Chivalry is not dead

Treat every woman as you would treat the Mother of God.

The Code of Chivalry

To fear God and maintain His Church.
To serve the liege lord in valor and faith.
To protect the weak and defenseless.
To give succor to widows and orphans.
To refrain from the wanton giving of offense.
To live by honor and for glory.
To despise pecuniary reward.
To fight for the welfare of all.
To obey those placed in authority.
To guard the honor of fellow knights.
To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit.
To keep faith.
At all times to speak the truth.
To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun.
To respect the honor of women.
Never to refuse a challenge from an equal.
Never to turn the back upon a foe.

Attributed to the Emperor Charlemagne.


Thanks to Elena Maria at Tea at Trianon

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Anonymous said...


This is most interesting when read in conjunction with your earlier post 'god, Monarchy and the Fourth Commandment'. What would our society look like today if men and women took this seriously and implimented it into every day life? What would it look like if those of faith lived their faith to the full, believing all tennants and teachings, taking 'ownership' of them organically into everyday life and striving for sanctification/metanoya in all spheres - personal, family, ecclesial, civic and public..?

What would it look like if we moved forward from the present regime of oligarchs, plutocrats and friends to a society in which Christian monarchs serious about the truths of the faith once more reigned and ruled, defending the faith, the truth, decency and defending the 'widow and orphan'?

C. S. Lewis has written of what such a society would look like (in works such as 'mere Christianity' and other publications of his. the results are not despotism and dictatorship, but something altogether different.

Might I suggest you write a piece concerning such a life and community, invisaging what it would look like (a snapshot of the life lived' from the perspective of an 'everyman' character - in the home, at church, at work, in the public square, the education of his children, the life lived by his sister with disability etc...Some believe that this life would 'drag us backwards into the dark past'; I contest that it would draw us forward into a bright future.