A travesty of the faith thanks to Cardinal Schönborn.

If there is a question why the Church militant is suffering watch this...

The Catholic Church in Austria: Defining Deviancy Downward
Watch the abomination as reported below, a putative celebration of the Mass, and savor the spectacular horror. Then wonder to learn it has been perpetrated three times this past year and will be yet again this coming June 26th: the so-called "Western" (as in cowboy) Mass, with the imprimatur of the ineffably bewildering Cardinal Schönborn of Austria. It is tempting to rattle off a list of the atrocities to be seen (e.g. ashtrays for smokers, take-out food and the Confederate flag) but far better to watch the video in its entirety--you don't want to miss a thing. If it is not yet exhausted, stretch your capacity for wonder one more time and ask yourself why, oh why, will the Holy Father and the Vatican not drive a stake into the heart of these monstrosities.

It's a well-worn trope on this ol' blog but worth trotting out once again: however deplorable the state of Catholic worship in America, it is far, far worse in Europe and with its continued celebration of the "Western Mass," the Church in Austria may well be comfortably ahead in the race to the bottom.

Gott in Himmel

Never doubt why the Pope raised new cardinals this year.
I can only wonder what would happen if the Hapsburgs still ruled in fact.

How does Cardinal Schönbornn keep his job. This is heresy.


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Peterman said...

From what I have read Schönbornn is in the pinky ring club (noble blood) and thus the Pope will not sack him.