The Fall of Multiculturalism and the Rise of Nationalism

From the Cathlic Knight, on the day after the election in France and in Greece.

The reaction of the mainstream liberal press in both Europe and North America was predictable. Any time nationalism begins to resurface, these shills of the Globalist elites immediately turn to cries of "extremism, fascism, racism and Nazism." This of course is designed to shut down all dialogue, marginalise the nationalists, and brainwash the general public against them. It's a tactic that has served them well in decades past but not so much any more. In Greece it's easy to demonise nationalists, because they have fully embraced the nationalist message, and that means fully rejecting the ideals of multiculturalism. Of course, anything that is not multiculturalist is obviously racist, or at least that's what the media shills tell us. In France however, it's a little harder, namely because the French have only rejected multiculturalism in a financial level so far. That however doesn't mean the cultural aspect is put aside. No, there have already been attempts to ban the burka and curb public demonstrations of Islamic prayer. In time the rejection of multiculturalism among French natives will arise to a level of open confrontation with French Muslims. Though it cannot be seen clearly now, France is well on its way toward a bloody civil war over this. Greece, while in dire straights economically today, may actually overt a cultural disaster much worse by moving strongly toward nationalism now rather than later. http://catholicknight.blogspot.com/2012/05/fall-of-multiculturalism-and-rise-of.html


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peterman said...

At least someone else out there knows what is coming down the road. My complete guess is 2016. We must pray for peace and the Holy Kingdom of France