"A wound in the history of France

Louis XVII of France was the King of France upon his Father's murder, from the 21st of January 1792, to about the 8th of June 1795. He is considered king though he never reigned, as he was imprisoned in the temple. His is a sad story of neglect and child abuse that would never be considered as acceptable in this day and age.

In our time we are used to children being aborted, starved, murdered by their parents, murdered by governments, forced into the guerrilla armies of Liberia and of Cambodia. We can put them out of our mind by a flick of the remote. Perhaps that is what satan wants. A humanity devoid of all humanity, and although the death of a child was not new, this murder was conducted with a physical and mental violence that would have received accolades from the nazis.

On the night of July 3, 1793, commissioners arrived at Temple Prison and went to the royal family's cell with instructions to separate Marie Antoinette's son from the rest of his family. He had been proclaimed Louis XVII by exiled royalists after his father's death. His mother Queen Marie-Antoinette, sister Madame Royale, and aunt Princess Elizabeth, first action upon receiving the news of Louis XVI's death was to pay the Child King homage. The republican government had therefore decided to imprison the eight-year-old child in solitary confinement. Louis flung himself into his mother's arms crying hysterically, and Marie Antoinette shielded him with her body, refusing to give him up. When the commissioners threatened to kill her if she did not hand the child over, she still refused to move. It was only when they threatened to kill her daughter, Marie Thérèse, and then her, that she came to realise how hopeless the situation was. Two hours after the commissioners had entered her room, the former Queen relinquished her son to them. Louis was carried away screaming and crying, while begging his mother to save him. From that moment on his fate was sealed.

In order to insult him further he was referred to and addressed only as Louis Capet. Since royalty do not use a surname this was a deliberate attempt to show the young child that he was simply a citizen of the French Republic.

Antoine Simon was sent by the convention to assist as jailer of the royal family. he forced young Louis to drink alcohol, swear, and blaspheme. He was force to dress like a sans-cullotte and sing the bloodthirsty song of the mob, the Marsaillaise.He was told lies, such as, he was abandoned by his family, and that he would be killed by the guillotine. He was left to starve in his unlit cell, where sores and tumors attacked his young body, and the lack of sanitation left him in such a filthy state so as to be barely recognizable. His hair matted to his head. His clothes were never replaced so that they were nothing more than rags.

If he were taken past his mother cell he would pause at the door, or leave a flower there, hoping she would get them. He never knew that she and his aunt had met their fates at the guillotine.

When Simon was replaced, Louis was isolated in his cell for six months. From time to time the gaurds would walk him at odd hours to simply deprive him of sleep.

His condition declined, and at the end he was nursed somewhat but he was too far gone to survive. Louis', his body, covered in tumors and scabies died. An autopsy was performed and the doctor surreptitiously removed his heart, and kept it as a couriosity.

Never in the history of a supposedly civilized nation had anything been done so heinously to a child. In the land of the supposed liberty, egalite, and fraternite, was a child whose only crime was to be the son of a King and then King himself allowed to die such a horrible death.

Remarkably there are some today who dismiss this as a necessary death in the beginning of the republic, I regard it only as a wound in the history of France.

The glorious history of France deserves better.

God, our Father, we pray that you will protect our children.
Keep them safe from harm and help them to grow healthy in mind, body and faith in you.

Vive le Roi,

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Peterman said...

He got out, he did not die that cell. Some poor child's body was taken out of there but it wasn't Louis or we would not have a monarch coming who is a direct descendent. He is unknown today because his time has not yet come. Soon God willing he will come forth.