Priest to Planned Parenthood here comes the Catholic Church

Once again I present a guest article by Tara...

This video clip was forwarded from a friend and a message in the email string sparked an idea for me. I am sick of reading pieces from the leftclaiming that they speak for all women and it is passed time for pro-life/pro-NFP women to tell their stories and speak for themselves.

My thought is a documentary of women, lots of them, who share their stories of marital love and life. I think I can handle the organizingand and overseeing, but I want to know how many women I can get involved. Additionally, is there anyone out there who has advice on filming and editing?

The piece should include explanations of different NFP methods as well asthe stories of those who are providential. It should SPEAK for all of us, who do not contracept, and express the hope that comes from living God's Plan. Certainly, it should include Catholic women, but not just Catholic women. The video below is great, but it allows people towrongly focus on the celibacy of the priesthood as a means of distractingfrom the truth. It also portrays pro-lifers/pro-NFPers as only beingCatholic which is false.

With help, I want to put together a dynamic video documentary of real women, who speak for themselves. I will need real help to turn this idea into a reality. If you'd be willing to participate in this venture fromthe inception or if you have good advie to offer, contact me please.

Tara Brelinsky

Greg & Tara
1 Dad + 1 Mama= our beloved children

Children are a gift from God to the whole world. To deny the blessing of a child in your life is to deny the whole world the gift of an eternal soul, who was created with a purpose that cannot be fulfilled by any other.

Priest to Planned Parenthood here comes the Catholic Church


Anonymous said...


You already know my story; I am the daughter of an adopted mother, the sister of an adopted brother. I give thanks to god daily that the brave mothers of my mother and brother chose life rather than death; if they had not, neither my mother, I nor my brother would be here now, and by extension my two little nieces would not be here either. I grieve for so many who never see the light of day, killed before they even live one single day of life. We must support girls and women to keep their little ones, rather than being drawn in by the lie that abortion is the only option open to them.

Further to this, as a survivor of micro premature birth, with resultant disabilities, the latest suggestions coming out of Oxford, and from the pen of Peter Singer et al chill me to the core long before I think upon any religious niceties.


COunt me in.

Anonymous said...


A few more thoughts; I agree entirely with the need for Catholic Christians to band together with our fellow believers of good will within the Anglican and Protestant denominations who value life.

Some suggestions and contacts, as this impacts upon not only Christians who value the culture of life but millions more of us with a disability long before we even begin to draw near to the niceties of theological and philosophical questions...

an especially supportive in terms of disability to this whole sorry argument

It is a disgrace, an absolute disgrace that the Catholic Church has no ministry that even comes close (from afar) to that of Joni's organisation. Shame on those who should and do know better within the Church!!



Peterman said...

When do you find the time for all this? You're a pretty amazing guy to say the least. Excellent blog as usual, keep up the great work. Vive la France, Vive le Roi!