St Thomas More and his daughter Margaret Roper

Stephanie Mann post a redirect today which interests me greatly, Sir (St) Thomas More and his daughter Margaret Roper by John Rogers Herbert (1810 – 17 March 1890).

In the midst of prison while awaiting his execution Sir Thomas was visited by his daughter Margaret, whom he called Meg.

...Margaret visited him on May 4 for the last time, and from the window of his cell they watched three Carthusian priors and one Bridgittine [plus the parish priest John Haile], who would not acknowledge a civil supremacy over the Church, go to their execution. "Lo, dost thou not see, Meg," he said, "that these blessed fathers be now as cheerfully going to their deaths as bridegrooms to their marriage? . . .Whereas thy silly father, Meg, that like a most wicked caitiff hath passed the whole course of his miserable life most sinfully, God, thinking him not worthy so soon to come to that eternal felicity, leaving him here yet still in the world, further to be plagued and turmoiled with misery." A few days later Cromwell with other officials questioned him again and taunted him for his silence. "I have not," he said gently, "been a man of such holy living as I might be bold to offer myself to death, lest God for my presumption might suffer me to fall..."

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Elisa said...

The late British novelist Eleanor Hibbert wrote (under her famed Jean Plaidy pseudonym) 2 novels about St. Thomas More and his daughter Meg.
For adults: "The King's Confidante" formerly titled "St. Thomas's Eve" (This one was reissued not long ago)
For younger readers: "Meg Roper" (This one is out of print but you can see if your local library has it or get it for you)

Brantigny said...

I have just finished a book on St Thomas, the author I can't remamber. I shall have to find it and publish a review. St Thomas More is a favorite of mine. His wit and wisdom span the ages.