Maria Karolina Zofia Felicja Leszczyńska

Last night I went over the list of dramatis personae included in the novel Tea at Trianon. Pausing on the Queen Maria, I reflected on her a moment and her life. Maria as her namesake, Mary, was a mother whom took unto herself to bring up her children, strongly in the Faith. Of her children one, Louise-Marie,(who left the world to enter Carmel) has been beatified by Pope Pius IX in 1873. Her life with Louis at first happy, deteriorated by the infidelities of Louis. She was a valiantly heroic Christian wife who forgave her husband.

Elena Maria Vidal writes, ...Marie Leszczynska (1703-1768) was the queen of Louis XV, and the grandmother of Louis XVI. She was the last Queen of France before Marie-Antoinette. According to Jean Chalon, the author of Chere Marie-Antoinette, Queen Marie tightened up the rigorous court etiquette that Marie-Antoinette later relaxed because it was so suffocating. The daughter of a dethroned monarch and wife of a blatantly unfaithful husband probably needed the highly ritualized pomp to boost her morale and her rank more than did the "daughter of the Caesars."... More

Vive le Roi!


In the Polish language the feminine gender is denoted by an "A" at the end of each name. This may be noted by observing her fathers name, King Stanisław Leszczyński, which ends in an "I". I have chosen to use the Polish spelling of her name instead of the French, Marie-Caroline-Sophie-Félicité.


frolikgirl said...

oh, i think it was very hard to be a frenc queen and it is very hard to be a queen on the whole.
French queens usually had unenviable destiny but they bravely coped with all their problems...
i respect them!

Brantigny said...

All Royality requires obediance to the will of God and the acceptance of that He wills for us. Thanks you and welcome to my Blog.