Catholics under attack

Even if you don't like Glenn Beck this is worth watching. If you do not think that there is a war going on in the world between the forces of God and the forces of satan I can only say look at the evidence. I have placed posts on this blog before, but I have never tied them together as Beck does.

What Beck did not say is that the Pope is responsible to God to continue the faith the way it was given to him, much like the president (who regardless of who it is regularly ignores this fact).

Again, the time is coming when we will have to make the decission will we stand with the church or with the state. When the time comes will there be enough evidence to convict you as a Catholic?

Although this video is primarily concerning Americans, this war is worldwide.

Mary most Virgin, pray for us.


On Cardinals:

The maximum number of Cardinal Electors allowed at any one time is 120. The Pope cannot raise more than 120 men under 80 to the Cardinalate at any one time. On the last two occasions, the Pope named new cardinals soon after the number of electors fell below 120. There have been as many as 135 electors at times.

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Anonymous said...


toddle over to TCK's blog and take a look at his latest piece; remember all the 100% church approved private revelation (Fatima, Akita, Champion) all kosher, all above board, none of it 'tin foil hat conspiracy snake-oil' just 100% legitimate Church-approved private revelation, that simply points back to Holy Scripture at any rate...

both with this issue, and with the disturbing cult story that leads your blog at the moment.

Chastizement anybody?

but fear not, be not afraid, cleave to our Lord and Saviour jesus Christ, right your relationship with Him, and trust in His saving grace that leads to sanctification/metanoia (that His mother Mary is simply begging all of us to remember).