar in many respects, both the Queen-Martyr and the Empress-Martyr were from a German speaking country. Both were initially welcomed by their people and came to be despised by those same people due to calumny and misinformation. Both were accused and re-accused of performing sexual outrages. Both families had strong loving unions, and each could not bear the thought of life without their spouse. The forces which persecuted them thought nothing of killing them in order to obtain their avowed goal a godless nation. I can truly say that I see the hands of satan in this. We remember also that it was only a year prior that Our Lady appeared to the Children of Fatima and asked for the prayers for the Conversion of Russia. How else to delay this conversion if not by destroying all religion in Russia?

There are many blogs which have remembered this date, July 17, 1918 at 2:30, as it was on this date at that time that the Tsar and his family were brutally killed in Ekaterinburg. Below are a few.

Here is afar better site at which to review the photos of this family. And here is link for A Conservative Blog for Peace...

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This site A Glint of Gold is devoted to hand tinting the photos of the Romanovs. This is special!


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