Jeanne introduces herself to her accusers...

First Public Examination

Wednesday, February 21st, 1431 at 8 o'clock in the morning, in the Chapel Royal of the Castle of Rouen. Present were the Bishop and 42 Assessors.

..."In my own country they call me Jeannette; since I came into France I have been called Jeanne. Of my surname I know nothing. I was born. On January 6th, "In nocte Epiphiniarum Domini." in the village of Domremy, which is really one with the village of Greux. The principal Church is at Greux. My father is called Jacques d'Arc ; my mother, Ysabelle. I was baptized in the village of Domremy. One of my godmothers is called Agnes, another Jeanne, a third Sibyl. One of my godfathers is called Jean Lingué another Jean Barrey. I had many other godmothers, or so I have heard from my mother. I was, I believe, baptized by Messier Jean Minet; he still lives, so far as I know. I am, I should say, about nineteen years of age. From my mother I learned my Pater, my Ave Maria, and my Credo. I believe I learned all this from my mother...."

The essence of the Church. The true faith has never changed.


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