The lawlessness of the "99" percent has a history

Every time I see a news article about the 99% on a news station I am reminded of the mobs of the French Revolution. They too wanted Equality, but not of opportunity, no they wanted exactly what the Occupy Wall Street mobs wants today. What they wish is an equality of outcome with out working for the outcome. My father used to say, "History does not repeat itself but it does parallel itself." How true.

Here is my analogy: We have 2 glasses, one is 3/4 full and one is 3/4 empty. There are 2 ways to make these glasses equal, pour 1/4 of the more full glass into the glass with 3/4 empty thus reducing the one and raising the other. This is the Occupy Wall Street's ideal solution. It requires no work and the object of their jealousy is reduced. The otter solution is for the 1/4 full glass to be filled to it's full potential. However this requires work and they don't get to pull anyone down. Theirs is a phylosophy of hate.

Any one who differs from the view of the occupy people are wrong in their eyes an must be delt with accordingly. That puts me in the mind of Les Tricoteuses. These were the women who sat around the guillotine, keeping track of the number of executions with their knitting. They embodied the Terror of the French Revolution, for they seemed to be drawn to the blood and the violence, so consumed were they by hatred. When women are out for blood, they can be more ruthless than men, and far more cruel. Most of les tricoteuses, "the knitters," were simple and ignorant women, manipulated both by their own passions and by the leaders of the various factions. The manipulation was facilitated by famine, war and social chaos, all of which spiraled out of control amid the violence of the Revolution. more

Other than famine which of the above reasons do we lack?

Eventually these occupiers will get out the gullotines and polish them off...

History does seem to have parallels.

The peaceful 99%...


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