Austrian Bishop supports call to disobedience

Bishop Kräutler supports Parish Priest Initiative

The aims of the Parish Priest Initiative from lay preaching to the ordination of married men are concerns throughout the universal Church. That says a native of Austria, Bishop Erwin Kräutler, who in his Brasilian diocese in the Amazon region has 30 priests for 900 parishes.

The central concerns of the Austrian Parish Priest Initiative are not confined to Europe, but concern the entire global church, said Bishop Erwin Kräutler."I have been Bishop for 31 years of the largest area in Brazil. In all texts, small and large, it is written: The Eucharist is the centre and the deepest mystery of our faith. Of this, I am also sure. And then we deny some people the Eucharist. That's the point."

"We need to feel the pulse of the universal Church"In order to arrive at solutions, Kräutler suggests a global survey of bishops. "But that should be made on condition that the respective local bishop consults diocesan committees. He can say: As bishop, I have this opinion, my priest are of that opinion and the religious take that direction. And the laity are fully intent on this happening. That would be feeling the pulse of the world church - from Japan to Alaska and down to Tierra del Fuego – wherever" says Kraeutler.

"Ecclesiastical life is under threat of ending"One thing is for Bishop Erwin Kräutler with 30 priests for 900 municipalities also clear: either the baptized and confirmed organise their own church life, or this would end sooner or later.

I have said before elswhere in this blog that obediance is the first thing we learn in Catholic School. My dear Bishop may have been absent that week. This true Faith which I profess in full accordance with the teachings of Christ is not the same one being professed by this Austrian Bishop. He will most likely be remembered as a new Luther to his followers and to the faithful.


Bischof Kräutler unterstützt Pfarrer-Initiative - salzburg.ORF.at


Tara Brelinsky said...

When Bishops openly call for disobedience they do so much harm. They confuse people and they fuel the debate, "If I can be disobedient to this teaching, then by extention I should be free to disobey whatever other teaching I find difficult or disagreeable." The Church needs more holy martyrs, white and red, to lead us back into the full Truth.

Brantigny said...

That is so true. I shall be writing about the strange case of John Corapi.

Disobediance comes from pride.

Angel said...

Disobedience can come from pride. But it can also come from a realization and awakening through gnosis, that things are stagnant. The world is changing and Christianity has changed with it through time. The All is constant but our human hearts need to soften up from all the self-imposed dogma and see the light that's trying to shine through from Him to us.

Brantigny said...

I have looked at your profile and it confirmed that which I read. You have gnostic point of view. We will shall have to part with ideas there.

Christ founded his Church on the Rock of Saint Peter, gave the apsotles the facility to forgive sin (or not) and began the line of succession for the head of His Church. This is the beginning of the Church. Straying (disobediance)from the Church's teaching puts one outside HIS Church. The Church remains constant, God never changes his mind, therefore what he has revealed remains the same. Disobediance to the faith therefore is disobediance to God.

This Bishop is the most basic essence has placed himself out side the Church, and by extention an anti-Christ.

This is what s meant by Ex Eclesia, nulli salus. Outside the Church there is no salvation.

The Bishop has sworn a vow, that is, not to the Pope but to GOD that he will be obediant. If I were going to break a promise it would not be to God. Lastly, The Church is not a democracy nor is it a cafeteria where one can pick a disciple or an obediance, or a doctine not to follow and those you choose to follow.


Angel said...

Keeping that 'obedience' in mind, watch this documentary on just what a beautiful past the Catholic church has professed and the satanic idolatry which lies at it's very heart:


Yes, we'll disagree about dogma vs. freedom, Brantigny. I'll keep my freedom to enjoy God's direct lessons on love and morality. I don't need someone who is just as human as I am to dictate to me what is right or wrong. I prefer to go directly The Man Himself and bypass any misunderstandings in interpretation along the way.

I find something so perplexingly beautiful about gnosis in that no matter what century, no matter what language one uses, and no matter what level of understanding one has before searching directly for gnosis we all find that He teaches the same thing: Love. Cohesion. Marriage of the heart and soul with Him. To enjoy beauty in not just the earth but to search for the beauty in others because we recognize that divine connection in them. We celebrate it because we recognize that we are all One in spirit.

What is cohesive and loving is not bad. What professes to teach a human being to grow into an adult relationship with Him and not keep us children forever shouldn't be so scary that one should feel they have to run toward strict dogma because it is so much simpler to understand and practice. But that is the way most literalists feel. It's so much easier to believe than it is to reach out and hold the actual truth with both hands. It's so much less terrifying to go the easy road and sit, kneel, stand, sit, kneel, stand, etc.

The Beloved I love isn't archaic and dry and bent on forcing me into a mold. He lifts me up and teaches me to smile; showing me things I've never considered before. He shows me my errors and shows me in what ways he is proud of me. It's never hateful or judgmental, it is always gentle and understanding.

Please don't judge gnosis to be something to be brushed off. You're going to find that with the Nag Hammadi codices being published now for quite a few years, you're going to hear a lot more about us. The Vatican is tearing itself apart inside and for good reason: the truth will out. They can't keep up appearances any longer because the public is more discerning and knowledgeable.

I wish you all the best,


Brantigny said...

Listen Angel, fisrt and as sincerly as I possibly can say with out hate in may heart, I never agree to disagree. I write the truth. Obediance to the Church is disobediance to evil. Satan has furnished this idea that the Church founded by Christ Himself is inherently evil because it is not a democracy, of people can not choose this or that and pick and choose which dogmas to believe or to reject. Unfortunatly this is a rejection of Christ in its fullest form.

I think I wrote before this is post hoc ergo propter hoc pilosophy, meaning that because Catholic do this or that it must therefor be evil.

I think you will find the Vatican is in better shape than you think. It has lasted since Constantine, that is a long road to go.

One last thing I want to bring up since the 31st of October is the anniversary of the Reformation. It is also Samhain the pagan feast ot the dead. So my point is don't read into any statues and ritual as being from satan in the church, take it for what it is said to be.

Pax Domine,

Peterman said...

Gnostics are back? Ha! That just goes to prove there is no new heresy under the sun. There is a reckoning coming and all heresy will be wiped out.

Brantigny said...

In this day and age it is easy to fall into this particular heresy as it seen everywhere, on TV, in ther media, in the movies, by the form of government. Everyone in autority and every authority is doubted.