An Australian Anglican Ordinariate

...At last the establishment of the Australian Anglican Ordinariate has been announced. Earlier this week I was pleased to read in the "Record" that the Pope will announce the establishment of the Ordinariate on June 15 2012. It has been so quiet some of us wondered if it would ever happen. It did hit me as interesting that at a time when all the Catholic structures are collasping and under attack that we are now setting up a new structure. Often the church of the structure has unfortunately seemed distant from the Church of the Spirit so lets pray and hope that this structure will be a holy vessel for the church of the Spirit and truth... more...


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Anonymous said...


many thanks for posting this; the formation of an Aus Anglican ordinariate has been dogged by controversy (re Bp. John Hepworth) and friends (if you dig about on the net, you'll find the whole sworded story soon enough). As for its establishment in Sydney, the Sydney diocese of the Anglican Church is so evangelical 'low church' that it’s not even anglican any more in my thinking; openly calvinist, para-baptist, it sits at the feet of the likes of John Piper etc.

When the possibilities of an AO were first touted three years ago now (back around '09), it was laughed at in Synod, quite literally.

The high churches (there are only 3 in the Sydney Diocese) are so liberal theologically (in complete contradiction to the ‘bells and smells’ they may choose to employ )that they're not even Scriptural, let alone Christian, for even basics such as the virgin birth of and true ascention of Christ are optional extras; - pro homosexuality, feminism, abortion etc. please pray for us,


PS: as one who was baptised Anglican and raised in my childhood in a very different Sydney Anglican environment (before the Cromwellians had gained full power in the late 80’s and early 90’s) I would have an open door to an Anglican Ordinariate, regardless of the fact that I have been received into the Marounite Church and adore the Marounite Rite along with its way to our Lord and Lady; if an AO opened up down the street, I would be sorely torn, my friend.